Hey CBS 11: As Reported on CandysDirt.com FIRST, Conservatives Urged to Buy Homes in Texas

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There is fake news, and then there is news that major news orgs just plain steal from you without a lick of link love.  

Remember when we reported on the McKinney-based website Conservativemove.com drawing buyers to North Texas because of conservative values? This is the group that is picking out states where conservatives can move to find similar values, and North Texas is one of them. It grabbed us as one of the most unique real estate marketing movements we have seen. And our highly trafficked post ran on May 25:

We all know Californians are flocking to Texas, but have you ever heard of a political movement specifically bringing them our way?

On May 22, Conservative Move launched on social media and a conservative’s dream of finding like-minded neighbors was born: help relocate families out of liberal dens (usually on each coast) to conservative pockets across the heartland.

Conservative Move was started by Paul Chabot, a former US Congressional candidate from California, now living in McKinney. Paul is retired from law enforcement and runs a counter terrorism consulting firm while serving in the Navy Reserves at the rank of Commander. A frequent Fox News guest, he is married with four children. 

“My wife (Brenda) and I decided to leave California in January of this year,” he writes. “We wanted a better life for our four young children, and we found it in Texas. Our only regret was not doing it sooner. This “idea” was so simple – we just wanted to help families make the move like we did … and that’s where we can be of help to you.”

Most of the movement seems to be coming from California, where Chabot just left.


Well, CBS11 must have seen our story — it was all over social media– and today they ran the same story. Unlike us, they interviewed the website founder Paul Chabot (who emailed me yesterday) and Derek Baker, who is with Keller Williams in McKinney.

Paul Chabot told CBS 11 the first two homes owned by clients in California will go on the market, presumably so they can move here. Five more clients are actively searching for homes in North Texas. In fact, there have been inquiries from more than 500 people, in more than 40 states.

We have an eye for this, and we thought this was a great story: 598 shares on Facebook, tons of commentary when we published it. Let’s see if CBS 11 gets that kind of engagement.

Oh and CBS 11, don’t call to tell us we are using your graphics: you used our story and did not even says, thanks!

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  1. Kathryn Roan says

    My recent listing in Wills Point had about 20 showings, and out of those, only 2 or 3 were local. All the rest were from out of state – Nebraska, Vegas, LA, Missouri, Kansas, etc. I was kind of shocked. Everyone seems to want to be here!

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