Angela Hunt Responds: I Do Not Support a Taxpayer-Funded CSI Lab Devoted to Analyzing Canine Excrement

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Aside from her vote on Dallas taxes a few years ago, I knew I’d like Angela Hunt. She took the time to write me that her quote made it sound like she was supporting Poo Prints, the dog-poo DNA program in effect at The Ilume and other Dallas apartments. Here is another thing I like about Angela: she didn’t say “I was mis quoted”. Instead, she clarified her quote, which is very important. Too often I think we (me triply included) say things quickly, without measuring the words, and what gurgles out of the boca is not our exact intent. So here, then, is what Angela means. Takeaway: she does NOT support a citywide program to test every Dallas dog’s DNA in order to cure people who don’t clean up after their pups (but for apartments, it’s not a bad idea):

Candy, saw your post and wanted to clarify my thoughts on the ever important issue of dog poop:

Let me clarify my quote that made it sound like I enthusiastically support a taxpayer-funded CSI lab devoted to analyzing canine excrement.

Would something like this be a useful tool for enforcement? Absolutely. Is it practical in Dallas? Not at all.

First, not all dogs in Dallas are registered, so I would venture to guess that most of the tests would be a “waste” of time. Heh. This process works great in apartment complexes and other closed communities because the landlord can trace each dog to its owner. Not practical or effective in a city like Dallas.

Second, we have more pressing issues to deal with at our city, and not enough code enforcement officers (not to mention Animal Control personnel) to deal with them.

Third, the guy speaking on behalf of the poop analysis company actually claimed that the city could reap anywhere from $40m – $100m in revenue as a result. That is so ridiculous I had to laugh at him. No, sir, that is not realistic.

I respectfully asked him to provide us with more information and show us how this has worked in other cities. I am open to being proved wrong on this, and I don’t think the concept is bad. I just don’t think it could work for Dallas, I don’t think it’s a burning priority, and I don’t see how we have the personnel or funding to enforce it.


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