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We searched Amazon for really awesome brands and now we’re sharing one with you. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication. 

One of the fun things about Amazon is all the different brands you can find on there that you didn’t even realize were on there. AND THEN ON TOP OF THAT, you can discover all the amazing products made by said brand. Umbra is one of those brands. You’re probably like um-who? UMBRA. You don’t even know it, but you’ve seen their stuff before and you probably love it. And yeah, it’s technically stuff that we don’t really need, but we all kind of want so I’ll hush up so we can get to it.

Cross Stitch Dimensional Wall Decor

Price: $7.99 + Free shipping on orders over $25

The Stitches: Each package contains 40 “x’s” so you can cross stitch your walls. How fun is this? Add a heart, a heartfelt message or simply write “go home.” With Umbra’s cross stitch dimensional wall art, you can be as welcoming (or not) as you want.

What Buyers Are Saying: “These are super cool.” –C.M.

Purchase the Wall Stitches here.

Trigon Wall Mounted Bulletin Board

Price: $40

The Trigon: Hold the phone. This bulletin board is sleek, modern and works with magnets AND pushpins??? TELL US YOUR MAGIC, MR. WIZARD. “Trigon features a metal panel with perforated geometric pattern over a layer of EVA foam…” OOOHHH.

What Buyers Are Saying: “I bought this for the office since I work with barbarians who specialize in destroying corkboards within a manner of weeks. It’s been a few months now and it’s still like new. Eventually, the foam behind the metal will have been poked too many times to hold things, but at least it will look good and professional until its dying day.” –humansitis

Purchase the Trigon here.


Hello Brass Wire Wall Decor

Price: $18.45 + Free shipping on orders over $25

Hello, Brass: Inspired by the continuous curve of neon, this brass plated HELLO wall art will add a little 3D to your 1D walls. Bonus art? “Because it mounts away from the wall, it creates an interesting profile and shadows that are constantly changing.”

What Buyers Are Saying: “Delicate and perfect touch that one of my bedroom walls needed.” –Hello_ett

Purchase Hello here.

Casa Tissue Box Cover

Price: $7.70 + Free shipping on orders over $25

The Casa: Hide your boring tissue boxes with this “clean, clever and cute design.” It looks like a house, but in this home your two-ply doubles as little puffs of smoke. DELIGHTFUL. Plus it’s only $7.70 so it’s a great gift because people will definitely think you spent more.

What Buyers Are Saying: “This is the cutest product ever. It makes me smile and has a nice clean look. The only negative for this product is the packaging. It comes with a huge sticker across one side of it which makes it impossible to take off without leaving behind sticky residue across the entire surface. I used vegetable oil to dissolve the glue and it wiped off nicely.” –jwilson

Purchase the Casa here.


Joey Soap Dispenser and Sponge Caddy

Price: $21 + Free Shipping

The Light: They call it the Joey because the sponge hangs out in the little kangaroo front pouch. Seriously, everything about this brand is clever. They’re not changing the world over at Umbra, but they’re giving you some good solid, super functional designs like this. It comes in several cool colors too.

What Buyers Are Saying: “This was sooo worth the money because it holds a lot of dishwashing liquid and it’s really sturdy so you won’t have to worry about it moving or falling everywhere. It’s easy to clean and fill up, it’s the best thing ever!” – Amanda R.

Purchase the Joey here.

Phantom Wall Picture Frame

Price: $22 + Free shipping on orders over $25

The Phantom: The look is a little sleek, a little industrial and a lot of YES. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to set your art apart and literally send it inches from the wall. Turn any room into an art gallery with one or more of these little stunners. P.S. Scroll through the reviews for decorating ideas.

What Buyers Are Saying: “These look incredible! I’ve had so many compliments on them. My only complaint is that the edges of the glass on a couple of them are chipped, however when they’re up on the wall you can’t see them because it’s behind the metal. Make sure you have a level when you put them up for easier install!” –Margaret Merz

Purchase the Phantom here.

Glo, Illuminated Glass Photo Display

Price: $24.85

The Glo: “Highlight your photos and create additional lighting at your desk with this modern illuminating LED picture frame.” That’s the business description and heck yes, this frame does double duty, but the main thing is it LOOKS SO COOL.

What Buyers Are Saying: “The frame is beautiful and fun since it can be lit. The glow is nice at night, but more for decoration than visibility of picture. You really still need to turn room light on to see your picture. But overall nice minimal design and pretty for any room. Might get another one for my pressed leaves.” –Debi

Purchase the Glo here.

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