This was supposed to have been my 500th column, but time and scheduling got away from me.

This adventure began in January 2015 after a particularly egregious HOA meeting when I sent Candy a screed on the loony-ness of my HOA. Candy being Candy, immediately replied wanting to publish the inner dirt. When I woke up the next day, I thought about burning bridges (my own) and asked her if perhaps we could try something more regular and less “shoot myself in the foot”. She agreed to a trial run.

What I didn’t know until much later was that behind the scenes, Candy and executive editor Joanna England were very wary about a putz like me. After all, I have no journalism degree or seeming writing experience. Could I write my way out of a paper bag? It’s been over 500 columns and I’m sure that some days they still wonder what the hell they got themselves into. (Editor’s note: This is accurate.)


After a busy three days of panel discussions, networking and writing, the National Association of Real Estate Editors — or NAREE — announced Friday night that writers Jon Anderson and Bethany Erickson both took home awards for their reporting last year.

Anderson took home a Bronze Award for his breaking news story on the Friday night blaze that destroyed the Pink Wall’s Preston Place condos. His reporting was continuously updated through the night and next day as more than 100 firefighters battled the fire that left many displaced. (more…)

Ban Sport Utility Strollers

Those who read my stuff must know I’m pretty perfect.  Coming up with a list of New Year’s resolutions really scrapes the bottom of the barrel. Last year’s number one was “Clip toenails before a hole appears in your socks.”  This year I’ve taken a different tack. This year, I’m making a list of things the world (and perhaps some of you) can do to make my life easier.


Do you like this or have you just seen a lot of it?

Style is a loose term defining the trappings we show the outside world from shoes to shower curtains. It is a set of markers that enable others to make decisions about us without exchanging words. These markers are both blatant and nuanced.  The easiest to pick off are the signs of wealth or a lack of it (money is the great excluder). Mark Cuban rankles many in Preston Hollow simply by being the top dog in a sea of less-top dogs.

But back on earth, most of us believe our personal style is just that, personal. That we’ve somehow had some input into the architecture of our persona. Nope.  Not really.


”.. a spa? Hotel catering? Daaaang! Walter, Are You Listening?”

.. A spa? hotel catering? “Daaaang! Walter, are you getting this?”

Listening to a representative from the Four Seasons Hotel and Club, Candy realized her  house was missing out on all the amenities the hotel has to offer. Aside from golf, there’s the spa, catering, swimming pools, kids camp, clubhouse for parties, and more.

Many attendees had that same, “Dang my house doesn’t have that” look as they heard about the “surround” provided by Four Seasons. It was the icing on top of the three special homes visited last night at the Enclave in Las Colinas.

In case you missed, we’re talking about 4774, 4782 and 4786 Byron Cir. These are three homes facing the 17th hole at the Four Seasons TPC course that’s been home to the Byron Nelson tournament for many years.



Dear Readers,

We’ve had a great year covering the most stylish and interesting homes in Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as reporting on the issues that concern our readers the most. Whether it’s telling you all about the most incredible luxury listings all over North Texas, or keeping an eye on the best interests of property tax payers, we’ve been there.

So after today we will be enjoying the spaces that hold families and memories — our homes — and we encourage you to do the same. We’ll publish a few of our favorite daily features in the coming days, so feel free to take a moment to yourself and read our newsletter or our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

We hope your holiday is merry and bright!

XOXO, Logo

18E Living 1

Unit 18E inside The Warrington features contemporary interiors and stunning views from the corner windows.

This might just be our most ambitious Staff Meeting yet. Starting at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow, the staff is taking over The Warrington for a battle royale between the impeccable units populating four floors of this well-known building on Turtle Creek.

If you’ve been following along, Jon Anderson has given you the inside scoop on the four units you’ll be touring tomorrow afternoon as we celebrate #LoveandWarrington. You can catch the details on these four amazing condos here, here, here, and here. We’ll be touring units 3C, 11B, 18E, and 19F, plus a sneak peek at a high-flying unit on the 22nd floor that hasn’t hit MLS yet.

Unit 19F is a beautiful, traditionally styled unit with amazing views.

Unit 19F is a beautiful, traditionally styled unit with amazing views.

Jump to find out how you can attend!