blessingAs I perused the back catalog of Wednesday WTF features, I realized one thing: WTF must sometimes mean Wonderfully Thrilling Features, because there have been some very nice homes indeed. And this week’s WTF is one of those — a space that with a little work could be a real, shall we say, blessing.



The Wednesday WTF has long been known to bring on the most questionable of homes, but have you ever had a listing where things go bump in the night — even to the point of calling in “spiritual advisers?”

night (more…)

basementAfter an eventful weather day like Sunday’s, sometimes I wish my home had a basement, something that’s a rarity in Dallas homes.

But then I read about poor Nick Lestina and realized, that no, I do not wish to have a basement anymore. I’ll take my chances with the linen closet.

How did Mr. Lestina’s Iowa basement rid me of my desire for a subterranean lair of my own?  (more…)


Photos courtesy Länsförsäkringar Fastighetsförmedling AB (say that five times fast)

Do you like gnomes? Do you feel like seeing a gnome or three and maybe learn about Sweden? No matter, you will after we’re done with you today.

Today, we travel to Sweden, and not just Frisco or Grand Prairie Sweden, but Sweden-Sweden. (more…)

uniqueChurch conversions — well, done church conversions, that is — are always fun. Move the pews out of the way, take advantage of the stained glass and the high ceilings, and really create something unique.

Or, you can create something really, really unique.



I adore Midcentury decor as much as the next person (unless the person either has no soul or doesn’t understand the concept of moderation). But darlings, this home we found for this week’s Wednesday WTF is either a bit much, or perfect, depending on your outlook.

“A rare find as it has been untouched,” this listing says. Well,  for one, if someone says something is untouched, it’s only good when you’re talking about a finite number of things. And even then, when someone says, “this is untouched,” you should really ask why. 

Why don’t they want to touch it?


starterI’m gonna call it, and you’re probably gonna argue with me, but this week’s Wednesday WTF is a listing for a great starter home where the Realtor has done something that has been done to death.

So, meet this cute little starter home in Florida. As with everything in Florida, it seems normal until it’s not normal but yadda yadda yadda, real talk, it’s normal for once.

And it stays normal.

“So why is this normal starter house in the WTF this week?” you ask.

Because of this. (more…)

homicideI’m not sure what it says when two different people send you two different stories about murder houses in a week, but hi, it’s Wednesday and we’re going to talk about homicide and houses.

No, not houses where the photography is so bad, or the cleaning so derelict that it looks like a murder house, but actual, bonafide, houses where someone was sent to take a dirt nap, offed, dispatched, and/or lansbury’d.

Hi, that last one was courtesy of the way back machine.

And, to be clear, we’re not making light of murder. The WTF is more about uh, wondering who would be involved in what you do with a house after a murder, because there is no way in uh, aitch-ee-double-hockeysticks you’d see the week stomached-us able to do any of the jobs we’re about to describe.

So anyway, someone first sent me this article from Rolling Stone, about Randall Bell. “Who is Randall Bell?” you ask.