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Title Tip: What Exactly Is a Business Day in The World of Real Estate?

By Lydia Blair / January 12, 2021 / 1 Comment

What is a “Business Day” in the world of real estate? It depends on whom you talk to and the subject of discussion. The typical definition of the business day: Specific days when normal business transactions are taking place. It can vary by region, but usually means any day except Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday. […]

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Best of 2020 Title Tip: What You Can And Cannot Take With You When You Go

By Lydia Blair / December 29, 2020 / 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: This year has been a decade, right? So many things happened, lots of things were postponed, and houses continued to sell despite it all. While the CandysDirt.com team takes a hot minute this holiday season to recharge the ol’ Energizers, we’re serving up our very favorite stories from 2020. Enjoy! Lydia: This is my favorite […]

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Title Tip: Why Does The Title Company Need to Know if I’m Single or Married?

By Lydia Blair / December 15, 2020 / 0 Comments

A reader asks: I’m buying a home and the title company says that my deed has to show if I’m single or married. I don’t think that is anyone’s business. Do I have to disclose this personal information to them? The short answer to your question: Yes. While respecting a person’s right to privacy, the […]

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Title Tip: Are Records of Deeds And Titles Gender Biased?

By Lydia Blair / December 1, 2020 / 1 Comment

When the title to a piece of Texas real estate is held in both a man and woman’s names, the first name listed on the deed is usually the man’s name. The man’s name is then shown as the primary title holder on tax records and legal documents. One must wonder if this is some […]

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Title Tip: Pulling Back The Curtain to Understand Underwriting

By Lydia Blair / November 17, 2020 / 0 Comments

In the real estate world, we often reference underwriting requirements, underwriter approval, and underwriting review. Many buyers and sellers don’t understand what underwriting means or how much it affects their transactions. Let’s pull back the curtain for a peek at that mysterious thing we call underwriting.     Underwriting is a sophisticated decision making process that involves […]

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Title Tip: Is Refinancing Worth it?

By Lydia Blair / November 3, 2020 / 0 Comments

The refinance market is booming with homeowners taking advantage of record low interest rates. However, millions of homeowners are passing on the opportunity to save money by refinancing their current home mortgage. Many of those mortgage holders are just not sure if refinancing is worth it. The Pros And Cons Refinancing is replacing a current […]

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