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Bethany Erickson

Bethany Erickson lives in a 1961 Fox and Jacobs home with her husband, a second-grader, and Conrad Bain the dog. If she won the lottery, she'd by an E. Faye Jones home. She's taken home a few awards for her writing, including a recent Gold award for Best Series at the 2018 National Association of Real Estate Editors journalism awards. She is a member of the Online News Association, the Education Writers Association, and the Society of Professional Journalists. She doesn't like lima beans.

09/26/18 9:30am

I don’t know how to say this, but this week’s Wednesday WTF made us blush. Or something. It’s really pinkies up. We’re tickled pink to show you this. We pinked this one just for you.

Had enough yet?

No. No you have not. How do I know this? Because you haven’t actually seen this week’s Wednesday WTF.

I have. I also showed this listing to my boss. She’s asking to unsee it. It’s not that bad, if you like a decorating scheme that is like if Shelby Eatenton Latcherie’s wedding and a bordello had a Victorian baby.


09/24/18 9:55am

SimonsonByron Simonson wasn’t as well known as the holy trinity of architectural mentors he could draw inspiration from, but the influences of Frank Lloyd Wright, Addison Mizner, and Maurice Fatio are still seen in the original midcentury modern abodes that dot Palm Beach — and in today’s Monday Morning Millionaire found right here in Dallas.

The bulk of Simonson’s portfolio can be found in Palm Beach — the Colony Hotel is his design, as was the former La Coquille Club in Manalapan before it was torn down to make for a Ritz-Carlton. (more…)

09/24/18 9:30am
real estate

The Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce announced that Dallas native and Pinnacle Group founder Nina Vaca will be the keynote speaker for its 14th annual economic summit next month (Photo by Jason Kindig).

The Greater East Dallas Chamber of Commerce announced its slate of speakers for its 14th annual economic summit, the Census Bureau revealed the most common housing materials for new homes in 2017, the Texas Association of Realtors announces a rebranding effort, and we compare Texas housing starts numbers to national statistics in this week’s roundup of real estate news. (more…)

09/23/18 9:55am
Ryan Serhant

Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” star Ryan Serhant drew a large crowd Saturday at his Dallas appearance at Barnes & Noble-Lincoln Park.

He may have drawn a large crowd at Barnes & Noble-Lincoln Park Saturday afternoon, but Ryan Serhant said that his first three years in the real estate business were actually a big struggle.

“This business is so hard,” he told the eager crowd who came to hear him talk about his new book, “Sell It Like Serhant.” “I didn’t make any money the first three years. It sucked.”

In fact, later in the afternoon, when an audience member said he was about to graduate college and go into real estate, Serhant advised him to prepare for that eventuality, saying that the “first three years after undergrad, that should be grad school in your head.” (more…)

09/23/18 9:45am

If you’re of a certain age, or your parents or grandparents are of a certain age and were TV western aficionados, you can probably readily identify the theme song to “Bonanza” — as well as its iconic Ponderosa ranch, home to the Cartwright family.

But what many don’t know is that Lorne Greene, who played patriarch Ben Cartwright, loved the layout and design of the ranch-style (duh) home his alter ego lived in so much that he had a replica built for his own home, located in the Apache Country Club in Mesa, Arizona. (more…)

09/22/18 9:00am
sell your house

Photo courtesy Pixabay

While it might seem like it is easy to sell your house in Dallas when the average days on market hover around 44 (the state average in July was 56) and months of inventory in July hit 2.8 months in Dallas and 3.6 months statewide, it does take some effort still.

And that knowledge spurred last week’s Friday question on Facebook, where we asked real estate professionals to give us one piece of advice for sellers.


09/21/18 9:15am

Photo courtesy Tarrant County

Longtime Tarrant County Justice of the Peace Jacquelyn Wright has had her fair share of controversy in the 28 years she’s served in that position.

But that controversy may be outpaced by Wednesday’s news that a grand jury indicted Wright, 77, on four felony charges related to homestead exemptions she claimed.

It is alleged that she falsely claimed the exemptions on homes she did not live in to avoid paying property taxes on a home on Ivy Hill Road in Fort Worth, the indictment said. Her claims spanned from 2010 to 2018, when she falsely applied for and received a homestead exemption in 2015, 2016, and 2018 for the Ivy Hill Road home. (more…)

Highland ParkIt can be a gamble, buying an older home. Sometimes they’ve been updated and the price reflects that, and other times they are in desperate need of love. Neither is the case with this week’s Inwood Home of the Week, a 1950s Mediterranean in West Highland Park with curb appeal for days and bright, airy finishes throughout the interior.

Bright pops of color punctuate the walk up to the home thanks to the red planters and door. Since the home is on Mockingbird Lane, a circular drive will come in handy for quick entry onto the usually busy road.

Inside the four-bedroom, four-bath home located at 4669 Mockingbird Lane, care has clearly been taken to consider both aesthetics and function. (more…)