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The Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Dallas) has announced three designs to receive its 2017 AIA Dallas Unbuilt Design Awards, the highest recognition of works that exemplify excellence in unbuilt projects by Dallas architects. An additional design earned a People’s Choice Award.


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Texas Tax Protest

If you’re a member of your neighborhood NextDoor, or even a neighborhood association Facebook page, you’ve likely seen homeowners commiserating about how much their tax bill has increased since last year.

And those increases, people say, aren’t wholly unexpected. After all, the Dallas/Fort Worth area is in the middle of an incredible home sales boom — a recent report by Texas A&M’s Real Estate Center revealed that demand for housing statewide has meant that inventory levels continue to hover around 3.7 months — a historic low that means home values continue to rise.

Here are a few statistics that might grab your attention:


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3524 Dorothy Lane North faces Monticello Park in quiet neighborhood. Photos: Trey Freeze Media

Location , location, location.  Probably one of the more overused phrases when it comes to real estate.

However annoying that phrase is, there is a lot of truth to it.

Think about it…

A vegan wouldn’t want to own a home next to a slaughter house.

A nudist wouldn’t want to live in the garment district.

A family with young children wouldn’t want to live where there is no yard.

The yard of a home is often one of the more important features when putting together the “must have” list before searching for the right place.  Countless times prospective buyers have rejected a home based solely on the yard or proximity to area to be outdoors.


05/23/17 8:40am

Stereotypical “Starter Home”

A commenter on my last High-Rise Buyer’s Guide column lamented my use of the word “starter” to describe the final two columns in the series that’ll cover Dallas’ lower-priced high-rise options.  He felt it was demeaning to those for whom one of these economical homes wasn’t a “starter,” but a destination. The result of many years of saving and planning. My gut reaction was an eye-roll, but thinking about it, it began to make sense … but not because I thought it was demeaning, but because “starter” was no longer accurate.


05/23/17 7:30am

Midway Hollow home

Midway Hollow is a neighborhood in transition, with a lot of renovations going on among the 2,600 or so houses there. It’s an appealing area in northwest Dallas, with mature trees, affordable homes in several price ranges, nearby shopping, and a healthy, involved crime watch.

Flippers have made their mark among many a Midway Hollow home, and some people are wary of the quality of work offered by them. That may or may not have any basis, but it still causes pause among a few potential homebuyers.

Today’s Tuesday Two Hundred at 3703 Cortez Dr. is not a flip — this beautiful work was done by the owner for herself, says listing agent Barbara Arredondo with Clay Stapp + Co. 

“This is such a neat house — it was taken to the studs for a renovation and it sits on a larger corner lot,” Arredondo said. “All of the bedrooms are a big surprise — usually in a home of this era, they are small, but these are not.”

This home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,044 square feet, built in 1951. There’s an open house this Saturday, May 27, from 2-4 p.m. Here’s your sneak peek. (Be sure to check out the “before” photos below for a look at the hot mess this house was before the owner started renovations!)


05/22/17 9:27am

While I, too, love midcentury modern homes, dealing with the details involved with restoring an older residence doesn’t thrill me. Truly, I’d prefer midcentury lines and feel with the assurance of new construction. That’s just what Virginia Cook Realtor Ed Murchison has listed, all wrapped up in the finishes and feel that modern home buyers in Dallas desire. 

Designed by Josh Nimmo, this home was built as the residence of Dwellings AKC founder Alan Kagan. As Karen Eubank has told us, there’s nothing quite like the personal homes of builders, as these are the houses where you can find detail and value beyond your typical house. 

“Kagan is known for his high-quality, architect-designed modern homes featuring meticulous attention to detail,” Murchison said. Now extrapolate that and add in a dash of excellent location and you get 6035 Prospect Ave., a midcentury modern-inspired residence in walkable East Dallas.


05/22/17 8:50am

It’s a big week, with housing data being released, Trump’s first trip overseas, and of course, stocks. What is the impact it will have on mortgage rates this week? Which way will they go? Bob Johnson (AKA BobMortgage) is there to give his lock or float opinion with today’s Mortgage Report.

Johnson is the senior mortgage advisor at Wallick & Volk, the nation’s oldest privately-held mortgage company. He has helped more than 25,000 families get into the homes of their dreams, in 20-plus years of lending service.

Now with five offices across the DFW Metroplex, the nation’s oldest mortgage firm is helping thousands of consumers get into homes with the most up-to-date financial information possible. Wallick & Volk brings experience and integrity into every single loan, but they also deliver a highly personalized touch that conforms to each client’s need. Is it speed of delivery, unique products, total transaction transparency, or great pricing you need? Wallick & Volk has it all in a broker-friendly banking platform that can do the impossible when it comes to home financing.

THIS WEEK: New housing data, and the effects of President Trump’s first overseas trip, will likely influence the market. Should you lock or float?


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French chateau
I have had a love affair with this Preston Hollow French chateau at 5939 Deloache Avenue longer than I can remember. It began a couple of years after it was built in 1985. I was a photography stylist scouting locations for Neiman Marcus. The directive was to find the most beautiful French estate possible for a Christmas catalog shoot. We were advertising, of all things, bright red trash bags with the Neiman’s logo emblazoned on them — in which to ostensibly dispose of your Christmas wrapping paper. A uniformed butler was to hold the bag gingerly on the steps of the chateau. So off I went to scout.