Missing 7 Year Old Girl FOUND Safe in Santa Monica/Hollywood Heights

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Here’s my daughter’s FB post from Hollywood Heights last night, tells you a little bit about the neighborhood:

police helicopter circling above with search lights down street and in windows. hysterical mass texts with neighbors. love our ‘hood – so much more entertaining than Preston Hollow. #guessishouldlockthebackdoor #bitsytothescene

Yeah, well, we have FBI Raids in our ‘hood. Anyhow, this was for a 7 year old child who was believed abducted. Later, the child was found safe:

From Detective Allen: 
At about 9:40 p.m., the missing 7 year old girl was confirmed found at a residence near the vicinity of Santa Fe and Munger.  This has been reported as an stranger kidnapping, however, the police investigation has just begun.  Thank you for all who offered their help and spread the word!

Crime Fighting Works When We All Get Involved