If you’re totally over it with subway tile and even the wood look is making you drowsy, there’s a cure for your tile blues. It’s the latest colors, textures and collections from DalTile.

We sat down with Laura Grilli, Lead Product Designer for DalTile, to find out what’s up. She’s Italian, so beauty and artistic expression are in her DNA, and she recently spent a week at CERSAIE, the ultimate tile tradeshow held in Italy, of course.

There, she not only finds inspiration, but also gets a sneak peek at the hottest and best and brightest looks and design trends in tile. What she sees at CERSAIE will  make an appearance in the US soon and the latest DalTile collections even sooner.

But before we go there, let’s take a look at what’s happening right here and now. Grilli whittled down the impressive DalTile line to five major trends, complete with examples and a generous Italian accent.


Let’s just start by saying that Rhonda Seacat Hunnicutt has one of the best names of all time, because it’s amazing. Now let’s get into the fact that she has one of the best jobs ever. It’s one we didn’t even know was a job. Seriously, Hunnicutt needs to make the rounds at Career Day because this one is a keeper.

What does she do? She’s the owner of DFW PreDemolition and Estate Sales. Yeah. Told you it was good.

Wait, wait does that mean?

Well, you know when houses are about to be demoed but still filled with really good new, new-ish, or vintage fixtures and appliances? Hunnicutt sells those things. Here’s how it works.


In bum-us-out news, City Modern 5 is closing its doors after 6 years making your mid-century dreams come true.

They’ll be hosting a liquidation sale all weekend long at their 1112 S. Akard Street location. Since they’re typically an appointment-only showroom, this is a double huge deal.


Seven years ago, Allison Bonifay moved from New York with her husband. After just a few minutes chatting with her it will suddenly hit you. Hey, wait a second, you’re not from New York … “No, no, I’m from Atlanta and my mom is as Southern as they come,” she says with the slightest and sweetest Southern drawl.

Back in New York, she worked in fashion and when she got to Dallas, she assumed that would continue, but she just wasn’t feeling it.

Instead she turned her attention to decorating her then recently purchased Lower Greenville home. She was feeling a little sticker shock with all the big digit price tags for home furnishings so she started shopping secondhand. That’s where that fashionable eye came in. It was easy for Bonifay, and she had so much fun stocking her little charmer that she actually overbought and that’s when Modified Home was born.

It was a slow build, Bonifay said. She’d sell a piece here or there on Instagram, but two and a half years ago she decided to get serious. She officially officially created Modified Home with an LLC and everything.

Cut to present day where she now has a shoppable warehouse in the Design District and while it’s currently by appointment only, there are big plans to start holding holiday hours in December and beyond.


Bleu Ciel

So we were at Bleu Ciel, and I was holding my breath over one this staged corner unit. You know how you do when you see a property that makes your spine tingle: you start the process. Will my furniture fit in here? What will I keep? What will I shed?

I asked Allison Hayden, my genius agent friend who is now selling BC, who staged it?

“Global Views,” she said without skipping a beat. “And you know they have a sale every year, in fact I think one is coming up!”

The sale IS coming up, in fact it is tomorrow, November 6, starting at 9:00 a.m. At 7301 Ambassador Row just off West Mockingbird.

But I was fascinated by this company. And when I learned that Frederick Rayner and David Gebhart, co-owners and co-founders, are good friend of our own Eric Prokesh, I was hooked.

But first, the sale: tons of high quality, beautifully designed chairs, sofas, love-seats, tables, commodes, stone-topped sofa tables, accent pieces, lamps and vases. Vases by Barbara Berry! Lamps I swore were Murano!

Global Views is a Dallas-based company with a vision — to produce a unique collection of home accessories and accent pieces that have never been seen before. The amount of stuff they produce and distribute from their headquarters just west of I-35 is mind-boggling. The founding members drew upon long-time careers in retail buying and product development to create a line of home accents that are elegant, refined, and reasonably priced. The company attracts buyers from more than 10,000 retailers, quaint specialty shops to mega multi-store chains. Global Views is also a trusted resource for the hospitality industry, which turns rooms over every three to five years.

We plan to do more on Global Views in the near future. But if you are looking for anything to spruce up your home, office, or even holiday gifts, head over there for this great sale starting tomorrow morning at nine am! The sale continues Thursday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pn, then Friday from 9:00 am until noon. Oh, it’s called the “Garage Sale”, if you ask. Jump for a teaser of inventory: (more…)

Right in our backyard, there’s a tile giant named Dal-Tile. I mean, it’s right in the name: DAL-Tile. But what if there’s some other famous Dal out there? It could happen.

Here’s something to consider though, one in three tiles sold in America is a Dal-Tile product. Isn’t that bananas? It is a little, but not when you see the seriously stunning tile they’re creating and making it all right here in the USA.

In order to stay at the top, you have to know the trends and Dal-Tile is on it like a bonnet. They’re most recent collaboration is with none other than Kristin Cavallari and while none of us fully know what exactly she does, we do know one thing. That girl has great taste.

Here are our top five picks from the Kristin Cavallari Collection for Dal-Tile.


Kellie Sirna of Studio11 Design recently listed her personal home for sale and it’s a jaw-dropper. Before she heads out the modern oak door one last time, she told us about one of her favorite rooms in the house, what she loves most about it and how she pulled it all together.

Sirna calls the breakfast nook, “the jewel box of her home” and hello, it’s a gem. Let’s start with that incredible custom bookcase with built-in wine fridge. Sirna said her uncle helped her build it and he passed away last year so it’s particularly special. They designed it together and his incredible craftsmanship makes it a real showpiece. Sirna has since become a wine connoisseur and said if she had it to do over again, that fridge would be full size.


There are some people that just have it. Mother and daughter duo Debra and Tristan Owens are two of those people. Together they own VINYĀ, a play on vignettes because that’s the way their incredibly stylish shop is laid out – in vignettes.

Debra is a high-end interior designer and the shop came about when her clients moved, downsized, changed their style or were simply ready for a refresh. They didn’t know where to sell their former furniture and that’s when Debra had an idea.

She opened VINYĀ because she knew there was a market for it in Dallas and years later, there still is.

VINYĀ is a consignment shop, but at a higher price point and a little more selective. It’s our own little slice of 1st Dibs and it’s even better because you can drive there and ooh and ahh in person. Inisde Vinya you’ll find pieces from design icons like Florence Knoll, Kelly Wearstler, Holly Hunt, Eero Saarinen, Chrtisian Liaigre, Minotti and more.