Make Your Table Say Happy Thanksgiving In The MOST Modern Way

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We searched Amazon for ways to top your table and now we’re sharing them with you. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication. 

In case you haven’t noticed Thanksgiving is way late this year and yet it still managed to sneak up on us. If you’re hosting next week and need to get festive fast, here’s a whole table you can set with a little help from us and Amazon and whoever pays your bills.

Cotton Buffalo Check Table Runner

Price: $10.14

What We’re Saying: Set the table with this Buffalo Check Table Runner. It says Fall, Y’all but doesn’t scream TURKEY. It’s a sophisticated way to set the season. It’s cotton, washable and WATCH OUT, some people say it shrinks. Solution? Line dry. P.S. This is the #1 Best Seller in Potholders and Oven Mitts of which it is neither but high five anyway.

What Buyers Are Saying: “I purchased the buffalo check table runner for our front entry chest of drawers. It is the perfect width and length and coordinates well with our decor. I am very pleased, especially for how inexpensive it was, at how well made it is.” –Florida Gal (FYI, Florida Gal is a Top Contributor in Coloring.)

Buy your own Buffalo Plaid here.

Eucalyptus Garland

Price: $10.49 + Free Shipping on orders over $25

What We’re Saying: You were expecting bright orange-y, fire red fall leaves, weren’t you? NOT ON THIS TABLETOP. We’re going with the soft green of Eucalyptus to say, “Hey, I like the outdoors but I like it in muted tones a little better.”

What Buyers Are Saying: “Pretty good quality leaf…it definitely looks real and the smell is good as well. Looks expensive but it’s not pricey. I will recommend to all who love indoor artificial plants.” –SaRa

Get your own garland here


Harvest Decorative Mini Pumpkins, 12

Price: $24.99 + Free Shipping on orders over $25

What We’re Saying: COLOR SCHEMES. We’re going for black and white for your Thanksgiving Feast and these little white pumpkins are the perfect compliment. HEAD’S UP, literally EVERY review talks about how they’re smaller than expected, but they ARE mini pumpkins so…

What Buyers Are Saying: “Love these! So soft & adorable! Great price, same quality as homegoods with a much better price tag!! Would highly recommend!” –Amazon Customer  P.S. There was one review titled OH MY GHOURD.

Get your mini pumps here.


“Occasions” Disposable Plates, 50 Piece

Price: $21.90 + Free Shipping on orders over $25

What We’re Saying: It looks like China, but you can chuck it so that’s basically all the wins in the world. We did see people dress this fine (plastic) China up by stacking the salad plate on top of the dinner plate and placing a folded-into-a-rectangle napkin in between. Looked pretty baller, bro.

What Buyers Are Saying: “Everyone thought they were real plates! They arrived on time and packaged so none were damaged. They are thin without being flimsy. Would definitely order again.” –kdesselle11

Get your fancy here.


Wood Place Card Holders

Price: $9.79 + Free Shipping

What We’re Saying: Let people know where they sit with these rustic little tree stumps. They come with little cards, too, so as long as your penmanship is decent or almost decent, you’re good to go.

What Buyers Are Saying: “I am going to order a whole bunch of these for my next event. It comes with an extra set of cards, so they are usable twice!” –Kash

Get your lil’ stumps here.

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