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Candy Evans is one of the nation’s leading real estate reporters, bloggers and consultants. She reports on Dallas real estate for WFAA-TV’s Daybreak with Ron Corning, and is frequently called as a real estate expert by other Dallas media. She is also a real-estate editor for CultureMap Dallas, Modern Luxury Dallas, the Katy Trail Weekly and the White Rock Weekly. She even has her own web-based Real Estate show called, The Party Line. Candy has written for AOL Real Estate, and is a guest blogger for Joel Kotkin’s The New Geography, Inman Real Estate News plus a host of national sites. Candy was a longtime contributing editor to Dallas’ D Magazine and sister pubs, and in 2007 founded the wildly successful Dallas real estate blog, DallasDirt. That’s where she broke the news on where former president George W. Bush bought his Dallas home in 2008. She is the founder and publisher of an exciting platform of Dallas-based real estate sites including, devoted to the vacation home market, and her signature, everything you need to know about real estate in North Texas. And yes, we are still psyched about the GOLD! In 2013, was named Best Blog by the venerable National Association of Real Estate Editors, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious journalism associations, and the only association for journalists covering real estate, home and urban design. We snatched silver in 2015, and who knows what 2016 brings...

01/17/20 7:52pm


Modern Luxury DALLAS Magazine is gearing up for its annual Real Estate Awards, and they have enlisted our vast and brilliant audience for help.

Rather than seek “popularity votes” for the “best,” MLD focuses on specific categories of real estate achievement. Let’s face it, every real estate agent I know is the best, to all of us at, to everyone at Modern Luxury DALLAS, and especially to their clients.

We have talked about having “best campaigns” here at, but we always conclude that (a) they are never truly accurate and (b) we celebrate real estate agents for their listings, sales, talents, and progress. We believe our Realtors put forth their best every single day!

Since we cover the market day and night, and keep track of the migrations, we have a pretty good idea of who has been killing it in real estate in this region.

But the folks at Modern Luxury Dallas REALLY want to hear from you!

You have until January 24 to provide your input. And we will be re-posting the poll next week. But do not procrastinate…

There are only EIGHT questions.  You do not have to complete all, but let us know your thoughts as we help craft Modern Luxury’s Real Estate Awards presented by Yours Truly. I’ll also post anything really interesting that comes from THE SURVEY.  And as ever, tell us what you think in the comments…

Questions listed after the jump… (more…)

Lake Highlands Home

Doesn’t everyone dream of having a home with a cherry red front door? The iconic visual is not only charming, but it truly represents the American Dream.

If that is exactly what you’ve been searching for, look no further than this darling Lake Highlands home full of personality. From the moment you lay eyes on the immediate pop of color and the lush trees that surround the single-level abode, you’ll feel at ease knowing that your house hunt is about to be over. 


01/15/20 9:45am may be opening a new door in the brokerage world, starting with a fresh focus on Texas and a halt to national expansion. Founder Alex Doubet paid a visit to Russia. And he came home hitched.

Last week, as you recall, I had to drive to the company’s Dallas offices at 12570 Dallas Parkway to confirm a flurry of rumors that had erupted before the holidays, that Door was laying off employees. After our story was published and picked up by the Dallas Business Journal (among others), CEO Alex Doubet returned a phone call Thursday night to the DBJ’s Bill Hethcock, confirming the disruptor flat-fee real estate startup had laid off 34 employees, mainly agents, in its 34,000 square foot Dallas headquarters. He told Bill Hethcock no more layoffs are planned, but the firm’s plans for national expansion are on hold.

A big part of the reason for the layoffs was that a $20 million to $30 million round of funding that Door was targeting fell through last month, Doubet said.

“We did lay some people off, which is really unfortunate,” Doubet said. “We had been working on a national expansion that we just couldn’t figure out the cost structure for. So we had to right-size our employee cost structure and let good people go, which is always unfortunate.”

The plans to expand to all 50 states are on hold, he told Hethcock. On the funding, Doubet said, “We heard (in December) that it was a no instead of a yes, like we were hoping.”

Which is sad. In an interview as recent as October, Doubet told the Business Journal of his ambitious plans to be operating in all 50 states by mid-2020. But he hedged, at the time, Hethcock’s questions concerning new staff to facilitate the expansion, saying what has almost become a familiar refrain: Door “leverage(s) technology to make our agents significantly more efficient than the average agent. That’s why we’re able to charge so much less.”

“As efficiencies have gone up, our agents are able to do a lot more transactions,” he said at the time. “The best answer I can give you is, undoubtedly, we’ll add more people, but we’re also pushing really hard on the product side so that we can make our employees more efficient.”
I caught up with Alex Friday, when he called me from a bachelor party in Aspen no less, to talk about the layoffs, future plans, and why he didn’t call me back in December.


01/10/20 9:15am


Can you imagine the horror of knowing, within a 12-hour timespan, that your child or grandchild has cancer?

That is what happened to Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s agent Susan Marcus. Her grandson, Harrison Marcus, is a 9-year-old boy who went from starting the school day with his annual pediatric check-up to being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia by bedtime.

And doctors have confirmed the only cure for Harrison, a third-grader at Parish Episcopal School, is a bone marrow transplant.

Because there is no matching donor in his family, Harrison must find a lifesaving donor from strangers. That’s why his family immediately teamed with the nonprofit DKMS to host local bone marrow drives nationwide in the hopes of finding an appropriate donor. There are two coming up in Dallas.

Anyone in good health between the ages of 18-55 is encouraged to attend and register.


01/10/20 6:00am

It’s not looking good for another real estate disruptor thus far in 2020, this one in the San Francisco Bay area.

Thursday we reported that Dallas-based DOOR ( has laid off 37 employees. Now Inman reports that real estate giant Realogy is closing the offices of a uniquely creative real estate firm called Climb, which Realogy bought in 2016. Realogy confirmed to Inman and Rob Hahn it is now integrating the company into its Coldwell Banker brand, and discontinuing the Climb name.

The Climb name, meanwhile, will be discontinued and Climb’s offices in California’s Bay Area will be shut down. Gorman estimated that there are approximately 160 members of Climb who will be impacted by the move. They will have the opportunity to now work out of Coldwell Banker’s various offices in the Bay Area.

01/09/20 9:55am


Update 3:14 pm: found out has 34,000 square feet in the Dallas Parkway building which they are subleasing from another tenant. Going rate for these offices about $38 psf plus electricity.

The Dallas-based real estate disruptor has laid off 37 employees in its Dallas headquarters.

I first received word before the holidays that, founded by Highland Park-born Alex Doubet, was laying off employees. (I called Alex several times before leaving town in December, but he did not return phone calls.) After the holidays, more rumors swelled. So I decided to actually be a reporter and head over to the offices of’s headquarters at 14675 Dallas Parkway, the 41,280-square-foot, four-star building where occupies the sixth floor.

When I got there at 4:15 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon, I found beautiful but vacuous offices.


12/24/19 10:12am

What is the single biggest headache of home ownership?

Go ahead and say it out loud: HOME REPAIRS! Home repairs are a given and a constant when you own a home. If you don’t have any home repairs, something is seriously wrong with your home. Because read my lips: every single home has a maintenance issue at some point.

In fact, home maintenance headaches are what send people packing to apartments and high rise condos.

(One of our most memorable Christmases was when the kids bathroom sprung a water leak and we spent the cold cold day mopping water.)

What if I told you there was a company, a new company out of the Bay area on the west coast, that makes home repairs as easy as a few clicks on your cell phone? Ha, that’s like the best holiday gift ever, right?

It’s reality.

Puls, the trusted home services membership company revered by Bay area homeowners, is now offering it’s famous handyman services in Dallas-Fort Worth. In fact, DFW has become the company’s largest market. Puls powers a network of service providers to deliver hassle-free in-home services such as appliance repair, TV installation, even mobile device repair. (more…)

12/21/19 6:24am

property taxIt’s no secret that the SALT tax, that $10,000 cap on state and local deductions on your federal tax return, hurt high-end real estate. Agent upon agent have told me that owners of homes valued at more than $1 million took a look at their tax returns this year and said, what happened?

What happened was a $10,000 cap imposed on state and local tax deductions (SALT), one of the changes to the tax code imposed by President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax reform. In Texas, that’s property taxes on a home of about $700,000 value.

On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives narrowly passed a temporary two-year repeal of the $10,000 cap. 

Inman News reports the bill passed by a slim margin of 218 to 206, mostly along party lines, but don’t get too excited: the bill will likely die in the Republican-controlled Senate.