One Billion Dollars: Briggs Freeman Sotheby's Already Inching Over One Billion in Real Estate Sales

Robbie and Gene TaylorThe sound of it just amazes me: one billion dollars in sales. We told you that Dave Perry-Miller had tipped the one billion dollars in sales mark, buzzing sales across North Texas.

Well, as of July 24, Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s clobbered one billion, is in fact on it’s way to $1.5 billion, all done with fewer than 200 agents in five offices, including Southlake, Uptown (two), the BallPark and the mothership on Lovers Lane. Don’t know if I should spill this because I have not confirmed with Robbie, but I think BFS is also opening an office in Frisco in the near future.

I have to settle for a moment to digest those figures — that’s a LOT of real estate transactions for 200 agents!

Looking at last year, it was October when Robbie announced one billion in sales on October 31. This year, they did the same volume in almost half the year. That says volumes about our market and the frenzy we have experienced since January.

Robbie Briggs credits the high level of service and strong relationships his agents offer working within the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

“We focus on a high quality of service at Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty, whether through personalized connections with our clients or through intensive, innovative marketing across multiple media,” Briggs said. “We’re so thankful for all the extraordinary people who have trusted us with selling their homes.”

Many of the firm’s agents have closed more sales to date than they did in all of 2012, says Gene Taylor, executive vice president and director of sales and development. One agent, he says, closed $25 million last year but has already closed $36 million so far just this year. That translates, of course, to a million dollar plus income for that agent!

Gene says his agents are working ’round the clock.

“They’re strategic, they have market savvy, and they bring a very high level of sophistication and understanding of the business of real estate to the table.”

It’s no wonder Briggs is knocking it out of the ballpark, pardon my pun. BFS agents are trading multi-million dollar homes like green stamps. Agent Christie Berry is listing one of the most expensive homes for sale in Dallas — the stunning Dans Bois Crete on Inwood Road at $19,500,000. That’s the third most expensive home officially for sale in Dallas.

We over here at CandysDirt want to say super duper congrats, and hope you all have a glass (or three) of bubbly to celebrate. Oh, and be sure to invite us!

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