The New Mrs. Texas United America is from Little Elm and also a Realtor!

Mrs Texas UA

Not only is Amy Hillock the “First Lady of Little Elm” — she’s married to the Mayor of Little Elm, David Hillock  — she is a real estate agent with United Realty and now, a beauty queen!

Amy was just crowned Mrs. Texas United America! Never heard of it? Me neither, but it sure looks like a great group of beautiful women and a lot of fun. So if you need a darling young gal with a sweet smile at your next event who can also sell a crib or two with her bare hands, call Amy:

 As Mrs. Texas UA I need to make appearances, volunteer, and attend charitable functions throughout the state over the next year.  I thought I would send you my press release, appearance request form, and photo for you to use and pass along to organizations you know who are hosting events and functions over the next 12 months.  I am available for golf tournaments, awards ceremonies, charitable events, volunteering events, walks for cures, just about anything.  I would love to help promote and make your event sparkle with a crowned Queen in attendance.

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