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About two-thirds of homeowners who are still living the same house they were in 10 years ago when the Great Recession began have reported that their home is worth more now, a new Bankrate survey revealed.

The survey found that 23 percent said the value is about the same as it was in December 2007, while 11 percent said their home is worth less now.

Forty-six percent of homeowners said their property lost value from December 2007 to June 2009. More than 20 percent who reported that their home lost value during the Great Recession said the home never regained its pre-recession worth. One in 10 whose home value depreciated said they don’t want to own a home now, and 23 percent said they now have a more affordable home and/or mortgage. (more…)

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Hudson Valley

Situated on a large corner lot in the highly sought after Carillon area, this exquisite home makes an impression the moment you see it. With an exterior made of the highest quality light-colored stone, the residence looks simultaneously grand and airy, and you can’t wait to get inside to see what surprises the interiors may have to offer. Pass the beautifully landscaped front yard and step through the arched front door to explore the fashionable spaces this newly-listed home has to offer.


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