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Megan Anderson's wall exploded because of gas seeping into her home from the soil. (Photo: WFAA)

Megan Anderson’s wall exploded because of gas seeping into her home from the soil. (Photo: WFAA)

When you smell gas in your home and report it to Atmos, what’s the first thing they tell you to do?

Get out of the house.

So when Megan Anderson was busy doing the dishes in the kitchen of her Lakewood home on Jan. 5, she didn’t smell the gas that had been filling a wall between her kitchen and her living room. She didn’t know to get out of the house. She didn’t know not to touch the switch on the garbage disposal that ended up igniting the gas and blowing a hole in her wall.

So why didn’t Megan smell the gas? Why didn’t she know to get out?


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Word comes from a real estate agent that Nancy Jackson Carroll (Spinks) was picked up in Lake Forest, Ill., for theft. She’s in the slammer with bond set at $250,000, which happens to be just a fraction of what she allegedly absconded with from her Millennium Title clients.

One client, Scott Schambacher, was offering $50k for information leading to her arrest, though we have to wonder if she was picked up on charges unrelated to the theft at Millennium Title.

We also heard that Carroll (Spinks) allegedly did title work for the Mexican cartel drug lord that gunned down an attorney in Southlake. JEEZ LOUISE!

So tell us, what do you think will happen now that the Carroll (Spinks) has been apprehended?


6615 Stichter Twilight Front

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Ooh la la! We have just stumbled upon a tres chic, plus belle maison in Preston Hollow at 6615 Stichter Avenue. The exterior is a nod to the famous architect Georges-Eugene Haussmann who created the distinctive look that comes to mind when we imagine a typical Parisian home.

Typical stops, however, when you enter the front door and find France meets Texas in grand style. We think Marie Antoinette would be quite happy downsizing from Versailles into this five-bedroom, five-and-one-half-bath beauty, listed by CC Allen of Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate for$2,399,000. Mon dieu! That’s a steal.

And remember, CandysDirt.com will be hosting HGTV’s own Parisian real estate expert, Adrian Leeds, this June! Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for an exclusive invitation!  (more…)

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The most honest and ethical professions

The most honest and ethical professions

Gallup released its semi-annual poll results where people were asked to rate, “the honesty and ethical standards of people in these different fields.” If you’re looking for real estate agents, save time and start at the bottom. In this poll just 20-percent of respondents rated real estate agents either “high” or “very high” in ethics and honesty.

Agents beat out car salespeople, telemarketers, and members of Congress, but lost out by one point to lawyers, by five points to building contractors, and were buried (pun intended) by a whopping 24 percentage points by funeral directors. The top three were in the medical professions.

Viewed as a ratio, real estate agents are viewed as having triple the honesty and ethics of lobbyists (often former members of Congress) yet less than a quarter of a nurse. It’s also worth noting that little has changed since this poll was first conducted in 1977.


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Hollywood Heights is pretty darned hot. It’s always been a sought after neighborhood, but we’ve never seen it quite as on fire as it is now. Maybe it’s the fact there are great original homes, owners that remodel with extreme care, builders that have to follow conservation district guidelines, and great Lakewood schools. Of course for those in the know there’s the Newellian Easter parade, Liz Simmon’s Halloween haunted front yard, and Clydesdale drawn wagons filled with carolers at Christmas. If you want to jump into a neighborhood where a McMansion cannot go in next door and the fun factor is built right in, we have just the house. Britt Lopez has 522 Monte Vista listed for $550,00. Built in 1934, it’s 2,468 square feet of fabulous Tudor charm.


dallas open houses valentines day

The Buckner Terrace home at 5838 Dr. is one of five featured this week in our open house roundup.

Every week, we’re featuring fantastic open houses in Dallas (and the ‘burbs from time to time) here at CandysDirt.

This week, we’ve picked properties five that range in price from $325,880 to $899K. You’ll find everything from a colorful Buckner Terrace ranch that marries modern touches with vintage charm, to a four-story Oak Lawn condo with a rooftop deck. Let us know what you think of our choices, and if you know of any we should feature next week!


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EOnLine has more on the Real Housewives of Dallas cast:

Cary Deuber is an East Coast girl, hailing from Connecticut before spending her childhood in Ohio and making her way to Texas. A certified registered nurse’s first assistant, Cary has gone on medical mission trips in third world countries. She lives and works in Dallas with her plastic surgeon husband Dr. Mark Deuber and maintains her own aesthetic injectable practice. She’s also a mom to a baby daughter and step-mom to two kids.
Tiffany Hendra, a veteran actress, host and model, moved back to Texas to be closer to her family. Now she’s reconnecting with best friend LeeAnne Locken and working with philanthropic organizations including Angels of East Africa, a group dedicated to the rescue of orphaned children in need. She’s been married to Australian rocker Aaron for 12 years and Bravo notes she has a “troubling past” from her time in the limelight. Classic Real Housewives.
LeeAnne Locken, a former Miss USA Pageant competitor, has had several parts in TV and movies and now leads efforts for several charitable organizations in Dallas.
Stephanie Hollman hails from Oklahoma. Described as “the girl next door,” Stephanie is the mom to two boys. According to Bravo, for Stephanie to make her own money, her husband, Travis, writes up a list of chores for her to do while he’s away on business.
Brandi Redmond, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, is a dedicated Texan. She married her high-school sweetheart Bryan and is the full-time mom to two young girls. Her husband is away on business, so Brandi focuses a lot on charity work and spends time with BFF Stephanie.
Marie Reyes, a friend to the Housewives, is also involved in the Dallas charity scene. She’s an RN who owns and operates SkinSpaMED.

Wait, who is Marie Reyes?

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Real Housewives of Dallas

Forget Exxxotica, Dallas will have better, much better starting April 11 at 9:00 pm: its very own Real Housewives of Dallas! Get ready for the whole world to see how wonderful our big beautiful homes are!

Oh yes, and our women, too!

There has been much speculation about the Bravo show, who the stars will be, was it really happening, even if it was coming to Dallas. This is going to be terrific for our real estate market as I know scenes have been shot in some of our most big, beautiful homes! Who are the stars? (We told you about four out of five, dang that’s pretty good!) Our own LeeAnne Locken, Tiffany Hendra, Cary Deuber, Brandi Redmond, and Stephanie Hollman. Bravo smartly covers a wide range of Dallas real estate from Preston Hollow where we find LeeAnne and Cary Deuber to Dallas, Las Colinas, and Plano. All that’s missing is Fort Worth but… well lips sealed.  Cynthia Smoot has all the details on her Oh So Cynthia Blog..

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