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What if you could turn your listing over to a virtual assistant that can take it from contract to close, doing everything including the photography? It's possible, says Claire Cavalieri. (Photos: Claire Cavalieri)

What if you could turn your listing over to a virtual assistant that can take it from contract to close, doing everything including the photography? It’s possible, says Claire Cavalieri. (Photos: Claire Cavalieri)

Selling real estate is a people-based business that requires a lot of paperwork. Realtors are pulled in a lot of different directions when it comes to business development, compliance, and the fine art of matching buyers and sellers. But the paperwork is a huge time suck that pulls agents away from the parts of the business that keep leads and clients coming in, like networking and open houses.

“There are Realtors at the high-end of the market who may not have their own assistant, and there are Realtors on the low-end of the market who don’t do enough business to have an office or their own assistant. They may do 12 transactions or so a year, and hiring an assistant doesn’t make sense,” Claire Cavalieri points out. “They would have to pay their taxes and social security and then there’s benefits. Or you could have a virtual assistant and get all of the benefits of having a helper without the hassle.”


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236 N Waverly Front 2

How cute is this house? It looks like one of those fun, quirky homes that delights readers of every shelter magazine and tiny house blog. But this house is not so tiny. In fact, it may look petite, but this sky blue cottage in the L.O. Daniel neighborhood of North Oak Cliff has plenty of room inside and oodles of style.

236 N Waverly Front

Of course, it’s the curb appeal that you’ll fall in love with first. But once you see inside this professionally renovated house just a skip from all the cool spots in the area, including the Kessler X+ district, Tyler and Davis, and the Bishop Arts District.


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LBJ Bridges

We heard from three experts Tuesday at MetroTex Region 2015 at Brookhaven Country Club. The first two were a tough act to follow: Dan Lamers, Senior Program Manager at the North Texas Council of Governments, and our favorite economist (and Princeton man) Brit Fair of Hexter-Fair Title Company. Brit’s presentation is coming up in a future post.

By the way, the third speaker was me!

Lamers took a beating from most of us — he’s the guy responsible for our chewed-up highways and never-ending repair road conditions — though he did get applause for LBJ now that the super highway is FINALLY almost complete.

LBJ almost finished, can you feature it? Surely the process will just start all again, on another major Dallas roadway. (more…)

dallas open houses

The Uptown loft at 1999 McKinney Ave. No. 603 is one of our 5 featured open houses for this weekend.

If the State Fair is not your thing this weekend, make time to visit these five open houses around Dallas. They represent diverse neighborhoods, from Uptown and East Kessler Park, to Northwest Dallas and Turtle Creek. The prices range from the $289,000 to $749,500, and the styles of these houses and condos run the gamut from modern industrial in Uptown to a 2012 David Weekley in Far North Dallas that still has the new-house smell.


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Post-It 2

Last night, the Preston Center Task Force consultants Kimley-Horn and Associates met with residents of several “zones” including my own Zone 4 (Pink Wall). Now I’m not going to point fingers, but some of the earlier groups must’ve been Chatty Cathys as we were a half hour late getting started and had a hard stop because the facility was closing.

Because of that pinch coupled with the size of our group (four times the others, apparently) and the early time-suck spent rehashing the Transwestern tête-à-tête (that alters no one’s opinion), attendees were only able to scrawl their thoughts on flip charts to eight open-ended questions and leave. Zero discussion.

It’s my hope the consultants will schedule another meeting with Zone 4 and include a “swear jar” where anyone talking about Transwestern puts in $100 for charity.

Note to both sides of the Transwestern topic: Zip it. An opportunity was squandered to discuss the future of the entire Preston Center area because you couldn’t stop blabbering about a penny in a room filled with diamonds. There is a time and a place.

In addition to the Transwestern rat hole, there’s a theme that’s continually brought up that I frankly just don’t understand. Several felt the need to discuss the area’s history and more precisely their longevity in the area. Are we to give more weight to opinions from residents who’ve lived in the area the longest? There are just as many illogical long-timers as there are smart newbies (and vice-versa). Staying put doesn’t increase intelligence nor should it increase the weight of an opinion. Isn’t the point to involve all current residents in making the best decisions for the future?


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Fall Savings_Social

Has the football fan in your life turned your home into the place where chip crumbs will be deposited? Want a more tasteful, stylish spot to watch the Red River Rivalry on Saturday? You can enjoy the OU vs. Texas game and the Iowa State vs. Texas Tech game from the comfort of IBB Design in Frisco during the store’s fall sale!

Enjoy beer and wine from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with food served between 11 a.m.  and 2 p.m. Besides amazing savings, you get a chance to earn a $500 gift card to IBB Design with your purchases.

Wine, food, and football in high style? Count us in! Head to the IBB Design showroom at 5798 Genesis Court in Frisco on Saturday to join in the fun!

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Sparkman Club-Highland NorthSometimes, house flips get a bad rap. But many flippers make smart choices that turn outdated properties into warm, welcoming homes with lot of amenities.

Today’s Thursday Three Hundred is just such a example. Located in Northwest Dallas at 3506 Warick Dr., near Royal and Marsh lanes, the house sold on Sept. 12, and went back on the market Oct. 2. It was a quick flip, and the owners did a great job in that time updating the space. The biggest winners are the kitchen, fireplace, and backyard, all of which shine now. (Be sure to check out the “before” photos later in this post to see the difference.)

The property is located in Highland North, and is included in the Sparkman Club HOA annexed area, which offers swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball area, and a well-maintained playground for families. Sparkman Club-Highland NorthThis is a 3-2 built in 1957 with 1,796 square feet, a one-story sitting on a corner lot with mature pecan and oak trees. It was listed a week ago for $369,000 by Donna Gordon at Dorsey Realty Group


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French Hill

So the House passed bipartisian legislation Wednesday afternoon to to help keep the mortgage process moving despite the noise from the White House about a veto. The bipartisan vote was 303-121, which is significant.

The bill, called the Homebuyers Assistance Act, gives companies working in good faith, trying their best to comply with the onerous legislation, a four-month grace period to escape steep fines and hand slaps. Which could also delay closings. The TRID is about 1,888-pages of rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that went into effect Oct. 4.

Realtors, mortgage lenders and title companies have been spending months in preparation and millions of dollars to comply.

“I have talked to lenders who tell me they have spent millions on extra staff and new software,” said Brit Fair of Hexter-Fair Title Company.

Does he think those extra expenses will ultimately be passed onto the consumer?

Absolutely. (more…)