07/06/15 4:37pm
14055 Oliver & Central cam002_cropped

Southern Land Company is planning a 18-story high-rise for 14055 Oliver at North Central Expressway.

Southern Land Company is breaking into the Dallas market with a 270-unit high-rise building planned for Oliver St. the Knox District near Highland Park. The Nashville-based developer has four other residential projects in suburbs surrounding the city, including multifamily projects in Plano, Allen, Keller, and McKinney. Southern Land plans to turn dirt for the 18-story building in the first quarter of 2016

“This project is going to bring something new and unique to the Knox Street neighborhood, which is the most vibrant retail and restaurant district in Dallas,”Todd Marchesani, acquisitions manager for Southern Land, said in a press release. “The demand for urban living within walking distance to lifestyle amenities has continued to increase. This property provides the ideal location with its proximity to offices, shops and restaurants in Downtown Dallas, Uptown, Highland Park and Preston Center. Crafting communities where lifestyle thrives is our ultimate objective.”

Our own Amanda Popken has confirmed, time and again, what Marchesani claims. While ” 68 percent of residents would like to live in a walkable neighborhood at some point in their lives,” Popken said, “only 4 percent of the real estate in Dallas is in a walkable environment, and only 1.5 percent of D-FW is walkable.”


07/06/15 4:20pm

Lauras friend

Believe it or not, I met a developer in Miami, like a really big developer, who went to high school with Laura Miller and told me they are friends. So that gal cannot be all anti-developer. The guy, Louis R. Montello, pictured here, is developing Regalia, single floor ocean-front residences on Sunny Isles Beach in Miami designed by Bernando Fort Brescia, FAIA of Miami and New York City. $8 million to $13 million! I totally sweet-talked Louis into building a similar project on Northwest Highway in the heart of Preston Center — told him Mark Cuban had some amazing sites all ready for him!


(Kidding, sort of!)

Here are a few more out-takes from NAREE15 that I caught with my handy-dandy phone cam. Because when the dirt journalists are away, oh we will play and play hard. (We leave most spouses at home, too…)


07/06/15 2:42pm


We are proud to announce that CandysDirt.com won Silver for Best Blog at the 65th annual National Association of Real Estate Editors annual conference in Miami June 26th. This is our SECOND NAREE award, as we won Gold in 2013. That it has my name on it is a formality (and space saver), as this award really goes to the fine professionals on our staff who make CandysDirt.com the best real estate blog in the country: Joanna England, Leah Shafer, Karen Eubank, Rachel Abrams Azouz,  Bethany Erickson, Jon Anderson, Amanda Popken, Dawn McMullen. Thanks to the Dallas real estate community and all our fabulous, beloved readers, for your continued support. 

Category 14: Best Blog

Gold Award – Polyana da Costa, Bankrate.com

Judge’s Comment on Gold Award: “This is a good explanatory blog about issues of interest to homeowners and investors. It conveys a significant amount of mortgage information, which is not widely known, to homeowners. The variety of the stories is outstanding.”

Silver Award – Candace Evans, Candy’s Dirt

Judge’s Comment on Silver Award: “This blog, which contains frank information about the real estate business and personalities, is highly readable. Particularly outstanding was a piece on former football star Deion Sanders, whose mansion north of Dallas has many ‘over-the-top’ features.”

Bronze Award – Cory Weinberg, San Francisco Business Times

Judge’s Comment on Bronze Award: “The blog contains diverse stories about such topics as driverless cars and traffic in the Bay Area and the condominium market in Oakland. It is written in a humorous style in a first-person voice.”

2015 JWinnersNAREE_med

Dallas area writers Steve Brown and Candace Carlisle of the Dallas Business Journal were also at the conference. Candace also took home a silver on a story she wrote about RE land ops around I-345:

Silver Award – Candace Carlisle, The Dallas Business Journal

Judge’s Comment on Silver Award: “The reporter showed how a local developer was buying up large amounts of land around the I-345 freeway through downtown Dallas. It was an in-depth look at the real estate opportunities triggered by the demolishing of the interstate. The writing was highly informative.”

And Ben Lane at HousingWire took gold for a fantastic story on how fracking is affecting residential real estate:

Gold Award – Ben Lane, HousingWire

Judge’s Comment on Gold Award: “Fracking, which continues to be huge news in the U.S., is having an effect on residential real estate. This reporter examined the effect on neighborhoods and mortgages. It was an exhaustive look at something that is drawing a lot of consumer attention in many states.”

There were many fabulous winners, and our congratulations overfloweth. The entire press release is below, and we plan to run some of the winner’s story with links. NAREE is an amazing organization and conference, and the peer recognition is priceless. I’ve noticed it’s getting more tech, too; even former prez Brad Inman was on hand for the Silver book award, which went to Stan Humphries of Zillow.



07/06/15 1:52pm
4311 Brookview Beltre House

Aidrian Beltre’s Bowling Greenwood home. (Photo: Google Maps)

Of all the things to take from Adrian Beltre’s Bowling Greenwood mansion, the burglars who burgled the Rangers third-baseman’s home took tickets to his Globe Life Ballpark suite and his American League Championship ring according to this SportsDay post.

No untraceable electronics. No silver. No artwork. And no one was caught.

Sounds kind of personal, doesn’t it?

According to City of Dallas police reports, Beltre’s home was burglarized last Thursday morning shortly after he left for the Rangers’ homestand finale against Oakland. Nobody was in the house at the time. Beltre’s family is still in Southern California.

The police report cites the theft of precious metals and jewelry. Beltre, who only briefly returned home before the Rangers’ flight to Toronto last Thursday evening, said among the items taken was his 2011 AL Championship ring. Beltre also said the thieves made off with tickets to his suite at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

“I’d like to see them show up there,” Beltre said. “I’m just glad nobody was home.”

Adrian Beltre (Photo: Wikipedia)

Adrian Beltre (Photo: Wikipedia)

I am truly baffled by this break-in, not just because of the items taken from Beltre’s stone-clad two-story at 4311 Brookview Drive, but over how someone could get away with such a crime. This area has so very little crime thanks to the off-duty Dallas Police patrols in the area and the overall watchfulness of neighbors, so I have to wonder if this doesn’t send some homeowners scrambling to update their security systems. Some say biometric security is becoming more common …

Adrian and Sandra Beltre’s 8,204-square-foot home has five bedrooms, five full and two half baths, three fireplaces, and a backyard pool all on a 3/4 of an acre. DCAD says it’s worth more than $3 million.


07/06/15 9:00am

1704 W Colorado

We do not think that 1704 West Colorado, the Oak Cliff home of Ken Row (and at one time, Sergio Remirez), is hitting the auction block tomorrow, or next month, though we know a lot of people looking for quarters under the seat cushions to buy this amazing historical estate. Robert Wilonsky over at The Dallas Morning News  got people more excited over the weekend, and gave us even more background on the stunning, 90 year old home — turns out it was built by James Binford and quite a party house even back in the day:

Best I can tell from our archives it was built by one James Robert Binford in 1925; according to our archives it was quite the party house even then. A March 1, 1929, headline reads “Mrs. J.R. Binford Entertains With Tea,” and merely lists some of the 300 guests in attendances, among them women all the way from …New York City.

As Jennifer Mitten notes in the comments, Mrs. J.R. Binford was Estelle Zang — daughter of early Oak Cliff developer John F. Zang, the boulevard’s namesake.

We had reached out to the owner of the home, Ken Row, right after we saw the story in The Advocate. He said he was a pretty shy guy and also  “I think we should wait to see how this movie ends… I think you can see from the facts available..this has been a calculated decision … I’m impressed you bird dogged me here.”

Ken directed us to his attorney, Dax Richards, who told us the house would not be on the auction block and that when the story came out, it wouldn’t be quite as salacious as we might be hoping. (Dang!) He was out of state and asked us to wait a bit, which we did, but we kept circling the story. I was intrigued by some other things the owner, Ken, whom I have heard is just one of the nicest people you could ever meet, had to say — (more…)

07/06/15 7:28am

There are about 79 million millennials in the U.S., and their purchasing power is estimated to be $170 billion per year. This powerful demographic, born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s, now represents the largest group of homebuyers at 32 percent, taking over from Generation X.

But when it comes to millennial homebuyer behavior, it can be difficult to distinguish fact vs. fiction. We looked at information from a recent Pardee Homes and BUILDER survey, information from realtor.com, and the National Association of Realtors to cut through the noise.

millennial homebuyers

Photo: National Association of Realtors

We know that millennial homebuying behavior is different than older generations, like texting vs. calling when contacting their Realtors and extensive use of real estate apps to do their research (be sure to check out our blog post, 6 Ways Millennials Are Changing Real Estate Business for Everyone, to get the full breakdown.)

But what are the specific preferences of this new breed of homebuyer? Read on for 5 unexpected facts about millennial homebuyers and what they want in their home.


Rawlins IHOTW

There are so many beautiful homes to choose from in Dallas, but given the holiday tomorrow, I settled on an historic Georgian in the heart of the Rawlins Conservation District. It’s listed for $1,649,000 with Ilene Crist and Kyle Richards, one of Briggs-Freeman Sotheby’s newest dynamo agents. You may know them as part of the Dream Team at Museum Tower. But like most dynamo agents, they have a balanced portfolio of inventory, from haute contemporary to this Perry Heights colonial that just screams “America’s birthday”!

Independence Day is America’s birthday, and one of my favorite holidays. It’s the day the 13 original colonies (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, Province of New York, Province of North Carolina, and Colony of Rhode Island) declared themselves free from the rule of Great Britain. I have lived in FOUR of the original 13 colonies! Though 4434 Rawlins was built way after the U.S. had ditched the Brits, in 1936, it retains the charm of a home styled after one we might find in the Massachusetts Bay Colony or Georgia. And it’s located in a conservation district to retain that charm and historical feel, something we need more of in Dallas. I shudder to think what life along Swiss Avenue would be today without Virginia Savage Mcalester and her dedicated work to save those turn-of-the-century homes. Swiss Avenue and the Cedars are the oldest neighborhoods in Dallas, thank God we still have them!4434 Rawlins Formal (more…)

07/03/15 2:35pm

Two new reports paint a bright picture of the housing market in Midland and Odessa now and for the next three years.

The Local Monitor Reports, released today, cite a 7 percent increase in Midland home prices over the last 12 months, which puts the average home price at $183,463. In Odessa, prices have gone up 5 percent over the last year and the current average home price is $210,980. In the last three years, home prices were up 10 percent in both markets.

The good news doesn’t stop there.

Read the whole story over on MidlandDirt.com!