Today we are reminded that Abercrombie & Fitch models weren’t always half nekkid, but that Abercrombie’s castle has definitely been topless for decades (photo courtesy The Smithsonian Institute).

So before we begin with this week’s Wednesday WTF (which features Abercrombie’s castle), I should apologize for being late. But in my defense, it was an election night last night, and I was up late.

Like, really late. Like, there was this one race that someone won by a mere 25 votes and those votes were apparently counted with a 500-pound abacus. So yours truly slept late for once, because it’s a known fact I punch things when I don’t get enough sleep.

Once again, I worried that I’d never find a house worthy of the WTF, and once again, the Internet God (who I named Chad because that’s what an Internet God would be named, and I’ll fight you about this) provided, in the form of an amazing mansion that could be yours for $3.5 million and probably $3.5 million more for the repairs and renovations and moving the squirrels and racoons out of it. (more…)


This Tudor in North Carolina may look innocent, but inside, it’s got a little buyer-beware in it.

So sometimes you find a fixer and you think, “Oh, maybe there’s shiplap,” or “maybe there are hardwoods under that vinyl,” or “maybe Satan lives here.” This week’s Wednesday WTF is a reader-submitted Tudor, and is definitely a contender for a hot new HGTV show called “Beelzebub’s Baseboards.”

No? How about “Lucifer and Liens?” “Mephistopheles the Mason?” Oh, wait, I know — “Diablo and Bob,” a light-hearted home restoration show featuring the King of Hell and Bob Vila patiently showing novice viewers how to rebuild historic homes with a combination of current technology and historic technique. (more…)

Wednesday WTF

This will not be pretty.

Have y’all seen the forecast? It’s like Beginner’s Hades up in here. For the Wednesday WTF readers who are not from Texas, let me explain: “spring” in Texas is more like a toddler before naptime — blowing hot and cold, irrational, and really inconvenient.

And it just so happens that this week will reach the 90s at some point, and Sunday at WTF headquarters, there was this sudden whine from the air conditioner, and then nothing. The doohickey that does the spinning wasn’t spinning, and the whole thing was rather warm, and it was whining like an overstimulated kindergartener in a Chuck E. Cheese at midnight.

Wednesday WTF (more…)

Wednesday WTF

These are all the people who couldn’t rent Marg’s room.

Social media is a wonderful thing unless it’s a terrible thing. But for Marg, who lives in Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, it got a little sideways when she tried to rent out a room using a Facebook group. So sideways, in fact, that it ended up in my inbox, as the perfect Wednesday WTF.

See, Marg has a few requirements for a tenant. I’ll let her explain. (more…)

wednesday wtf

If you’ve been following along with the Wednesday WTF for any length of time at all, you know that we adore smart alecks. We employ almost exclusively smart alecks. If we had an application for employment, I’m 92.34 percent sure that there would be a question about whether or not you’re a smart aleck that would need to be satisfactorily answered to be considered. (more…)

Look, y'all. A rainbow.Listen, sometimes the Wednesday WTF is one of those things where you’re recoiling and scared. Sometimes induces incredulity. But sometimes, it’s just so damned magical you just have to embrace it, because anything else is just incomprehensible.

This is one of those weeks.

I mean, how can you not love a house whose exterior shot includes a freakin’ rainbow? Are you made of stone? It’s a rainbow, in all it’s Lisa Frank unicorn glory, arching above this perfectly lovely two-story house in the Orlando suburb of Windermere, Florida. (more…)


This house is the Granot Loma lodge, and it has (probably) both moose and squirrel in it. Maybe.

Hey, do you want to buy a lodge? A really, really big lodge? What if we told you it’s been on the market since 2015? What if we told you that it was initially listed for $40 million, but had a price reduction last year and can now be yours for a cool 20 million American dollars?

Meet Granot Loma, a 26,000-square-foot house with 5,000 acres of woodlands and a private marina in Marquette, Michigan. It first made a few waves in 2015 when it was listed for $40 million. While the first year saw it in the hands of a Realtor, it’s since for sale by owner and has had a 50 percent price reduction since. (more…)


Most of the time, the Wednesday WTF is a surprise to everyone else at Sometimes someone in our crew will send me one that is perfect, so they’re not so surprised. But sometimes, a listing so special comes along that I sit in Slack and torture people with it before I even write about it.

So meet 308-312 Filmore St. in Riverside, N.J. I slid this bad boy into Jo’s mentions yesterday because 1) I knew she’d like it; and 2) she also enjoys a conversation held almost entirely in animated gifs.

First, let’s talk about this property description, and then we can look at some pictures. (more…)