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4700 St. Johns front exterior

This home, this home is nirvana!  Truly one of the most amazing Monday Morning Millionaires we have ever written. Located at 4700 St. John’s in the toniest part of Highland Park, one over one green acre of paradise, it is more than 13,000 square feet of the best construction I have ever seen. Maybe that’s because it was painstakingly constructed under the the watchful eye of S&R Development — we certainly have told you about him, and if you don’t know that S&R is one of the area’s tip top builders, well, then it’s your loss and 4700 St. John’s gain. Because when Saad Chehabi builds a house, he builds it like a fortress with incredible detail, design, and comfort. It took three years to complete 4700 St. John’s. There are six bedrooms, seven full baths, three half baths (one for the ladies, one for the gents, and I guess one for everyone else) a home theater room, a gym, massage room, and of course the pedicure and salon areas located right outside the pool and outdoor living terrace creating a pedicure paradise right out the back door. Listed with the talented Jarrad Barnes at DPM. Let me tell you about this house — this is Preston Hollow living in the Park Cities!

4700StJohns50H.jpg overview (more…)

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The SMU-led seismic study of North Texas revealed that hydraulic fracturing injection wells most likely activated a dormant fault, leaving the town of Azle all shook up. (map: SMU)

The SMU-led seismic study of North Texas revealed that hydraulic fracturing injection wells most likely activated a dormant fault, leaving the town of Azle all shook up. (map: SMU)

Did you feel that earthquake this morning? We definitely did, and it happened just as I was dropping off my preschooler in Lakewood. The tremor, a 2.7 magnitude quake near Farmers Branch according to the United States Geological Survey map, made me wonder if my son’s school was built to withstand a significant earthquake. It’s something we have to start thinking about as our area is shaken physically and mentally by the growing frequency of seismic activity.

Existing structures are one of the biggest challenges earthquake-prone areas face, as many buildings are constructed without the proper seismic reinforcement. Masonry buildings, ones without steel crossbeam or framing, can pose a significant risk to inhabitants. Considering the recent report from SMU linking our recent spate of earthquakes to hydraulic fracturing and injection wells, should North Texas update its building codes and best practices so that more buildings can withstand the tremors?

If you want to be part of the discussion, AIA Dallas will host a panel from noon to 1 p.m. tomorrow at the Dallas Center for Architecture. The panel discussion will feature Jarod Fancher, Assoc. AIA, Barry Beazley, AIA, Bruce W. Rachel, AIA, and Linda Brown, Assoc. AIA. The group will discuss the science surrounding earthquakes, the history and geology of our region, and seismic building design.

Be sure to register in advance, as it will likely fill up.



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Rick Carlisle

First of all, relax: he is not going anywhere but downtown. Or shall I say, Uptown. Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle is staying right here in Big D, just changing his address. He and his wife, Donna, have decided to list the stunning Park Cities home on Greenbrier Drive for sale with agent to the athletes Jamie Adams of Briggs Freeman Sotheby’s International Realty. Jamie, as you know, is the go-to guy for star athletes like Dirk Nowitzki, Daryl Johnston, Nolan Ryan, Sean Marion, and more we probably don’t know about.

3925 Greenbrier ext What is Carlisle leaving? (more…)

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It happens only twice a year: more than 75,000 people from the design & home furnishings industry flock to High Point, North Carolina to explore nearly 11.5 million square feet of space to get the first look at the newest, latest and greatest product designs for the home. Think of it as fashion week for interior designers. This is where the serious retail home furnishings buyers go to scan merchandise because if you can’t find it in High Point…it probably doesn’t exist. And get the layout: 180 buildings to walk through, 11.5 MILLION square feet of show space, more than 2000 exhibitors, and 100 plus countries represented.

No wonder Shay Geyer, co-owner & interior designer at IBB Design Fine Furnishings in Frisco, says going to High Point Market always rejuvenates her and fills her with fresh ideas to bring back to the design staff at IBB and her fabulous clients. We asked Shay to share the wealth of info she learned in High Point with CD:

Shay Geyer


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DISD Admin Building 3700 Ross AveA lot of numbers, a lot of jargon, and a lot of arguing about data occurred last night as Dallas ISD trustees discussed Superintendent Mike Miles’ future with Dallas public schools. And a lot of people argue passionately on both sides of the issue about which data points we should listen to.

It’s a lot as a parent to wrap your head around. Who is right? How do I put into context what they are saying? Is it really that bad, or really that good?  Even after a lengthy career that included covering education for several different papers and several differently-sized school districts, meetings like last night can make my head spin.

Dr. Mike Moses

Dr. Mike Moses

So when that happens, I look for an expert. And this time, I was lucky enough to get a great one – a former DISD superintendent, state education commissioner and current visiting professor at UNT – Mike Moses.

“The superintendent’s positions – especially superintendent positions at an urban district – are very explosive jobs,” Moses said. “They are fraught with all kinds of challenges, and in addition to the education aspect, you have a lot of politics – labor politics, business politics, actual politics and even media politics – to deal with. And all of that is pretty combustible.

“And then to add to that you have nine different people with nine different districts to answer to – you’re juggling a lot of balls. But the people that apply for and want these superintendent positions, they know that going in,” he added. “And when you go in, you hope to be able to manage all of it successfully.”

And Dallas ISD is not alone in its struggles to balance the needs of all the students in its district. “Governments of urban districts have been the subject of a lot of discussion over the last 10 years,” Moses said. (more…)

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Photo: Dallas ISD

Photo: Dallas ISD

I’ll have more later after I’ve had time to go through my notes, but brief rundown of tonight’s called meeting of the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, with the lone item on the agenda being a discussion of superintendent Mike Miles’ employment status was contentious, and that may even be an understatement.

The meeting lasted for more than five hours, and much of that was in executive session. It was clear as the board came back into open session that the three board members who demanded – and went to court – for the meeting to take place were not happy with the outcome. After two rounds of expressing displeasure and a statement from Mike Miles (again, more after I’m able to review notes), the board voted – 2-7 in favor of issuing a letter of concern to Mike Miles. A letter of concern, for the record, has less weight than a letter of reprimand, so needless to say it was several steps below what many feared or hoped would happen tonight. The two no votes were from Joyce Foreman and Elizabeth Jones.

But in a surprise move, Foreman then made a motion that was apparently not discussed in the executive session – a motion to require Miles resign in December. Jones amended it to ask for an independent review of the state of the district. There was much back and forth, but the swing votes – Eric Cowan and Dan Micciche – both said they wanted a responsible succession plan, and this was not it. Ultimately, the measure failed, 3-6, with Foreman, Bernadette Nutall and Jones voting for it.


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8702 San Fernando Front

Teardowns are a contentious topic in Little Forest Hills, an East Dallas neighborhood that has tried twice to get a conservation district overlay, failing both times. Still, as many residents in Hollywood Santa Monica know, not every home is worth saving, especially those that are tiny, ramshackle affairs that seem almost propped up on cinder blocks, ready to blow sideways at the next breeze.

Of course, with a neighborhood motto like “Keep Little Forest Hills Funky,” sometimes a new build will follow that creed despite what structure was razed to make room for it. There’s no better example of this than the bright, colorful, quirky modern at 8702 San Fernando Way.

Jump to see inside this sweetheart of a new build that is exceptionally bright and very, very green.