Help This Poor Reader Find a Neighborhood: Where's the Best Place to Park Two (Maybe Three) Kids and a Husband?

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A Reader Writes:

Here is a picture of the fam in front of our townhome. We are still all over the place in terms of where to live and find the perfect neighborhood. When I wrote you last, it was Lake Highlands. A week before that, it was UP. Today, it’s Lakewood.

As you can see from the pic, we need some room for the family. I hope I can convince the hubs to have a 3rd baby by next year. If I prove persuasive enough, we’ll have 3 kiddos. We know we will need space for kids, a nanny, and a good public elementary. Whether that is buying a 4 bedroom in Lake Highlands, building an extra living quarters onto a 3 bedroom in Lakewood, or just sacrificing to get into (a shoebox) in Park Cities is a daily discussion. On top of that, each of those submarkets have micromarkets within. We want some value-add/fixer-upper potential, but to what degree, we are not sure. We just know that we don’t want to commute, and we don’t want to pay for private school.

We still have a lot of soul searching to do, and any advice helps.

What a beautiful family! Please tell your husband you have to have at least one more baby because your children (and y’all) are so beautiful!

Your’s is the classic Dallas dilemma brought on by what has been, in some parts of town, a mediocre public school system for the last 30 years. Of course you’re all over the place because Dallas has so many wonderful neighborhoods close in, but you have children to educate and I’m sure security and safety are also important.

My daughter just moved to Lakewood, submarket Hollywood Heights Santa Monica, because of the great elementary schools and leafy terrain. The great public schools in Lakewood are driving that market up up and away. To a certain extent, the same thing is happening around Kramer Elementary up near JanMar and Northaven, and really around any high-performing public school. Let’s enlist the help of our talented real estate community to help you narrow down the selection, and find you a new home!

PS: I’m with you on Lakewood. Today, at least!


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