Women’s Council of Real Estate St. Patty’s Day March Madness (Already): Talk About Squeezin’ the Charmin

WCR Luck of IrishJeff Lindigrin of Great Western Home Loans (they actually LIKE to lend money) reports a really nice turnout for the WCR Dallas St. Patty’s Day March mixer last week Thursday. But don’t be surprised when the “WTF” sub-committees take on a brave new world of sponsorship solicitation at the Charmin, Angel Soft and Cottonelle levels:

Our governing board and very special committees made all of the necessary preparations for a great St. Paddy’s Day party.

By this, I mean getting booze and food sponsors.

The event was held at the beautiful Bella Vita Custom Home built by Bella Vita Home Builders at 6830 Wagonner Drive in Preston Hollow. We had absolutely everything that approximately 75 thirsty and hungry Real Estate guests require except for… toilet paper.

Turns out 6830 Waggoner is a model home of sorts, and you know, models never use the restroom. But we did actually find one small partial roll stashed away, probably a left-over from building.  So the WCR “WTF” sub committee sprang into action, keeling into “emergency rationing mode”.  We wanted to be perfectly clear, this would be no Carnival Cruise Ship Triumph. 

How did we accomplish this?  We strategically posted mortgage loan officers at all bathroom entrances. After all, these professionals are experienced and trained in the art of handling objections from irate customers.

Finally, as the forces of nature broke down our walls, someone very bright suggested what we should have thought of earlier in the night: be resourceful. What’s the one thing we would have in abundance with a room-full of real estate professionals at hand?

Paper business cards.

So with this solution in hand (sorry), the party continued on without a wrinkle, though it did present a challenge to our networking skills.

And since this event, we have sworn to be better-prepared. Our “WTF” sub committee task force is soliciting for TP sponsorships at three new levels: Charmin, Angel Soft and Cottonelle levels.