Curbed Calls Champ d’Or Tacky, Texas-Sized Manse Monument to the Giddy Tackiness of the Pre-Recession

Chanel ClosetWell, this is kind of rude. 

The Texas megamansion that has been redefining “gauche” since 2002—took another tortuous turn this week, when the troubled home hit the market less than two years after being sold at auction.

You know how I feel about homes: there is something about them to love, each one of them, no matter how homely. And there is a LOT to love about Champ d’Or, obviously, like 48,000 square feet! Yeah, it was sold at auction two years ago and yeah, it’s on the tax rolls for $9.72 million. Now where did that number come from? Hmmmmmm. Still, the real estate world has changed A LOT since 2012 and Dallas home prices are higher now than they were in the recession. We have re-gained our footing and more.

I don’t know what all this Curbed secrecy stuff is –“…from an undisclosed buyer with “international ties”, whatever that means.”

I told you what it meant. Gosh, does anyone READ anymore?

Pierre Hotel penthouse
Penthouse at the Hotel Pierre? I’ll take the Champ!

I don’t know, I think $125 million for a penthouse at the top three floors of the Pierre Hotel is pretty tacky. (Last December they lowered the asking by $30 million.) In Beverly Hills, there’s  Fleur de Lys, a 45,000-square-foot house modeled after Versailles.  Ira Rennert, some industrialist, built a house in the Hamptons, that at 66,395 square feet is one of the largest residences in the U.S. and how can we forget the 90,000 square foot Queen of Versailles, which I hear is back in finish-out mode. All these make our Champ look like a bargain!

How much do YOU think Champ will sell for, this time?


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