Hot Property: Ira Archer Has the Granite of New Hampshire & Animal House Under His Belt… and The Creeks of Preston Hollow

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Food fight! Ira found my soft spot the moment he told me he went to Dartmouth College. (Fodder: Dave Perry-Miller agent Stephen Collins is also a Dartmouth grad.) Granted, he was there ahead of me by a few moments, during those infamous all-male years. He was a contemporary of Chris Miller, who wrote Animal House — in fact, Ira was in Zeta Psi (are they still there?) while Chris Miller was in Alpha Delta. Toga, Toga, Toga! He tells me he instigated participated in the Thayer food fight Miller portrayed in the flick:

“There were 83 of us arrested for the food fight November of 1958. Thad Seymour got us off with just a College warning. It said; “Dear Mrs. Archer; One more blip and he’s out a here.”

Hey, any guy who can start a decent food fight must be a heck of a real estate agent! Ira was also an Army ranger in Viet Nam. Can you think of any better prep for swimming with the sharks?

Ira has a fascinating and dynamic background in commercial real estate, and I could listen to his deal tales 24/7. He has several high profile clients. Like so high profile, I cannot reveal their names. Best of all, he is a real estate veteran — one of those who remembers the ’80’s, mostly because he survived not just real estate, but commercial real estate. Check out his haute listing over at The Creeks of Preston Hollow: only $5,355,000. Excuse me: COPH.

CD: Did you grow up in Tejas?

IA: Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta. Moved to Texas in 1980, to Houston, to work as project manager with Gerald Hines Interests, building office buildings and a hotel. Then I took over all marketing to renew 10 million square feet of tenant leases during the start of the crash. Moved to Dallas in ’86 as EVP National Accounts Bramalea USA and then President, Bramalea Pittsburgh.

CD: Wow. Where do you live? House or Condo?

IA: Apartment.

CD: Interesting. And you drive a…

IA: Explorer SUV

CD: You are SUCH a Dartmouth man, so unassuming. What’s your favorite ‘hood in Dallas and why?

IA: University Park. It’s close to Central Market, Preston Center, Kuby’s in Snider Plaza. You can get to the CBD, Plano, both airports, quickly. Good east- west and north-south access. Great schools, great people, Northpark and Greenville Ave, The Oasis for breakfast in my book, as well as Kuby’s. Great shopping and entertainment. Close-in neighborhoods have always done well and with great schools and excellent locations are great investments over time in most major US metropolitan areas over 5 million people.

CD: I will note that CBD means central business district, spoken like a true commercial dude. Ok…

CD: If you could move in Dallas, where else might you live — what other neighborhood?

IA: Preston Hollow or Uptown.

CD: COPH (The Creeks of Preston Hollow)?

IA: You bet.

CD: How the heck did you get started in Real Estate? Who’d you work for first? How long selling?

IA: I took over all corporate Real Estate in 1975 for the C & S Bank in Atlanta. Been buying and selling and financing for corporate and individual clients, both luxury residential and commercial ever since. We are picking up more CEO’s as Buyers’ Rep. for luxury estates. Love it.

CD: CEO is chief executive officer, I LOVE the acronyms! What’s your worst sales nightmare? Just worst transaction ever? ????

IA: I survived the ’80s, too many to tell.

CD: What’s your best/highest sale?

IA: Leased the 600,000 square foot or so Republic Bank Space in 901 Main St., Dallas to NCNB after NCNB bought Republic Bank and the FDIC repudiated the lease. Joel Pustmueller and I take credit for that one. We both worked for Bramalea USA at the time. Lease totaled over $200 million. Sold 5404 Walnut Hill twice, then 5322 and 5414 Walnut Hill all to an Allie Beth client.

CD: How quickly have you ever turned a house?

IA: Irmgard (Arthur, his partner, stay very tuned) sold one to first showee. Bam, contract.

CD: How much did you sell last year?

IA: We were off last year. Usually sell between 10 and 25 million. Our home sales this year in the first quarter have exceeded last years’ total. We closed $4.0 million in sales second week of February while skiing in Aspen/Snowmass with the Dallas Ski club and one of our many CEO client/friends.

CD: Tell us your secrets to marketing a house?

IA: Create floor plans that are readable and dimensioned.

CD: If you ever change careers for an encore you’ll…

IA: Do oil field services, part time.

CD: What is your favorite place for a second home — don’t say Hanover —  and why?

IA: Aspen/Snowmass or Telluride. Great Mountains all around. Great skiing. Great hiking, Easy run from Dallas.






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