10/19/17 2:15am

There are many reasons why I love 1545 W. Colorado Blvd, aka the Kessler Park House With The Blue Tiled Roof. There’s the step-up from the street, so very majestic. You’re on top of the world every time you walk up, and you rev your quads to boot.

The front porch!  Balcony!

The front door. The foyer. The sweeping staircase and bannister. The rich, dark hardwood floors. The mosaics over the windows. The tiles. The bathrooms. The woodwork and moldings — check out the square door panels, rounded door moldings and hinges. All straight from 1927 when the Spanish colonial home was first constructed. The plaster walls. The master bath: huge vessel tub, two wall-mount sinks, two art deco white chests for storage, walk-in shower, did I say the tile?, wood floors in the master bath, kitchen, library, living and dining room. Progressive preservation is alive and well in Kessler Park, a neighborhood unlike any other in Dallas. Architectural Digest has figured this out, too, which is why they are taking a serious look at this home…


10/18/17 11:30am

Don’t let this pool fool you. It’s just a cool respite from alien probes and ghost tantrums, according to its current owners.

The current owners of this week’s Wednesday WTF say they sometimes wake up with weird bruises and puncture marks on their body and … Hi, no. (more…)

10/18/17 10:31am

Let’s start with a Maestro Color from Allied Stone, shall we?

Calacatta Riviera.

It’s an awesome color featuring naturalistic veining that looks like the real deal of marble. But it performs like a champ! No sealing is required EVER!!!

Today everyone wants the marble look, but no one wants the hassle and maintenance. Natural marble is soft, prone to etching and staining in it’s natural state. Maestro Quartz, available at Allied Stone in Dallas, is a beautiful alternative.

“We sell it by the square foot, you don’t have to buy whole slab quantities,” says Matthew Collins, brand and marketing manager. “It’s perfect for design flexibility and price.”

Allied Stone is a leader in fabrication and installation of natural stone. The company specializes in unique and customized granite kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities for new homes and remodels, crafting designs from only the highest quality natural stone such as granite, marble, onyx, and soapstone.

Allied Stone is the only granite fabricator in DFW that actually owns and stocks as much inventory and range of selections as the local granite distributors. Allied’s selection of exotic stones is conducted completely in-house.

More than 45,000 pieces of beautiful, exceptional stone slabs are available in more than 500 colors.

Allied also has the largest number of CNC machines among local DFW fabricators, giving them the unique ability to assure high precision and a streamlined production produce. With four Texas locations and a store in Durant, Ok, only Allied can offer a stunning inventory of natural stone, serving its customers with elegance and efficiency.

Allied Stone has partnered with CandysDirt to bring you a beautiful Stone of the Week. For questions you may have about putting glorious stone in your home, 855-861-6388 or email here. 


It’s rare that we see a clean, modern take on a Southwestern aesthetic, but this modern home in the White Rock Valley area of Lake Highlands accomplishes it exceptionally well. Designed and constructed by award-winning W2 Studio in 2005, this home is kitted with only the best materials, notes listing agent Kevin Sayre of David Bush Realtors.

Though unassuming from the front, this ecologically sensitive home in a sought-after enclave of East Dallas easily earns the title of High Caliber Home of the Week sponsored by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans. With a huge screened porch, beautiful gardens, and inside one of the very best elementary attendance areas in Richardson ISD, 8605 White Rock Trail is sure to impress.


10/18/17 9:30am

Last night, city council member Philip Kingston spoke at The Mansion in an attempt to bring clarity to the Toll Brothers project.  Unfortunately, after a good start, he failed to seal the deal.  Kingston presented the big picture on the project – namely that Toll Brothers is completely within their rights to build a high-rise that’s uglier, boxier, more dense, with worse parking, and that looks terrible on the street.  In fact Toll Brothers delivered a letter to Kingston and the plot sellers stating that they have every intention of building the worse-in-every-way plan should this better-in-every-way plan be shot down at city council.

Kingston’s question to the audience was simple and rational.  Essentially, given the two alternatives, why should he support the worse “by right” plan? “By right” does what it says on the tin; no neighborhood or city involvement period. It’s a simple enough question. But for people for whom the only answer was “neither,” that question was rationally unanswerable.  “Neither” isn’t an option, something rich folks ain’t used to hearing.


10/18/17 9:00am
Webb Royal

Webb Royal neighbors begin arriving for a Sunday evening gathering. The neighborhood’s mix of newcomers and longtime residents, as well as its affordability, is inspiring a new legion of fans (Photos courtesy Jeff Reburn).

How much does Jeff Reburn love his Webb Royal neighborhood? Enough that when we reached out to tell him his neighborhood was next, he went door-to-door to ask neighbors why they loved it, too.

You might call him a super fan – especially since he’s also the lead for the neighborhood’s NextDoor site, and vice president of the Webb Royal Crime Watch, too. Webb Royal is bordered by Royal Lane, Walnut Hill Lane, Webb Chapel Road and Allegheny Drive.

“It’s directly across from Sparkman Club Estates, which is a sister neighborhood created by the same developer,” Reburn explained. (more…)

10/18/17 8:28am

Ward House (2004) on Farquhar Lane – Patron Tour House sponsored by Becky Frey Real Estate Group (Photos: Charles Davis Smith, AIA)

By Donovan Westover
Special Contributor

We are honored to attribute an entire Preservation Dallas home tour to Frank Welch on October 28.  I was fortunate to meet Frank many many moons ago and develop an alliance with him, as everybody in his life did.  What’s not to like?  He was intriguing, he did not pass up a drink, he had linguistic flair (he cussed, like me) and I enjoyed his colorful observations.  In his later years, I recollect shuttling him around for a project when Frank dropped another classic:

“I have the worst vision, but I can tell you that house is Goddamn ugly.”



10/17/17 5:26pm
12570 E. Hendryx Dr., Suttons Bay|candysdirt.com

Photo credit: Erin Attwood

Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired design, unusual woods, and a stunning location surrounded by beach on three sides set this Lake Michigan home apart in prime vacation home territory. It’s situated in a region famed for boating, water sports, hiking, and scenic beauty with a rapidly developing food and wine scene that’s become a mecca for foodies.

See the photos and delicious details of this eye candy property today on SecondShelters.com.