From LA to Dallas, Rachel Norris and Katy Tomaszczuk are a Serious Team of Hollywood and Home!

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Rachel Norris (top) and Katy Tomaszczuk check out the views from the rooftop of their listing at 4140 Newton.

As we all know, the average U.S. Realtor is in their late 50s, or maybe even early 60s by now.

Of course, 60 is the new 50.

But lately, I have seen a proliferation of young, energetic agents dazzling the Dallas scene who are mighty bright and mighty fine. Some are native Texans — Dallasites, even — while some are coming to us from other states with fresh new ideas. Each is creating their own brand and then popping it out of the ballpark and beyond when it comes to marketing and sales.

Great example: Rachel Norris and Katy Tomaszczuk over at Allie Beth Allman & Associates. They met at Allie Beth Allman. Other agents literally told them, you are both so hard working and ambitious, you two are a natural fit! The two have really made their mark in Midway Hollow, too. We grabbed them for a quick chat while sitting on the roof of their latest listing, 4140 Newton Ave, No. 3. So, how did you get here?

Katy Tomaszczuk: I jumped into the real estate business right after college, here in Dallas, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a minor in business administration. At a time when all of my colleagues were scrambling to find their first “real job” out of school, it was really appealing to be self-employed. Real estate sales was a natural choice.

CD: What’s your secret sauce?

KT: I’ve always taken a relationship-based approach to my business. I take pride in servicing my clients long after the transaction has closed, and I work at crafting a long-standing relationship with them. Referrals are key! It makes the job so much more enjoyable, and has resulted in some great friendships.

CD: What inspires you?

KT: From stories I hear whenever Berkshire Hathaway reps are in our office, which is a huge plus of working here, I really admire Warren Buffett for his work ethic. Helping people buy or sell their largest asset is really rewarding, and I’m very lucky to be a part of a brokerage that upholds the highest standards of service and integrity.

CD: And Rachel, your story?

Rachel Norris: Totally different background from Katy. I was in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. I worked on the Oscars, MTV Movie awards, and various feature films and many shows for Comedy Central. I was a production associate and worked directly under director Joel Gallen, on the Comedy Central roasts. I got to meet all my favorite stand ups! I was also Jimmy Fallon’s point person when he hosted the MTV movie awards. He is the nicest most generous celeb I have ever met, by the way.

One day, on the Paramount lot on an Eddie Murphy film, I was asked to find a house for a member of the cast. I was able to deliver in record time, with all the criteria, and I was hooked on real estate. When you’re on set for 15 hours a day, a 12-hour real estate day is a piece of cake. 

CD: And your secret sauce?

RN: Clients love my energy, aggressiveness, and strategy. Time, however, is a deal killer and I am available to my clients literally around the clock. After all, 5 p.m. here is only 3 p.m. in LA!

CD: What inspires you?

RN: Architecture and art really inspire me: Frank Lloyd Wright, Ed Rusha, as well as cinema and music. Of course Mrs. Allie Beth, our Queen Bee, has my heart!


Candy Evans

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