time warpAlthough we’re no stranger to properties time forgot, this week’s Wednesday WTF is most definitely a time warp.

time warp

Once again, we have found that the most innocuous looking houses hold the most secrets inside. And the secrets this seemingly unassuming Ranch-style home in Las Vegas holds? Well, let’s just say they were special enough to assemble a panel of readers to discuss exactly what was going on.

Now, Jo England, our esteemed Executive Editor, said she knew the home was special before she even saw the interior photos, but I think the rest of us were pretty much in agreement that this house is a sleeping rabid squirrel of a property: You don’t know until you poke it that it might eat your face off.

In other words, sometimes we cover “O” homes. This is more of a, “Oh …” home.

Jo: “I knew this one was going to be special because of those crazy topiaries in the front yard. It’s like Betty Draper-meets-Brady Bunch.”

But then we looked at the interior photos, and the reactions came pouring in. (more…)

Bel Air

No, I didn’t pick this listing so I could put this earworm in your psyche today. Probably.

As we’ve said before, sometimes the Wednesday WTF is more of an exercise in “OMG what IS this,” and sometimes it’s “OMG WHAT is this?” See the distinction? No? Well, for instance, our WTF this week is definitely the latter, because I’ve decided that if being up to no good gets you sent to Bel Air, sign me up for shenanigans.

Basically, 924 Bel Air Road is 38,000 square feet of holy smokes covering several floors. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you this listing in a town called Bel-air.

And no, I’m not going to stop doing that.

Want to see more? Let’s jump.



Almost, y’all. Almost.

Listen, like nine people are running for mayor in Dallas, but for $2.4 million you could be a mayor or something — as long as you don’t mind moving to Georgia.

In fact, you could own the whole town. No, wait, most of it. The seller says you can own most of a town.

Welcome to Toomsboro, Georgia, population 700. I’ll be honest — I’ve spoken to a lot of humans today, already, and at first I thought a whole town with nobody but me and maybe some people I like but understand the value of pajama pants and silence sounded great. (more…)

nuclear apocalypse

Nothing to see here, just a barbecue grill in an underground bunker because who doesn’t love grilling out after a nuclear war?

If you’re going to have to live through a nuclear apocalypse, I suppose living in some “Blast From the Past” bunker would suffice — but why do that when you could pony up $18 million and live in an underground wonderland that (if it weren’t for the lack of sunlight) would be a great place to be if you could never go above ground again?

Improbably, this underground lair is a mere two miles from the Las Vegas Strip, so I’m guessing you might already be used to never seeing daylight. I mean, let’s face it, if ever there were a town designed to help people avoid daylight if they want, it’s Vegas.

“This unique 14,620 sqft concrete & steel doomsday bunker was designed to survive cataclysmic events in comfort,” said Realtor Stephan LaForge with Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Nevada. (more…)

time capsuleWe’ve all seen the homes that time forgot, and we’ve all seen the vintage homes that have been updated. But have you ever seen a Midcentury Modern that was an intentional time capsule?

As we’ve said before, sometimes what we find in the Wednesday WTF is a WTF because there are whips and chains in the basement. And sometimes, like this week, the WTF is in the fact that someone has done an impeccable job of preserving and restoring a listing that you’re hard pressed to see where the vintage parts of the home end and the restored elements begin.

I showed this week’s WTF pick in Palm Springs to the CandysDirt.com staff yesterday, and everyone fell in love pretty much immediately.

“OH MY GOD I LOVE IT,” Jo England said.

Karen Eubank, our resident taste doyenne, summed up her feelings in one word: “Perfection.”

Want to see what we’re talking about? Jump with me, won’t you? (more…)

50 shadesIt’s not the first time a unique listing has gone viral and filled our inboxes since we started doing the Wednesday WTF, but this week’s 50 Shades of Real Estate arrived and went viral just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I mean, we’ve had half nekkid people, a home with an insane amount of statues, and even drinking from a Pringles can, but this week’s listing really whipped everyone into a frenzy. I mean, it really flogged my inbox. I had to start a brand spanking new folder to hold all the emails. I’ll be honest, I felt a little tied down, a little chained by the responses.

I’m going to keep doing this until you give me the safe word.

Roughly 30 different people sent me this listing in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, which is a really lovely Colonial that’s clearly been updated and well-maintained. It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, and more than 5,000 square feet of space, making it an ideal home for a family.



Oh, I know. But just you wait.

This week’s Wednesday WTF, folks, is a reader submission — a glorious abode in Portland, Oregon that’s either going to be something you love, or something you absolutely hate.

I know I say this a lot, but every week, I think, “This is gonna be the week where I don’t find anything weird in the wide world of real estate,” and then I indeed find something weird in the wide world of real estate.

But I also really love it when our readers see something really, really WTF and then think of me. I mean, I think.

So this house in Portland is listed for $1,125,000, and is roughly 3,000 square feet of man cave.

Sidebar: I feel conflicted about calling it this, because ostensibly a woman could also be responsible for this, but I feel comfortable at least saying this is Mancave Chic. 

Oh, you think I’m exaggerating? Let’s jump, shall we? (more…)

questionableIt started with one photo of questionable design acumen showing up in my Facebook feed.

Of course, I had to show it to my coworkers, I mean, have you been here before? Getting my coworkers to react to the things I find while looking for the Wednesday WTF is like 22.3 percent of the fun of doing the Wednesday WTF.

So I just dropped this in the main Slack channel like it was NBD. (more…)