Not pictured: Screaming Ghost Lady of Yore.

When you think of a bed and breakfast, you probably think about sleeping gingerly on someone else’s delicate antiques and praying you’re not the one who pulls the chain plumb off that old-fashioned toilet, or you know, irritating a few ghosts.

Oh, maybe that’s just me?

Still, I know there are people that go to B&Bs to relax and eat breakfast with strangers and soak in claw foot tubs. And maybe it really is just me that has a hard time relaxing in a place where someone’s saloon-keeper great-great grandpa is staring at me from a tintype above the bureau, but I can’t help but think that people who stay at this haunted B&B in Brumley, Missouri, might be a special breed of folk that can relax in the face of anything, because I’m reading the website and it says, “LEARN MUCH MORE ON A TOUR WITH GREAT HISTORIC INFORMATION AND STORIES, SUCH AS THE HOUSE’S ROLE IN THE SPANISH FLU PANDEMIC AND ITS MASS GRAVE.” (more…)


(Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

So you know how you can rent Lime Bikes and their new cousin the scooter? And you can rent a car? And you can rent a whole house?

It seems that you can rent just about anything, but this wouldn’t be the Wednesday WTF if we didn’t tell you that isn’t hyperbole, you really can and sometimes you probably shouldn’t. And yes, once again, my Internet search history needs to be scrubbed or burned with fire and my eyes need some bleach, because weird stuff on the World Wide Web is now my job.

So, here are eight things you can rent and at least three of them you probably should not. (more…)

Listen, I have made no secret about how I feel about snakes. In short, the tamest ones freak me out and the scariest ones can actually kill me. And you kind of have to get way too close for comfort (read, within a 100-foot radius) to find out which kind (bitey die or bitey no die) of a snake it is, so nope.

Fine, fine, they eat bugs and vermin that would overtake the world without snakes. Fine. They’re more scared of us than we are of them. I can quibble with that personally, but fine.

But I have to tell you that in preparation for this story, I had to compile an entire folder of snake stories for this Wednesday WTF. For someone like me, that’s like collecting boogeymen and shoving them under your bed for further review. (more…)

terrifyingHi, do you like going on vacation and waking up and achieving that terrifying feeling that you’re about to plumb fall off a mountain? I mean, if you’re a longtime reader of the Wednesday WTF, you probably will say yes because you have a perverse fascination with things that are fascinatingly messed up, so you probably know where this is going.

Meet the Skylodge Adventure Suites, where you can sleep hanging off of a Peruvian cliff, encased in a glass pod. As best as I can tell, you climb a mountain and then sleep in a pod. (more…)

Behold, a picturesquely rugged, pebble-stone beach.

Everyone has their own place of zen in this world. For some, it’s the mountains. For others, it’s an ocean. For some, it’s punching people in the face (true story). For me, it’s the dulcet tones of Oprah Winfrey’s speaking voice.

I mean, she could explain the proper way to clean a toilet to me and I would listen raptly and my blood pressure would go down 500 points (just kidding, I know that would mean I would die, but this is the Wednesday WTF and we do hyperbole here like it’s our job because it is, in fact, our job). (more…)


Listen, this week’s Wednesday WTF was supposed to be about Oprah’s fancy new island but then something egregious happened that has left my normally unflappable self completely flapped.

You see, at 8 a.m. Tuesday, The Atlantic saw fit to publish a piece entitled, “What to Eat in the Texas Suburbs.” It also indicated it would be about fast food.  If you saw it, you probably (like me) thought, “Oh, good, they’re going to talk about some of the good fast-food dining in Texas suburbs, because this is the Atlantic and of course we’ll not be talking about something stupid like Taco Bell.”

I mean, sure I’ll cop to some inside-the-loop snobbery, but I do know that there is some good food to be had in the suburbs. Great food, even. I’ve eaten it. The suburbs of Texas doesn’t mean backwards yokels with outdoor plumbing — so I was just certain that I was about to settle into a piece that talked about some great mom-and-pop fast food establishments, and probably an obligatory Whataburger reference. (more…)


Of course it looks normal on the outside, but trust us, there’s some WTF in here.

Before we delve into today’s hot mess of choices that we’ve deemed a true Wednesday WTF, I’d like to address a frequent pearl-clutching reader question.

“Does WTF stand for what I think it stands for?”

Yes. Maybe. Depends. See, let me explain. In the immortal words of the great fictional Realtor Phil Dunphy, I like to think that it’s “Why The Face.” Candy, our esteemed publisher and founder, likes to say it’s “What the Fudge.” My son, who is seven, believes that the f-word is “friendless.”

So yes, WTF can stand for whatever you think it stands for, be it pure or impure, uncouth or couth.

So there you go. (more…)

UtahSometimes, when doing research for another story, you go down a rabbit hole at 3 a.m. and find another listing that sends you down another rabbit hole of WTF in Utah and then suddenly it’s 5 a.m. and your caffeine consumption for the next day puts your heart rate somewhere around hummingbird wings and over-sugared toddlers.

This week’s Wednesday WTF is one of those situations. You see, I’ve found you a whole damned town.

utah (more…)