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Nikki Barringer

12/26/19 9:30am

[Editor’s note: Merry Christmas! This week, we’re taking time off to focus on our loved ones, so we are sharing some of our favorite stories from this year. Keep an eye out for our top features from the archives as we rest and get ready for a brilliant 2020! Cheers, from Candy and the entire staff at!]

Nikki: As the year winds to a close, we’re giving our keyboards a break and running some of our favorite homes we’ve featured. Which brings us to 10420 Church Road. Back in October when this post originally ran, this house barely, barely squeaked into the Thursday 300 category, but it’s since been reduced $10,000 and is now listed for $389,999. OH MY. It’s a fun house with great detail and we’re still pretty smitten with the creative take on an office/arts and crafts/romper room featuring a futon and a long ol’ table.

Built in 1962, this Midcentury-style house was a later arrival to the era, but you know what? We’ll take it.

The angles, the ceiling, the updates. Come on. This is a white-and-gray house that feels so modern and open — it’s just waiting for your pops of colors.

Out back there’s a concrete deck shaped like a hexagon. Something different, something fun and that’s kind of the theme of the house.

Out front, you’ll find a fully wooded wall and a matching flower box. Your biggest challenge in this house will be keeping the landscape alive to look as cool and contemporary as it does today.


12/24/19 9:15am


[Editor’s note: Merry Christmas! This week, we’re taking time off to focus on our loved ones, so we are sharing some of our favorite stories from this year. Keep an eye out for our top features from the archives as we rest and get ready for a brilliant 2020! Cheers, from Candy and the entire staff at!]

Nikki: This house is sold, but it’s one of our favorites of the year. We love Dallas as much as the next Real Housewife, but what we love most about this house is it proves there are incredible and unexpected houses throughout the Metroplex. You may not instantly think “cool” when you think of Plano, but 1603 15th Street is one reason you most definitely should. Read the original post below or here.

Within walking distance from Downtown Plano, which is still HOT even though they lost their Dude Sweet (RIP 4 real), there’s an adorable bungalow set on almost one-third of an acre. It’s rural living in the middle of the city with easy access to US-75 and basically the world.

This house is so cute and the current owners made it so cool. In the kitchen, you’ll find a tin roof ceiling, exposed brick, and open shelving. It feels modern and eclectic and the evergreen cabinets and butcher block countertops are basically *fire emoji.*


12/20/19 9:45am

There are Interior Designers that focus more on couches, end tables, and ottomans and Interior Designers that take a look at each room and reworks the layout including electrical, lighting, and cabinetry.



12/19/19 9:30am

Propser is popping. I’ve heard it called the new Southlake … just don’t tell Southlake. It’s filled with gorgeous developments — master-planned communities and is where a lot of recently transplanted C-levels are calling home. Which means there’s no shortage of huge, massive, million-dollar homes.

But tucked away right alongside all these gracious estates is today’s Thursday Three Hundred. It’s a four-bedroom, three-bathroom, 2,418-square-foot house built in 2014 and currently listed at $320,000. Are you thinking steal? Because yes.


12/18/19 9:30am

We scoured the Internet for a comprehensive list of Oprah’s Favorite Things sold on Amazon and we found it here. Then we whittled that list down and left you with the really, really goooood stuff. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication.

Remember when Oprah had a show and she’d flat out tell you, show you – and if you were a member of the studio audience – give you her favorite things? Well, she doesn’t do that anymore, but she still makes a list. And we read it and it is legit filled with great stuff. So keep reading, start shopping and pray your gifts get there in time.

JK. With Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery, we’re in a real see-you-soon-situation.

Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce

Price: $34.99

What We’re Saying: Let’s talk about this ingredient list. It reads like a what’s what of culinary trends. “Ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, white truffle and coriander.” “A limited flavor experience in a bottle.” UM, YUM. And Oprah approves so that’s pretty much the end of this story.

What They’re Saying: “i can’t believe i spent 35 bucks on hot sauce…but its worth every penny. i put it on pastas, meats, veggies, eggs, popcorn, you name it. literally any savory dish you wanna spice up. Truff is my go to sauce brand. the flavor is incredible with just the right amount of heat. will definitely buy again.” –Justin Carper

Get your Truff here.


12/17/19 9:30am

The first thing I want to say about this house, before we even get into how beautifully updated it is or the fact that it’s in Rockwall or the fact that it’s a single-story, three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,926-square-foot home, is the fact that the elementary school is called Nebbie Williams.

Nebbie. Williams. Is that the best name of an elementary school ever or what? No need to answer that, because it is.

And now we’ll commence talking about the actual house. Nope, we lied. One more thing we have to call out is the Subdivision is called Random Oaks at the Shores. It’s like the jackpot of good names.


12/13/19 9:55am

For this week’s Wanna Shop, we’re taking a departure from Amazon and hittin’ the streets. Keep reading for a real live LOCAL Dallas gift guide.

JRAF Studio Neighborhood Icon Series, $60-$70

Are these ornaments? Coasters? Discuses? No. You know what they are? Hyper-local art. Each icon is nine inches in diameter, prominently features the name of the neighborhood and is “a diagrammatic investigation of our local communities.” They’re also a way cool gift to give to a friend with an affinity for where they live.  Available for purchase here.


12/12/19 9:30am

Kristen Dowd is an artist by way of the financial world and she’s super Southern, has the most charming accent, and her arrival in Dallas is just as interesting as her arrival as a full-time artist. And we’ll totally cover both, but first, let’s talk about this art.

Dowd’s works are bright and abstract and modern and full of life. She describes her artwork as fluid because every piece is representative of her emotions at that time.

“Sometimes I use all those bright colors because that’s what I’m feeling inside and sometimes I use them because I need a boost,” Dowd said.