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4125 Idlewild

Since Fort Worth has experienced an astonishing 60 percent growth rate in the last 15 years, it’s fortunate that land for development has been made available from in city and adjacent ranch lands and, incredibly, choice undeveloped tracts adjoining older neighborhoods. The estate at 4125 Idlewild couldn’t be more choicely placed, sandwiched as it is between the posh ’07 hoods of Monticello, Rivercrest, and Crestwood.

The development of Idlewild consists of a single street reached by crossing a quaint bridge. Gated at one end, houses of consistently high quality and expansive scale give a certain congruity to the boutique addition built in the late oughts. Jim Harriss of Village Homes has been at the forefront of development in the area and is responsible for 4125, built in 2008.

The forceful front consists of  a symmetrical columned main bay and a wing to the left, which houses an office and mudroom on the ground floor and the children’s bedroom suite above. The slate roof nearly gleams and previews the quality of materials on the interior.


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Lochwood is lousy with adorable 1960s ranches, midcentury traditionals, soft contemporaries, and midcentury moderns, so it’s a favorable neighborhood for flippers with flair. Pytcher Homes, the same firm that reimagined a stuffy Old Lake Highlands ranch into a luxe and livable home, is building quite the portfolio. This Lochwood traditional, marketed by Kevin Caskey and Bill Clarkson at Dallas City Center Realtors, is just the latest home run for this company.


Pytcher Homes was able to transform this home into a beautiful nest that, with its tasteful transitional design and open floor plan, will work for most any family looking to take advantage of this increasingly upwardly mobile area. Lochwood has a very tight-knit feel, thanks to its active neighborhood association, proximity to White Rock Lake, and the families who are doubling down on the neighborhood schools.

These are all ingredients for increases in property values, but when looking to flip in an established neighborhood, it’s important to hit the right balance of style, space, and amenities. This home is pretty as a picture from the curb thanks to the adorable color on the front door, but inside, it’s so much more.


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The Kirby Residences on Main are one of 11 historic downtown buildings where you can live the loft life in Dallas.

The Kirby Residences on Main are one of 11 historic downtown buildings where you can live the loft life in Dallas. Photo: Kirby Residences

This is the first installment in a two-part series looking at loft living in historic downtown Dallas buildings. Part two will publish next week. Be sure to check back!

The loft life never looked better than in downtown Dallas’ historic buildings. With 11 of them converted for residential living, residents have lots of options, in terms of amenities and location.

Part of the appeal of loft living is the flexible spaces, says Ashley D. Stanley, owner of Ashley’s Apartments, a long-time downtown loft dweller with her young son, and a go-to expert apartment locator for downtown Dallas apartment rentals.

“I love the open feel and I think most people do,” she said. “Some people might section off a little area of their loft for a sitting area, but the key is you have the creative freedom to walk into an open area and make it your own.”

Another reason people choose loft living? A sense of connection to the city.

“I love knowing the story behind my building — I live in the The Wilson, which is the oldest building being used as a multi-family place,” she said. “People have a sense of pride while living in a building that’s been around for 100-plus years and you feel a part of history. Also, you’ve got the options of exposed ductwork and brick walls. I’ve even got three kinds of flooring (wood, concrete, and marble). It’s the coolest thing to have such a unique place to live.”

All of these are rental properties, and we’ve given the approximate price-per-square foot*, as well as info about the building’s background and current options in the renovated spaces.



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Blake and wifey

You have heard me talk about Blake Andrews here before, many many times. And I think you have heard me talk about The Referral Exchange.

Blake is the son of Lana and Barry Andrews, and the brother of Natalie Andrews McGuire. Dallas born and raised, Blake lives on the west coast but spends a lot of time in central and South America building homes for the poor. Blake is the founder of a charitable group called GiveBack Homes that has constructed more than 60 homes in areas where housing is low or non existent, including El Salvador, Nicaragua and Haiti. GiveBack Homes regularly hosts build days and networking events to help build awareness on how closing a deal in the real estate industry in the U.S. can make a huge difference to someone literally living under a tarp in Nicaragua.

On his first mission trip to Nicaragua in 2011, Blake was deeply moved by how the people of Nicaragua lived and where they lived — in homes you could not even call shacks. Back home in Dallas, his friends were buying homes with Viking ranges while to these folks, even a rusted-out stove was a dream. Most were living under scraps of wood and metal, or tarps. Blake was transformed. In his work for TOMS, he first got these people shoes for the feet. Working with his Manhattan Beach Realtor, he soon realized that the real estate community could help fund housing for these people. GiveBack Homes costs real estate professionals $50 a month to join, provides them with marketing materials to differentiate and brand themselves as a change agent, and allows them to donate as much as they want at any time. 100% of donations are used to build housing. Blake has thousands of agents enrolled across the country, including many in Dallas.

Currently, the group has 20 Build Projects in the U.S. and Nicaragua, working with Habitat for Humanity and planning to expand their reach this year. Ebby Halliday’s Linda Vallala,  Nathan Grace’s Carrie Hill & Jacy OlsenRobbie Briggs of Briggs Freeman Sothebys International Realty, Virginia Cook and Rogers Healy are just some of the local Dallas agents and brokers who have supported GiveBack Homes.GivebackHomes-1024x682-575x382 (more…)

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Elbow Room
by Cody Neathery
Special Contributor

Texas A&M University has released a statement explaining why they may be seeking eminent domain (as a last resort) to elbow out The Elbow Room: to protect the taxpayers of Texas and help eliminate the shortage of dental care providers in the state… yeah, there is a shortage, they say:


As a public institution, we are committed to serving Texans and making judicious use of the money we receive from taxpayers. This has been our guiding philosophy throughout our negotiations regarding the property currently occupied by the Elbow Room.

The expansion of our dental school, which was approved by the Legislature in 2015, will enable us to better serve Texans, especially those in need, in the Dallas region and beyond. As a result of these new facilities, our capacity for patient visits, which currently number approximately 100,000 per year, is expected to increase by up to 40 percent. Additionally, there is a shortage of dental health care providers in the state of Texas. Our goal in increasing the dental school’s enrollment is to train more dentists while maintaining our position as the nation’s most diverse dental school, so that we can close the dental health care gap and ensure that Texas residents have access to the best and brightest oral health professionals in their own communities throughout the state.

In January, conscious of the importance of protecting the taxpayers who support us, we began negotiations with the property owner. We believed and continue to believe that an offer of fair market value would be fair to the property owner and consistent with our obligations to Texans. (more…)

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KESSLER PLAZA 2510 W 10th Street Front

It’s rare to find an adorable home at an affordable price in a North Oak Cliff neighborhood that is seeing dramatic price increases and appreciation. I mean, this area of Dallas is growing like gangbusters, attracting more and more Millennials, so prices are increasing along with gentrification.

But this home just west of Hampton Road in Kessler Plaza is not only a cutie from the curb, but it’s a tremendous value considering that in this area, similar homes are being marketed for much more — nearly $50,000 in some cases!

KESSLER PLAZA 2510 W 10th Street porch


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Ritz Rendering

The Ritz Residences’ (fraternal) twin towers

Part 3 continues … and ends … my self-serving, completely subjective high-rise awards based on equally dubious categories.  Click here if you missed Part 1 or Part 2.

8. Best Private Club Feel: Ritz Residences

Ritz Lobby 1  (more…)


4526 N Versailles IHOTW

Our Inwood House of the Week from Inwood National Bank is exactly the sort of home Neiman Marcus seeks out as a location for their furniture and linen catalogs. I know because in another life I used to scout for homes exactly like this one. With their ordered facades, perfect proportions and simple elegance of design, Georgian homes have always stood for stability and prestige. This Highland Park Georgian gem at 4529 North Versailles Avenue is a shining example of that traditional, classic look that has such a universal appeal.