mailbagWhen my predecessor handed over the reins to this esteemed weekly feature, she warned me that my Internet search history would never recover and that my inbox would become a Wednesday WTF mailbag of mayhem.

She was correct.

Some inherit jewels, some inherit money, some inherit good or bad genes, and even the wind. I inherited Real Estate-Related Macular Destruction.

Shall we see what cannot be unseen? Let’s jump. (more…)

We love our readers. And fans of the Wednesday WTF are especially ardent and helpful, and send us suggestions. So many of you sent this house that is now on the market, and is owned by one Dr. Phil McGraw, he of the hirsute lip and slightly Texan twang and all the folksy humor. 

If I could hazard a guess, it’s because you all are sick people who get their jollies seeing what way I (and before me, my predecessor) would react to whatever monstrosity you sent our way.

I have to see with these eyes, you know.  (more…)

new yearI’m five champagnes and three rounds of neighborly celebratory gunfire in, but never fear — there will be a new Wednesday WTF, just in time for the new year.

Our first column of 2020 is yet another one of those houses that screams charm from the outside, and but the interior is so taste specific that it had me dissolving into a bonafide giggle fit on several occasions.

And individually, nothing is wrong, really, with any of the decor. It’s just that all together, and arranged as it is, it is um, a lot.

new year (more…)

The things this countertop has seen …

[Editor’s note: Merry Christmas! This week, we’re taking time off to focus on our loved ones, so we are sharing some of our favorite stories from this year. Keep an eye out for our top features from the archives as we rest and get ready for a brilliant 2020! Cheers, from Candy and the entire staff at!]

Adlene: I came in late this year, but it was my pleasure to look through this year’s Wednesday WTF offerings and find one that was just perfect. Only, my predecessor is so adept at finding the truly, shall we say, unique in real estate that I had a dickens of a time choosing. But ultimately, this story about a dirty dancing home tour was deemed the best, although runners up included the house with the sex dungeon, the “neutral til it’s not” listing, and the Laura Ashley Nightmare.

More than a few people sent me this week’s listing from Australia, which (in the grand tradition of the Wednesday WTF) is borderline NSFW but only if you work in like, a church or a kindergarten or maybe one of those towns where dancing is sinful.

For the rest of us, it’s probably just ridiculous.


white elephantIf ever there was an event designed for Wednesday WTF, it is the office white elephant exchange. I mean, unless someone specifically says, “We’re giving nice gifts this year,” it’s a seasonal opportunity designed for making people open gift bags and say, “Why?”


bonesAs children, we’re all told at least once, that if we can’t say anything nice, we shouldn’t say anything at all. But if I do that today, this column would be woefully short. So here goes: Our Wednesday WTF has really nice bones.

I will even go so far as to say that this home has gorgeous views from many rooms, but they aren’t interior views. They are views out the windows.  (more…)

gimmickIn one of my favorite songs from the musical Gypsy, three burlesque dancers instruct the girl who would become Gypsy Rose that, “Kid, you gotta get a gimmick if you wanna get ahead.”

And now, it seems everyone in real estate or even the hospitality industry has taken that mantra to heart, to questionable ends. (more…)

ChristmasYes, yes we know that purists will object to mentions of Christmas prior to your scheduled tryptophan coma, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t alert friends and family of fans of the Wednesday WTF that there is, indeed, the perfect gift for them.

Every week, we look for real estate oddities. Sometimes they’re great oddities, but more often than not, they’re terrible, puzzling, disgusting, or even enraging. (more…)