With a substantial main house, a carriage house, and a great location in the middle of downtown Charleston, South Carolina, the Morton Waring House is going to give some enterprising individual a great potential home — or even perhaps a bed and breakfast-type situation.

The Morton Waring House has an impressive pedigree. Built in 1803 for local factor Morton Waring, the original home was three-and-a-half stories. Waring sold the property to Mordecai Cohen, the second-wealthiest man in South Carolina, in 1811. Cohen sold the home in 1844, and eventually it made its way to the Smith and Heyward families, who added a marble veneer. In 1961, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston bought the home to use as office space, adding an elevator (which is currently non-operational) and updated HVAC, fire, and electrical systems.

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Imagine a home that’s a brief drive to everything Manhattan has to offer, but also gorgeous water views that stretch from Larchmont Harbor to the Long Island Sound. (more…)

As yet another “Snowbird Season” draws to a close, newbies are no doubt planning the next trip to Florida.  Many are looking for the perfect place to winter over from all points north and cold.  I’ve lived in coastal areas for several years, and have witnessed the Snowbird Season up close and personal.  There is such a thing as a snowbird starter home. And, there’s one particular place many of them will choose a second, and eventual retirement home — The Villages.  As active senior developments have grown in popularity, The Villages is unique and absolutely fascinating.

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Hualālai Resort, Hawaii Island’s retreat of choice for­­­­­­­­ many a business luminary, announced the reopening of the Hualālai Canoe Club, a key amenity of the luxury private home community.  We have a look at this members’ only ­­oceanfront hideaway, part of a project that encompasses a Four Seasons hotel, two spectacular golf courses, and more, on SecondShelters.com today

Ono Island is the most exclusive island in the Gulf Coast. Situated between Old River and the Intracoastal Waterway, Ono is a narrow sliver of paradise, just 5.5 miles long. Only 800 home sites comprise Ono’s residential-only island.  Of those, less than 30 percent sit on premium waterfront lots. This private, gated island is second home to titans of industry, celebrities, musicians, and retired professional athletes.  However, there is an unspoken rule of Ono Island for residents: We don’t drop names or discuss the locals.  It’s one of the big reasons Ono Island is so prized.  It’s private — very private.

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henriettaWhen Realtor Cheyenne Key says her listing in Henrietta, Texas, is a piece of history, she’s completely serious. But it’s not just a piece of history — it’s also a perfect opportunity to have a great historical shelter or a potentially bustling bed and breakfast for people who are looking to head outdoors, but still want some creature comforts.

Located about 100 miles northwest of Fort Worth on U.S. Highway 287, Henrietta offers opportunities for fishing, hunting, fun at Lake Arrowhead State Park and the Red River Valley, and even great food shopping, including Young’s Orchard.

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Aerial view of the fabulous beach retreat of Gary C. Evans and Ashley Halsey prior to the extensive landscaping devastated by Irma.

August and September 2017 was unprecedented for hurricanes in the coastal areas of the U.S. and beyond. Harvey and Irma were the houseguests from hell.  These storms delivered a one-two punch we won’t soon forget.  Hurricane Harvey pummeled and parked over Houston, dumping torrential rains — leaving the core of Texas’ largest urban area a broken shell. The Texas Gulf Coast took a beating, too.

However, Irma was a bit more fickle.  She left a swath of destruction across Florida and beyond, but many of the damaged properties were vacation homes — “Second Shelters” we like to call them.  Here’s a look at how one Dallas couple weathered the storm, literally.  Their retreat, their happy place and sanctuary is located in Marathon, Florida, the middle key of the Florida Keys.  How they came through it, and what the future holds for the people and place is nothing short of inspirational.

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oak hill plantation | candysdirt.com

Think Florida vacation home equates to “beach house”? Think again.

Situated next door to Ted Turner’s 32,000-acre property is Oak Hill Plantation — 1,000 acres of lovingly tended natural habitat with a Greek Revival abode designed and built by owners T.K. Wetherell and his wife, Virginia, a high-profile duo some call the “First Couple of Conservation in Florida.”

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