Conservative Move: a Social Movement Majorly Targeting North Texas ?

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We all know Californians are flocking to Texas, but have you ever heard of a political movement specifically bringing them our way?

On May 22, Conservative Move launched on social media and a conservative’s dream of finding like-minded neighbors was made: help relocate families out of liberal dens (usually on each coast) to conservative pockets across the heartland.

Conservative Move was started by Paul Chabot, a former US Congressional candidate from California, now living in McKinney. Paul is retired from law enforcement and runs a counter terrorism consulting firm while serving in the Navy Reserves at the rank of Commander. A frequent Fox News guest, he is married with four children. 

“My wife (Brenda) and I decided to leave California in January of this year,” he writes. “We wanted a better life for our four young children, and we found it in Texas. Our only regret was not doing it sooner. This “idea” was so simple – we just wanted to help families make the move like we did … and that’s where we can be of help to you.”

Sell your home, he urges fellow conservatives. Buy your new home. Live. Conservative Move is an initiative of Chabot Strategies, LLC – A Military Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. “

Apparently Conservative Move really likes Collin County, Texas.  

“Collin County is home to some of America’s best cities, including: McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Allen and many more,” says the website. But as they expand operations, the movement will add other counties across America.  

It’s also home to some crazy, possibly corrupt politics.

Oh and Conservative Move has anointed their own real estate agent for Collin County: Derek Baker, “who has been involved in Conservative Republican politics for more than 25-years, serving Senator Phil Gramm, Congressman Hensarling, then Governor and now Vice President Mike Pence.”

Stay tuned for more on this.

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Candy Evans

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  1. Ayveel says

    Omgosh this is so ridiculous. God forbid you move into a diverse neighborhood or a neighborhood where the next person doesn’t think like you. Nothing wrong with having a set of values, but not confining yourself to a whole block of Stepford Conservatives or Liberals; UTTERLY SAD

    • Jon Anderson says

      Agreed. We are becoming a nation of xenophobes. Americans today seem to enjoy the echo-chamber of their bubbles, be they economic, moral, ideological, political or racial. Societies fail when they turn from “us” to “them”.

    • phil says

      Real dumb. People should live where they like. This is just the next evolution of asking the neighbors, asking your realtor, checking crime stats, talking with school admissions folks, church/religious organizations, volunteer groups, local chapters of professional groups, etc. This is an aid to help people find where they want to live.

      Stop assuming everyone should deliberately go out of their way to put themselves (and their kids, potentially) in uncomfortable and undesirable situations just to appear virtuous. People have preferences. Far be it from you (or anyone) to decry them.

    • Claire says

      It’s called freedom of association and it’s been killed in the name of political correctness and social justice. If these people don’t want to live next to you or anyone else, it should be their right to do so and it once was before Affirmative Action and Disparate Impact laws.

      Quite frankly, all this forced association is rather Soviet.

  2. LonestarBabs says

    I’m afraid that these folks will quickly discover that things and people here aren’t so “like-minded” and will become disappointed — yea horrified — to discover it. Collin County, their chosen utopia, is undergoing tremendous change.

  3. Johnna Oates says

    I hope they live next door to me. I’m a liberal, black, interracially, married atheist who grew up in Allen and now live in Melissa, just north of McKinney… Collin county.

    They are going to get their feelings hurt sharing their views with any and everyone thinking they are safe.

    Collin County is diverse and has been increasingly becoming more diverse since at least the early 1990s.

  4. Gunther says

    Cabot couldn’t win an election and then cries sour grapes with his tale between his legs. Then he calls Californians all sorts of names. This child doesn’t deserve the attention he is getting and seems to be an opportunist to get on Fox. He is just trying to find the ultra conservatives that will back him for another run… Just wait. He cries about being picked on by liberals as he alone is the one spewing out hateful rhetoric about liberals who live in California. He should have moved from Redlands to Orange County if he wanted to associate with more conservatives. Instead he thinks the solution is in Texas where the politics are some of the most bigoted, anti-women’s issues, anti-hispanic, anti-gay… Oh, yes… he’ll fit in nicely.

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