Yes, yes, we’re doing this. Calm yourselves.

Social media is a blessing (most of the time). You can talk to your friends. You can keep track of who broke ugly after high school. You can argue with strangers about collusion.

And you can also have 100 people simultaneously send you the same home listing because they know part of your job is to find the most jacked-up houses in the world and write about them. (more…)


In this week’s Wednesday WTF, Linda liked this house, until she didn’t.

So, dear Wednesday WTF readers, tell me: If a house was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, filled with every amenity you could dream of, and absolutely in your budget, can you name one thing that would make you decide to walk away from buying it?

Maybe a murder, I suppose, but that sort of thing is supposed to be disclosed. Maybe if it housed a super fancy meth lab? Again, disclosure would mean you’d probably never set foot in the house to begin with if that was the deal breaker, right? (more…)

Private Islands

Nengo Nengo Atoll (photo courtesy Private Islands magazine).

So the other day I was flipping through my latest copy of Private Islands magazine, as one does, being super fancy in my super fancy house in a super fancy part of Dallas. *

And I realized that if you’re not super fancy, as I am, you may not know about Private Islands magazine, nor its super fancy website, where you can look at all the private islands that are available for purchase all over the world. (more…)

Wednesday WTF

(Photo courtesy KTRK)

So, Realtors, have you ever had a house you’ve had trouble moving, and have been super desperate to just unload it already? Because today’s Wednesday WTF is definitely about a Realtor who was in such a predicament.

See, Ellis King has a perfectly lovely listing in Manvel — a Houston exburb near Pearland and Alvin — that has been on the market about 43 days. It was untouched by flood waters and is a spacious four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath home within walking distance to a community pool and a playground. (more…)

Can we talk about spite? Is there anything better than the cleansing action of doing something spiteful to someone who is just really chafing you in the britches area?

No. No there is not. Yeah, yeah, turn the other cheek, but let’s face it, spite is natural. Spite is fun. Spite is best when it’s one on one. (more…)

dirtyToday’s dirty Wednesday WTF prompted my mind to roll back to a time when — true story — I broke up with a guy because he didn’t own sheets. (more…)

vacationAs most everyone knows, we are all about The Vacation over here. In fact, we have a whole other sister site devoted to second homes and vacations.

But today, we’re not talking about the charming abodes of No, we’re talking about uh, something else.

These three hotels we’ve chosen for today’s WTF are um, an acquired taste. If you have acquired this taste, then we applaud your adventurous spirit and love of sodium. (more…)

toiletHow’s your week? Just thought we’d talk about bad renovations for this week’s installment of Wednesday WTF. We’re flush with excitement, and we hope you are too.