Guess Who Brought the Buyers to Tim Headington’s $10 Million Ritz Carlton Penthouse? Ebby Agent Victoria Barr


Update, March 1: Music business, producers both and gorgeous…

Update, 10:06 p.m.: It’s a movie star husband and wife couple…

Her name is Victoria Barr, excuse me,  Victoria Barr de Quinones, and she works with Ebby Halliday in the Preston Center office in the BBVA Compass Bank building. I’m told the buyer is a celeb, and looking at Victoria’s background, I am guessing someone from Mexico or maybe even Santa Fe. Why? Because according to Victoria’s resume, she “also represents clients throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in Cozumel, Mexico.”

Wait, what is Val Kilmer doing? He sold his huge, 5,328-acre Pecos River ranch. Last I heard, he cleared the decks and is acting again in L.A. Maybe he needs a Dallas crash pad?

I’m thinking celebrity here, with a definite southwestern flavor…pecosranch12

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