An Art Dwelling: How Paul Adelson Sells a 24/7 Relationship With Art Affordably

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4214 Swiss LR longTo say Paul Adelson lives art is an understatement. The sixty-something collector of 20th century modern art feels strongly that art should complement, not match the architecture. He should know: Paul has been a consultant on public art collections for more than 25 years, with such clients tucked under his belt as Chase Bank, Coca-Cola, Kraft General Foods and Trammel Crow, all of whom have commissioned art from his Design District studio, Select Art, on Levy Street. “There’s a difference,” says Paul, “between what art goes in your home, and what goes in a public space.” A contemporary building, he says, has no room for traditional art. That explains his East Dallas home and the unique new home concept Paul is marketing with the help of his Coldwell Banker Residential Realty agent, Yvette Grove. It’s a turn-key product, from the dishes to the forks and furniture, yes. But in Paul’s home, a house is not complete without art on the walls. HIS art.

“I’m convinced that I was put on earth for a mission,” says Paul, “that mission being to share art with the world at levels few people have experienced or imagined.”

4214 Swiss LR rug 4214 Swiss DR 4214 Swiss art chest 4214 Swiss guestThis is not, he says, about having a trophy painting here, a piece of sculpture there. The entire home environment is filled with curated art handmade by artists and INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE HOME: tables, chairs, rugs, lamps, dinner plates, silverware, headboards, beds, fireplace, walls of course, and the commode. That’s right, Paul says even the toilet seat can become a conversation piece with the right treatment.

“Nothing, and I mean nothing escapes the artists’ touch,” he tells me. “Art is present in the house and is everywhere.”

All you need to move in with is a toothbrush from CVS, though Paul is trying to even fix that with artful toothbrushes! 4214 Swiss is Paul’s first Artful Living house. More an organic art gallery dwelling than a home, the 2027 square foot space features 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a large living/dining area, study, kitchen, garage in a lofty condo/townhome in East Dallas. There are stunning views of downtown Dallas. Only blocks from Baylor Hospital, probably less than three minutes from Downtown, this intown gallery-where-you-can-also-sleep is sold fully furnished with mid-century designer furnishings and blue chip art personally collected and curated by Paul. The distinguished art lover who wants move in ready can move in with blue chip art and and furnishings by such jaw droppers as Dine, Salvador Dali, Liechtenstein, Le Corbusier, and many contemporary original pieces from regional Dallas artists.4214 Swiss LR 4214 Swiss stairway 4214 Swiss master bath 4214 Swiss Master 4214 Swiss stairs4214 Swiss FP

In a sense, this has been done before: Tim Headington’s penthouse at the Ritz, recently sold to Moll and Charlie Anderson was offered with the art, which I am told was declined. Certainly the Rachofsky House comes to mind, but both of these examples are multi-million dollar properties. Paul is creating his ArtFul Living homes on attainable budgets. So you don’t have to be a billionaire, or even a millionaire to partake and live with art. His home fully furnished with all art, everything but that toothbrush, is listed at $769,000.

4214 Swiss Avenue is, like Paul Adelson, like his unique Design District gallery, an exciting breath of fresh real estate air not just for Swiss Avenue, but for this entire town.

“My greatest joy comes from watching other people as they begin to experience the love, passion and excitement that art has brought into my life,” says Paul. “Happens each time someone visits my art gallery, that also happens to be my home.”modern_lux4214 Swiss patio


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