Thursday Three Hundred: Love the Katy Trail? Here's a Cute Townhome With Private Access!

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Buena Vista Front

One of my favorite things to do when I’m combing through listings to bring you our daily featured listings is play a little game of “who’s that buyer.” I look at the house, the amenities, and the location, and I try to picture the kind of person who will find that property irresistible.

Buena Vista Living Dining

Well, with this week’s Thursday Three Hundred, I am just envious of this imaginary buyer, a young professional woman with a love for cycling (and maybe even triathalons?) that has her seeking the kind of direct access to Dallas’ Katy Trail that this gorgeous townhome at 4223 Buena Vista offers. Unit #8, marketed by Coldwell Banker’s Mike Pearson, is affordable at a recently reduced $319,000, and well, it’s just what this buyer needs.

Buena Vista Kitchen

This buyer fell in love with the sleek updated interiors as well as the huge garage space, the fantastic kitchen, as well as the enviable location — just east of Highland Park and north of Fitzhugh. It’s a walkable neighborhood with shops and grocery stores just achingly close so she can live out all of those little urban dreams she has from her visits to New York.

Buena Vista Office

It’s a two-bedroom, two-bath unit, which was definitely a selling point for our buyer. The second bedroom is big enough to accomodate her desk (she brings her work home sometimes) as well as a comfy fold-out couch — a place for her college friends and younger brother to stay when they visit.

Buena Vista Master Buena Vista master Bath

Having the master suite on the third floor was also attractive for our buyer, who wanted privacy and views, both of which she’ll get from this sizable suite. Sure, it’s a workout to go up and down stairs every day, but who doesn’t need to work on their glutes? Amiright?

Buena Vista Backyard

And while the backyard with a great little party deck was a bonus for our buyer, we all know what really sold her on this townhome. It’s what is just beyond her fence, just a stone’s throw away — it’s the end of her excuses she tries to dig up to not ride, to not get outside. It’s the Katy Trail, just beyond her doorstep. It’s just perfect.

Buena Vista Katy Trail

Know someone like our imaginary buyer? Who else would this townhome be perfect for?


Joanna England

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