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Bethany Erickson

Bethany Erickson lives in a 1950s Midway Hollow bungalow with a husband, a preschooler and a dog. If she didn't live in the Hollow, she would probably live in Eastwood or Lochwood, and would buy a Fay Jones home if she won the lottery.

08/16/17 3:30pm

Wednesday WTFI don’t just have one Wednesday WTF this week because it’s the kind of week that deserves at least three.

So join us over at as we look at rich people fighting, robots run amok in the paint department, and a big, long nope in an attic, won’t you?


08/14/17 2:52pm

luxuryOver on, we have a waterfront home for less than $1 million — and very few luxury details have been overlooked.

You will want to see the gorgeous infinity pool overlooking a lake, the sun room with telescoping windows that opens onto the pool and patio, and more!

08/11/17 1:53pm

La GrangeOver on, we’re featuring a property in La Grange that could be both a second home and an income property – and it boasts some of the richest connections to pre-state Texas history we’ve seen in quite some time.

The Brookfield-Evans-Cremer House was home to an Alamo hero, a couple of heroes from the Battle of San Jacinto, and was a proposed site for the capital of Texas. And of course, nowadays it would make a perfect getaway for all those fun things to do in and near La Grange – Round Top, kayaking and more!

Check it out here.

08/09/17 11:28am

Wednesday WTFIt’s Wednesday, so it must be time for this week’s Wednesday WTF on This week, we show you an Atlanta listing that will probably give stagers the fantods, and make the rest of us scratch our heads.

Was it hobos or the rapture? Weigh in here.

The North Cliff Preservation District that feeds Salazar Elementary is the beneficiary of a district-rated “Excelling” school with promising accountability scores. (Photo courtesy Dallas ISD)

We all know the market is tight in Dallas. But when you’re looking for a home as a family, there’s another thing to factor in besides price and square footage: the schools.

Last year, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate asked me to take a look at the neighborhoods around some schools that might be more unfamiliar to buyers who traditionally look around the Lakewood, Rosemont, Stonewall Jackson, and Withers elementary schools. The neighborhoods I showcased were in attendance zones for some of Dallas ISD’s great schools — albeit schools that sometimes get less attention than their more well-known counterparts.

This week, I’m going to repeat the feat, and show you some examples of homes you and your family can plant roots in — and attend a great school to boot.

All of the schools we’ll look at are rated “Excelling” in the district’s School Performance Framework, and many of them offer the things parents get excited about — two-way dual language Spanish immersion, International Baccalaureate, personalized learning, and the like. (more…)

08/04/17 1:50pm

A special Dallas ISD school board meeting scheduled for Saturday to discuss increasing the property tax rate has been postponed, largely because of exorbitant cost estimates for the date picked for a potential vote.

“In consultation with Board President Dan Micciche, the called board meeting for tomorrow, Saturday, August 5, has been postponed,” the district announced today. “The meeting has been postponed due to the estimated cost for a special election in October.”


08/03/17 8:05am
property tax

Dallas ISD trustees will discuss a tax ratification election that would send a potential 6-cent property tax hike to voters. (Photo by iStock)

Before we start, let me say that as a homeowner, I’m about as excited about a potential property tax hike as I am a yearly Pap smear.

But I also know that, like a Pap smear, sometimes things you dislike you do anyway because they’re good for you.  It’s uncomfortable, you have to worry for an indeterminant amount of time regarding the results, and sometimes you have to go back to discuss them because they’re not quite right.

No. Nobody wants their property taxes to go up. But I will go on record as saying since the Texas legislature won’t adequately fund public education, I’ll gladly pay more.

OK, no, I won’t gladly. That was a total lie.


08/02/17 9:13am
WTF Wednesday

Head over to our sister site,, where we’ve debuted our new Wednesday WTF feature with the story on this shed. (Photo courtesy

Say hello to the Wednesday WTF.

You probably remember last week’s couple who caught the landlord bumping uglies on their bed thanks to a security camera. But that got us talking — we all have those super weird, or super funny real estate-related stories that we file away or share with colleagues.

We’ve been remiss, dear readers, in sharing them with you, too. But no more. Over on, our sister site, we’ve debuted the weekly feature — Wednesday WTF. All your weirdness, all your funnies, all your oddities in one place, every Wednesday.

Today? A super creepy shed one Realtor in Abilene found while showing a neighboring listing. You gotta see this.