Museum Tower Buyers Celebrate Move In With a Pop!

MuseumTowerClientGiftieWe have asked Realtors to share stories of how many units they are selling at Museum Tower to satisfy media queries. Many are too busy closing to reply, but we did catch up with broker Katie Aspen who shared her secret client’s gift with us: a selection of her buyer’s favorite bubbly bottles with two glasses waiting on their new kitchen counter. Katie’s buyers just closed on a two bedroom with study unit. Sales at Museum Tower have picked up since the building’s unprecedented buy-back guarantee, which ended December 31. Now sales are cooking at about 2 or 3 per month, completely on target. And the building is edging from 25% sold up to 30.

Cannot imagine a more BUBBLY way to say, “welcome to your new home.” Katie, does every client get this treatment? Or only at Museum Tower?


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