Tim Headington Unloading a $25 Million Miami Beach Penthouse, the One Right Next Door to Mark Cuban. Champagne, Anyone?

Update: I caught up with the listing agent, Eloy Carmenate , who just happened to be at DFW on his way back to Miami. Wouldn’t you know that he also happens to be a friend of Doris Jacobs, who I just had lunch with today? They worked a deal together on another one of Tim’s home on Crescent. Eloy, who is now half-way to being my BFF, says he has lots of clients in Dallas. Stay tuned for more pics!

This one has my name written all over it: a room just for tasting champagne!

You know our Tim Headington. He’s an oil magnate from Oklahoma who, last time I looked, keeps a penthouse at The Residences at the Ritz Carleton. He’s redeveloping downtown Dallas around his lovely Joule hotel and producing movies. In fact, his life ought to be a movie! He’s also been renovating some Miami real estate, and now selling off part of a $25 million Miami Beach waterfront penthouse at 1500 Ocean Drive in the Michael Graves Building. He’s right next door to a unit owned by our very own Mavs owner Mark Cuban.

According to the Wall Street Journal, he paid $12 million in 2007 after buying the crib from the estate of one Almon Glenn Braswell.

The 11,962-square-foot space was four separate units on the 16th floor of the South Beach building. Putting units together is nothing new, it’s happening at The Ritz right now my sources tell me. Happens a whole lot at The Azure. Tim combined three of the units to make a cozy 8,262-square-foot penthouse, with a circular all-glass living area, ocean views, plus this absoplute must-have, for me at least: a Champagne tasting rooms. Each of the five bedrooms has a circular staircase leading up to a roof terrace, which holds the Jacuzzi, one of those life-size chess boards like the ones outside Marie Gabrielle, and a dining area.

What about the fourth unit? Tim is living there and renovating it. A billionaires’ work is never done. Eloy Carmenate of One Sotheby’s Realty has the listing. Man would I love to be Eloy’s best friend…