If you’re not in the mood or money for a full-bore kitchen or bathroom remodel, tackling the floors and ceilings can add some wow. Starting at the top, you’d be surprised how crown moulding can really date a home. It seems odd that something thought to be generally unchanging has its own fashionable-to-unfashionable cycle. Given the mitered corners and piecing together of long spans, this may be a job to turn over to pros. The full collars and cuffs treatment can be had by tackling the baseboards at the same time.

Starting at the ceiling, one company who specializes in mouldings, medallions, and domes is Orac Décor. They also offer columns, corbels, pediments and pilasters, but I’m too much of a modernist for those. Often people think that modern equates to a lack of adornment and that’s true. But it’s not Louis XIV or plain bare walls. There are subtleties.


We’ve all seen one of these “leg parties” from the street

First I came for your kitchen, now I’m coming for your garage.

I’ve noticed a trend over the past year at the Oak Lawn Committee – applicants seeking less parking than is required by the PD-193 ordinance. A hotel will be seeking half of the parking required, and an office building cutting a third. Each one makes the case that less car use equates to less garage space needed. Even outside the city core, the Preston Road and Northwest Highway task force meetings were presented with multiple traffic studies which showed that intersection’s traffic had been decreasing for nearly 20 years.

Outside Dallas, I’ve also read this past week of projects in urban Chicago where heart-stoppingly few parking spaces are being proposed in new residential projects. A mixed hotel-condo project with 280 hotel rooms and 290 condos would offer just 26 parking spaces. Another 39-story, 368-unit residential tower proposed 158 parking spaces while an 11-story, 102-unit building would have just 31 spaces – each a far cry from the expected two spaces per unit minimum. For Dallasites, these projects are heart-stopping because unlike Dallas, Chicago has a robust public transportation system in addition to ride-sharing services. Many municipalities are taking notice and updating parking minimums.



(Photos courtesy Ashton Woods)

It won’t surprise anyone who looks at a lot of renovated homes and new construction — among the splurges DFW homebuyers are willing to make, the kitchen reigns supreme, a survey of homebuyers revealed.

Ashton Woods, one of the nation’s largest private homebuilders, commissioned a national survey of homebuyers, and while Dallas-Fort Worth buyers tended to fall in line with national trends in some places, they bucked the trends in others.

For instance, those surveyed indicated they would prioritize luxury features — like high-end appliances and pricier finishes — over other areas in the house.

“We like we like to entertain, we like to have people over, and the kitchen is the heart of the home,” said Nikki James, who is the studio manager for the Ashton Woods Dallas Studio. “And they’re putting money into that space with things like luxury appliances like Jenair, and putting in quartz countertops, and spending a little bit more money on your light fixtures in your kitchen, where you know it’s more eye-catching and appealing whenever guests are coming in your home.”


PinterestAlthough Houzz and other options for curating ideas for decorating and designing a home exist, Pinterest, the granddaddy (albeit a youthful one) is still the go-to for many when it comes to cataloging inspiration.

So for the fifth year in a row, the social media platform has released its Pinterest 100 — a data-driven collection reflecting what is being pinned, divided into categories.

“Pinterest is its own positive corner of the internet, where more than 250 million people around the world come to discover new ideas to try,” the company said in an explainer for the list. “The way we know an idea is trending is by looking at what all those people are searching for.”

“If an idea keeps getting more and more searches each month? And that upward trajectory holds steady for 6+ months? That’s how we know it’s a trend.”

The list is curated by categories — Travel, Health and Wellness, Hobbies and Interests, Celebrations, Food, Home, Men’s Style, Women’s Style, Beauty, and Kids and Parenting. You can see the entire board here, and an entire downloadable report with more details here.

Since we know our readers are interested in all things home trends, we took a look at that category. (more…)


Valspar’s Angelic Blue is one of 12 colors it said would trend in 2019 (photo courtesy Valspar).

Before you head to the home improvement store or meet with your painter, you might just want to check out the trending paint colors for the year — which will probably make anyone liking blues or terra cotta colors supremely happy.

While every purveyor of paint has their own take, one thing we noticed right off the bat was that most either had a signature blue or a signature orange this year.

Hale Navy (Photo courtesy Benjamin Moore)

Take, for instance, Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy, which can complement almost every other 2019 Benjamin Moore color, which is light on the orange but does include a pink (Head Over Heels). (more…)

Design Home

The game Design Home has become a great way for one writer to improve her skills, and bone up on various styles.

I’ll admit, I discovered the game Design Home one day while I was waiting for some phone calls to be returned for a story I was working on. It’s the story of a journalist’s life — you never know how long it will take for the call to be returned, so you fill your time with multiple trips to the coffee pot, several snarky comments on Twitter, and online shopping.

But that day, for whatever reason, I hit the app store and downloaded the game. That was about six months ago, and now I find it’s just a fun way to not only pass the time, but also to get a better grip on new furniture lines, certain styles, and more. (more…)

There is fake news, and then there is news that major news orgs just plain steal from you without a lick of link love.  

Remember when we reported on the McKinney-based website Conservativemove.com drawing buyers to North Texas because of conservative values? This is the group that is picking out states where conservatives can move to find similar values, and North Texas is one of them. It grabbed us as one of the most unique real estate marketing movements we have seen. And our highly trafficked post ran on May 25:


PopUp Art Photo

2017 will most likely be a different year for North Texas real estate.

We have had a long run of a bull market. Near-record years of construction, infill, sales and increasing values have kept North Texas real estate agents head’s spinning with contracts and, frankly, the good life. To be clear, it was and, in some places still is, a seller’s market.

But this past August, top agents noted the change in the wind.