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Nikki Barringer

11/28/19 9:45am

For the Thursday 300: Thanksgiving Edition, we’re headed out to Ferguson and Lakeland in an area called Claremont. It’s southeast of Hollywood Heights, Forest Hills, and Casa Linda Forest, but it’s still in the same-ish general area.

It’s also where you’ll find this recently renovated three-bedroom, two-bathroom house that feels way bigger than its 1,608 square feet.


11/27/19 9:30am

We searched Amazon for the best Black Friday offers and now we’re sharing them with you. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication. 

We all know Thanksgiving is a two-parter. Tradition One: Stuff yourself silly in a regrettable fashion. Tradition Two: Lose your freaking mind over every deal that dares to call itself a Black Friday offer. Now here’s the real deal – not all Black Friday offers are even that great. However, the ones we post below most definitely are so pull out your pocketbook and get ready to save big.

Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Clock and Alexa (3rd Gen)

Price: $44.99 (Save $15.)

What We’re Saying: This is the first time Amazon has offered a discount on the latest Echo. Other generations are still being sold at greater discounts, but this bad boy is the latest and greatest … so there?

What They’re Saying: “I cannot say enough about this amazon echo dot. It is WONDERFUL. Loud, crisp, and knows my voice so well. I love the size of this one … My guests have absolutely enjoyed asking questions and about the weather and especially using it with my Spotify.” –Ramona Pelham

Buy your own Amazon Echo here.


11/26/19 9:30am

The cute little cottage at 10430 Sylvia Drive has a lot going for it including the location. It’s a bit east-ier than you’re thinking, but it’s still close to White Rock, all the trees and the best root beer you’ll ever wrap your lips around at the Dairyette. Plus Casa Linda Bakery, Highland Park Cafeteria, and so much more.

Truly, the greater Casa View area is a solid neighborhood that’s walkable and feels like a community.

Located off Gus Thomasson and Garland, the neighborhood is specifically called Reinhardt. It’s an established neighborhood and most of the homes were built in 1950s. It’s one of the most affordable neighborhoods in East Dallas and definitely worth checking out.


11/22/19 9:15am

Let’s just start by saying that Rhonda Seacat Hunnicutt has one of the best names of all time, because it’s amazing. Now let’s get into the fact that she has one of the best jobs ever. It’s one we didn’t even know was a job. Seriously, Hunnicutt needs to make the rounds at Career Day because this one is a keeper.

What does she do? She’s the owner of DFW PreDemolition and Estate Sales. Yeah. Told you it was good.

Wait, wait does that mean?

Well, you know when houses are about to be demoed but still filled with really good new, new-ish, or vintage fixtures and appliances? Hunnicutt sells those things. Here’s how it works.


11/21/19 9:00am

Down off Northwest Highway, situated in between Skillman and Abrams, there’s a little slice of Pleasantville Heaven called University Manor. The streets are lined with big shade trees, lawns are trimmed and well-manicured, and people are always out and about.

A bike trail runs along Northwest Highway and connects to White Rock Lake if you head east and will take you under Northwest Highway, over Abrams and all the way to Mockingbird Station if you head west. Plus, the White Rock DART Rail station is within walking distance — perfect for commuters.


11/20/19 9:15am

We searched Amazon for ways to top your table and now we’re sharing them with you. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication. 

In case you haven’t noticed Thanksgiving is way late this year and yet it still managed to sneak up on us. If you’re hosting next week and need to get festive fast, here’s a whole table you can set with a little help from us and Amazon and whoever pays your bills.


11/19/19 9:30am

Today’s word is “potential.” As in this townhome off of Interstate 635 and Abrams has so much potential. First of all, it’s a townhome, but it doesn’t have any shared walls. That’s one in the win column.

Now remember what we said, it’s full of potential, and therefore priced accordingly. The seller isn’t interested in repairs or updates so it’s a for-real, for-real “as is” situation.

Now put on your best sequin duster and let’s really get to it.


11/16/19 9:45am

In bum-us-out news, City Modern 5 is closing its doors after 6 years making your mid-century dreams come true.

They’ll be hosting a liquidation sale all weekend long at their 1112 S. Akard Street location. Since they’re typically an appointment-only showroom, this is a double huge deal.