HGTV Announces Fall Lineup That Is Light on Texas Offerings


Local military veterans Andy and Ashley Williams helmed HGTV’s Flip or Flop Fort Worth — but did their show return this year? (Photo courtesy HGTV)

This time last year, and it looked like Texas would be plenty represented on HGTV — but with the end of Fixer Upper last season, the number of Texas-based shows on the network dropped to exactly none.

Last season, we saw (in addition to Fixer Upper) the debut of Flip or Flop Fort Worth. Also, the sister network DIY Network offered Texas Flip N’ Move

But recent press releases from parent company Discovery Inc. indicate that the Fort Worth renovation show helmed by military veterans Andy and Ashley Williams is not on the lineup.

What is returning? Love It Or List It, Flipping Virgins, Desert Flippers, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop Atlanta, My Lottery Dream Home, Property Brothers: Buying and Selling, Restored by the Fords, Flip or Flop Nashville, and Home Town.

“New seasons of HGTV’s immensely popular fantasy destination series return throughout 2018, including Beachfront Bargain HuntLakefront Bargain HuntBeach Hunters, Bahamas LifeCaribbean Life, Island LifeMountain LifeMexico Life and Hawaii Life,” the press release said.

New shows include Rustic Rehab, My Windfall Dream Home, House Hunters: Home for the Holidays, Best House on the Block, Big City Charm, Mom and Me, Almost Home, Windy City Rehab, and Montana Home.

It’s curious, because just last month the show’s production company, RTR Media, emailed us information about a casting call for a show that would be hosted by the duo.  We have an email out to the company to see what the show’s status is, and will update as soon as we hear back.

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  • What about ” Boise Boys ” ?

  • I am curious about Good Bones too. I don’t see it in the lineup.

  • What about flip or flop Vegas? Best flip ever!

  • What about Good Bones?

  • Bring back shows like designers challenge, room by room, get color and divine design.

  • Whatever happened to the decorating shows the HGTV used to be known for? I certainly miss the likes of Candace Olsen. Why not just rename the network real estate tv and be done with it,?The endless remakes of Flip or Flop, which I never watch, are boring. With Fixer Upper gone, Home Town and Lottery Dream Home are the only shows that I’ll be watching. I really dislike all the shows like Love it or List it and House Hunters that have couples constantly arguing with each other.

  • What about Good Bones, Boise Boys?

  • Good Bones? We really liked good bones.

  • I’m so disappointed to not see The Boise Boys on the renewed list. One of my favorites. Admired their family life and care for others.

  • Boise Boys and Good Bones ? ? ?

  • I thought the flip and Flop Show from Fort Worth was a great show it showed a lot of potential for the city of Fort Worth and I do think it is a shame that it has been removed from the lineup I wonder if it’s because she’s done by a black couple we as black Americans watch HGTV a lot of us we support your station and I think we should be showcase as well not with this only two you don’t have this only two white flip-flops take shows let it be equal representation thank you.

  • I really like good bones. Love those ladies! Boise boys is good too. I’m glad home town is coming back.

  • What about “Good Bones” and “Master of Flip” aka “Music City Fix”?
    The mother/daughter duo is fun to watch, and I LOVE Dave and Kourtney Wilson!!

  • Bring back the old design shows,we could get ideas to do in our own homes& wouldn’t cost thousands of dollars!!! What happened to Good Bones,Boise Boys,Music City fix it,come on HGTV bring back some good stuff!!!!

  • Good Bones and Boise Boys are great shows too. What happened to them??

  • Yes I hope Boise Boys are returning!
    Their engaging personalities as well as their
    renovation and design skills are lots of fun to

    • My husband and I just LOVE watching Boise Boys!! I love the interaction between the 2 friends. Luke is a spectacular designer and Clint is such a hoot! I love the look on Clint’s face whenever Luke starts going overboard with his ideas. LOL I truly love them and hope that people will find their show and make them a HUGE success as Fixer Upper became. Spread the word.

  • mm

    If only I’d copyrighted “flip” when I had the chance, I’d be a billionaire!

  • What about Good Bones? It’s my favorite!

  • We need shows on again like Design on a dime or mission organization for people who cannot afford to buy houses and are staying where they are.

  • Glad Home town is coming back

  • Without Good Bones,Flip or flop Atlanta or Vegas,and the Boise boys, I won’t be tuning in

  • I want Good Bones and a true decorative show.
    Boise. Boys was odd but interesting
    The Fords are B team.

    Flip or Flop Vegas was awesome! No shiplap.

    Vintage homes , you are missing the cool by not having them back
    What are u thinking?…..

  • Flip or flop Vegas gets my vote! I hope it comes back. And where’s that great couple who did the Vintage designs? His name was Jessie,,, that was a great show!

  • I believe this is just the FALL lineup. Good Bones tweeted they’re filming new episodes but she’s also just about to have a baby!!