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popularDuring the holidays, we’ve been sharing our best stories of 2018. But as Director of Audience Engagement, I was curious — what stories were the most popular this year?  We took a look at the most popular stories based on comments and social media likes and shares. Have a favorite of your own? Share it in the comments!

January: The Lakewood Porch Pirate Nabbed

While we started covering this story during the holiday season in 2017 (in fact, we were the first news organization to bring you the story of the Lakewood Porch Pirate and the box of poop she stole), that coverage continued into 2018, when Kelli Russell was arrested.

February: OLC Approves Lincoln Katy Trail Apartments

Jon Anderson, ever on the case, relayed what went down at the Oak Lawn Committee meeting when the contentious Lincoln Katy Trail Apartments were approved. With 31 comments and almost 300 shares and likes on Facebook, it was one of our most popular stories.

March and April: Turtle Creek and White Rock Home Tours

In March and April, home tours reigned supreme — especially when we gave away tickets. The Turtle Creek Tour of Homes was our most popular post in March, and the White Rock Home Tour took the top spot in April.

May: The Real Estate Slowdown Is Real

No, the housing market isn’t crumbling.  No, it’s not time to sell your home, stock up on canned beans, ammo, and get off the grid.  But the real estate market is changing … dare we call it a slowdown?” Seth Fowler wrote.

June: DCAD’s Free Pass on HEB’s Throckmorton Townhouses

Beginning in 2014, Central Market parent HEB began snapping up parcels on the city block bounded by Lemmon and Bowser Avenues between Reagan and Throckmorton Streets. Their intent was to open a Central Market. When Jon Anderson explained what happened next, readers had opinions.

July: HGTV Announces Fall Lineup Light on Texas Offerings

After a bumper crop of Texas-based shows, including Flip or Flop Fort Worth and Fixer Upper, HGTV’s Fall 2018 lineup was light on Texas shows. Readers sounded off on their hopes for a better Spring offering, and about their favorite shows.

August: Dallas ISD Puts 13-cent TRE On Ballot

On the third try, the Dallas ISD board of trustees voted to put a 13-cent TRE on the November ballot, where it ultimately passed. In the middle of copious accolades for successes experts say can only continue with adequate funding, the district continues to lobby state legislators for improved state funding, setting up a drumbeat for the upcoming legislative session.

September: Painted Brick Homes — Yay or Nay?

Seth Fowler posed the question, and readers had some things to say. “I have certainly seen some very unattractive brick homes transformed by painting,” said one reader. “I’d be wary of painted brick in DFW because it is sometimes used to cover up brick repairs due to foundation issues,” chimed in another.

October: Design Trends That Are On the Way Out

In one of our social media-generated stories, we asked our readers on Facebook about design trends they feel are O-V-E-R. Turns out, people have strong feelings about granite, Tuscan-style decor, and uh, a certain design aesthetic found in Waco.

November: The HGTV All Stars Preston Royal Midcentury Modern

Karen Eubank was looking for a prime piece of dirt for her Inwood House of the Week feature, and came across this 1953 Preston Royal Midcentury Modern that, turns out, had been the beneficiary of the design mind of Leslie Ezelle, owner of Leslie Christine Designs, and a season six competitor on HGTV’s Design Stars.

“She was such a fan favorite that HGTV invited her back to be on the  HGTV Design Star All-Star competition, and of course, she became the first All-Star winner,” Eubank wrote.

December: Lincoln Katy Trail Re-Vote A Slippery Slope

When newly-appointed Plan Commissioner Christopher Lewis planned to call for a re-vote on the contentious Lincoln Katy Trail project, Jon Anderson explained why it was an unusual move for a new commissioner, and a potentially dangerous precedent for the city. The move ultimately failed.

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