Tim Headington Lists Mammoth Ritz Penthouse for $14 Million With Sotheby’s

Update 8:36 p.m. Robbie Briggs and BFS will be working with Eloy on Tim’s condo, but showings probably won’t be scheduled for 30 days. Wow. I had heard that Tim Headington’s spread up there on the 21st floor of the Ritz Residences Tower I was just totally out of this world. Well, now the Wall Street Journal reports he’s put the units — suites 2100 and 2101, which he joined together — on the market for $14 million. He’s got 8228 square feet total (2717 in one unit, 5581 in another) that he’s been working on and melding for about four years.  Headington Realty & Capital LLC also owns unit 1702 down on the 17th floor, which is only 4257 square feet and on DCAD for about $2,288,140. Checking MLS, I do not see any of these properties yet listed.

Eloy Carmenenate is a Miami-based Realtor to the international jet-set. He’s the kind of guy I could totally stalk, hanging on every word. I think the Wall Street Journal worships him at least as much as I do, hence he tells them about these great listings first and goes viral. I interviewed him about Tim’s $25 million Miami Beach waterfront penthouse at 1500 Ocean Drive in the Michael Graves Building. It’s right next door to a unit owned by our very own Mavs owner Mark Cuban. Eloy is Tim’s agent and knows Doris Jacobs very well, and in fact worked with Doris when Tim bought his home at 3515 Crescent in March of 2006. Looking waaaay back at records, Nicky and Eleanor Sheets were the listing agents.

Let me tell you what’s in this place, and I will have updates.  360-degree views and a 5,550-square-foot ipe-wood deck with special LED lighting. On the 21st floor, the apartment has 360 degree views of the city and 5,500 square foot ipe-wood deck with special LED lighting. There are four bedrooms, formals, a living room, a screening room, a library and card-playing room, and a resin Jacuzzi. I wonder if there is a champagne tasting room here like there is in Miami Beach, where he combined three of the units to make a cozy 8,262-square-foot penthouse, with a circular all-glass living area, and of course ocean views. Each of the five bedrooms in Miami has a circular staircase leading up to a roof terrace, which holds the Jacuzzi, one of those life-size chess boards like the ones outside Marie Gabrielle, and a dining area. (Tim must really like those life-sized chess boards.)

You simply must watch the WSJ video on this listing. So obvious they are not totally familiar with Dallas real estate and not sure that buying you this unit would include all the wonderful Ritz concierge services. Let me give you the answer: it most certainly does!



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