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Bethany Erickson

Bethany Erickson lives in a 1950s Midway Hollow bungalow with a husband, a preschooler and a dog. If she didn't live in the Hollow, she would probably live in Eastwood or Lochwood, and would buy a Fay Jones home if she won the lottery.

09/20/17 11:26am
Wednesday WTF

Don’t get catty – while this house looks normal on the outside, there’s plenty of Wednesday WTF on the inside. We promise.

We’ve been doing these Wednesday WTF features for a few weeks now and we think this is the first to render the writer nearly catatonic.

If you like cats, you’re in luck with this home in Concho, Ariz. If you don’t, this Wednesday WTF may disturb you.

But join us right meow over on, won’t you?

09/20/17 8:37am
Design Home

The game Design Home has become a great way for one writer to improve her skills, and bone up on various styles.

I’ll admit, I discovered the game Design Home one day while I was waiting for some phone calls to be returned for a story I was working on. It’s the story of a journalist’s life — you never know how long it will take for the call to be returned, so you fill your time with multiple trips to the coffee pot, several snarky comments on Twitter, and online shopping.

But that day, for whatever reason, I hit the app store and downloaded the game. That was about six months ago, and now I find it’s just a fun way to not only pass the time, but also to get a better grip on new furniture lines, certain styles, and more. (more…)

09/16/17 11:52am
Estes Park

The beautiful Baldpate Inn in Estes Park, Colo., boasts a century of business and a gorgeous setting – and it’s up for grabs.

Beautiful Estes Park is a great place to play — we all know that it’s one of many gorgeous aspects of Colorado. But what if we told you that you could also own an entire inn that would provide both a personal playground and a revenue stream?

We take you to the 100-year-old Baldpate Inn in Estes Park today in


09/14/17 9:45am

If a prospective buyer visiting your listing is the first date, your listing photos could be considered Tinder — and the Picture The Sell team says they’re ready to make sure people swipe right on your listing.

And this team prides themselves on being young, tech savvy and — by their own admission — real estate nerds. But they also point out that they’re no one-trick pony, either — the team has experience in almost every phase of the home-selling business, including photography, lending, legal, and real estate.

And that translates to an attention to detail so precise that Picture The Sell has morphed from referral only to a highly competitive real estate photography company. (more…)

09/13/17 8:10am

Our Wednesday WTF this week needs lots of Chers.

Our Wednesday WTF on is a reader suggestion. We’re glad he Cher’d it. We think you’ll be glad he did, too, and will want to Cher it with your friends.

So pull up a Cher, and check out this Kessler Park home.

09/10/17 9:30am

The Samuels Home in what is now Coxs Creek, Ky., is one of the birthplaces of bourbon – and the original home of the family that would one day create Maker’s Mark.

The fact that the patriarch of what would become the Maker’s Mark family claimed his stake here would be story enough for most to consider this 200-year-old (plus) home in Kentucky. (more…)

09/08/17 11:00am

Texas National Guard soldiers arrive in Houston on August 27, 2017, to aid residents affected by Hurricane Harvey. (Texas Army National Guard photo)

As the devastation Hurricane Harvey wrought two weeks ago becomes devastatingly clearer and flood waters slowly recede, many have asked: What would a similar flood look like in my neighborhood?  

And could something like this happen in Dallas? (more…)

09/07/17 5:51pm

The Alexander Mansion has been home to the Dallas Woman’s Forum since 1930, and was built in 1904. Without needed repairs, it could be torn down. (Photo courtesy Dallas Woman’s Forum)

It’s an aging beauty in need of some maintenance. But its long and storied place in Dallas history makes the Alexander Mansion worth continued efforts to preserve it, the group that has owned it since 1930 says.

The mansion was built in 1904 and was first the home of C.H. Alexander — a hotelier (according to a brief story in the Houston Post from 1906) and ice house owner. He also apparently earned a great deal of coin ($500,000 then, probably around $12 to $13 million in those days) selling the track and equipment to build 27 miles of the Dallas Consolidated Electric Street Railway.

The mansion was designed by skyscraper builders Sanguinet & Staats of Fort Worth and has seven fireplaces, stained glass windows, and front columns crafted from Italian marble. At the time of its building, it was one of many mansions on Ross Avenue.  Sanguinet & Staats had a hand in several other mansions, including those along Pennsylvania Avenue in Fort Worth and Courtland Place in Houston. (more…)