808 S. Lamar Street in Weatherford, TX (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

Do you remember the Steve Martin movie from the ’90s Father of the Bride? There are a ton of memorable quotes in that movie but because I’m such a house junkie, I love the one where George and Nina Banks are visiting their future son-in-law’s parents in their massive home.  George needs to use the restroom:

The bathroom down here is being remodeled, why don’t you try upstairs, it’s the seventh door on the left.”




A true assortment of colors that's for sure!

The Queen Anne Victorian home has over 21 different paint colors on the exterior

What does that movie and quote have to do with today’s Tarrant County Tuesday?  Today I want to tell you about a home with 10 bathrooms.  Yes, I said 10.  Can you imagine giving someone directions to bathroom No. 5 or No. 9?


Blame it on the heat?

The Texas temperatures are going up, up, up…does it really affect home sales?

We certainly can’t Blame it on the Rain like the great Milli Vanilli song once suggested.  But can we blame a slower summer home sales market in Tarrant County (and others in D/FW if they are truthful) on the Texas heat?

There’s no slowdown you say?  Really?  Then why is it that my email inbox looks like the coupon section of the Sunday paper?

Takes me back to 9th grade days

It’s not Rob and Fab’s fault it’s hot and home sales are slowing down … they blamed it on the rain


Easy to see why it's my favorite

224 Clementine Court in Rivercrest Bluffs is the 2018 winner of Seth Fowler’s Favorite Home in Tarrant County (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

It’s almost August and yet I’ve already found my Favorite Fort Worth Home for 2018.  Guess that’s going to spoil my year-end blog, but I can’t help it.

Drumroll please…..

Seth Fowler’s 2018 Favorite Fort Worth Home is … 224 Clementine Court in the new gated community of Rivercrest Bluffs in The River District of Fort Worth.


Ridgmar Neighborhood has great trees

6332 Juneau Road isn’t the typical Ridgmar home (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

The neighborhood of Ridgmar in Fort Worth is one with many attractive qualities.

Located just off Interstate 30 and Ridgmar Boulevard, the neighborhood is literally minutes from downtown Fort Worth, world-class museums, numerous local eating establishments, and Ridglea and Shady Oaks Country Clubs.

Easy Way To Know Where You Are in Ridgmar

A helpful tip regarding the Ridgmar neighborhood, starting with Dakar Road, the streets are aligned alphabetically ending at Newport Court.


lock-and-leave lifestyle

6532 Valencia Grove Pass in southwest Fort Worth is a perfect property for those on the go! (Photos: Trey Freeze Media)

When it’s 100-plus degrees outside in Fort Worth, what do people want to do?  LEAVE! There are times when Cowtown seems like an utter ghost town during the summer months.

It’s not a shock that people want to vacation in the mountains or on the coasts during these sweltering times, and it’s also not a shock that the lock-and-leave concept is now more popular than ever with emptynesters.


Builder's homes are nearly perfect

Integrity Homes designed and built 5205 Caliza Court in La Cantera at Team Ranch. (Photos: Tourmax Real Estate Media)

Here’s a free tip for Tarrant County Tuesday: If you ever have the opportunity to purchase a home builder’s personal home … jump on it!  Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Before I became the Bow Tie Realtor, I was the Bow Tie Sales Guy who worked for 10-plus years in new construction and home builders in the Fort Worth area.  I love, love, love new homes and the building process from soup-to-nuts.  Here’s some inside scoop.


The 3,500 ft. garden home

6736 Medinah Drive in the Garden Home section of Mira Vista Country Club

When I think of a garden home in my mind, I see a small house on a tiny piece of land that seems too cramped.  What do you think of? How about a nearly 3,500-square-foot home with four bedrooms, tall ceilings, plenty of natural light and only a few steps from a Fort Worth-famous golf course?

Now that’s a Garden Home.

And 6736 Medinah Drive, in garden home section of Mira Vista Country Club, is exactly what you’re looking for if you need space, luxury, relaxation, and low maintenance.


Affordable painted brick homes! Yes please!

Shane Avenue just 19 minutes from Downtown Fort Worth has been transformed…and affordable (photos: Trey Freeze Media)

No, no, no … we are NOT talking about affordable housing when it comes to government subsidized and regulated homes.  That’s an entirely different discussion and mess that Tarrant County Tuesday isn’t going to deal with.

You Say Affordable, I Say Affordable …

When I say “affordable,” I’m talking about homes under $250,000 that aren’t miles and miles and miles away from civilization simply to make them cost less.