Did it Sell? Why Is Troy Aikman’s Home Listing on Highland Drive in Dallas Cancelled?

Curiously enough, Troy Aikman’s home is no longer on Allie Beth Allman’s web site. And when I checked MLS, it said CANCELLED. What does this mean?

A. Troy has taken his home off the market and needs a break from the exhausting sales process. It is so hard keeping one’s home perfect for every showing. Honestly, don’t people know we all have to live in a house — no, they don’t. This will also relieve him of the peskiness of people like me wanting to write about his house.

B. Troy will list with another agent — doubt it.

C. There is a buyer. Cancelling the listing will make the sale private, and then the sales price won’t be recorded… and nosy real estate reporters like me will have to dig dig dig for the sales price…

Which is it, A, B or C…


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