11/28/14 9:00am

6153 Ellsworth Front

I think that the $400Ks are the new $300Ks in Dallas, with a greater diversity of homes in established neighborhoods coming with features you used to see in houses priced around $300,000. Today we take a look at three different homes from three different brokerages in three different neighborhoods to see what you can get in the $400K range.


11/28/14 6:18am

Salon Lure 4

Natasha Khan, Ericka Smart and Moi!

If you want to know how the Dallas economy is REALLY doing, check out the hairdressers. I was once told that Dallas women devour more blonde hair bleach than women in any other U.S. metropolis, and I believe it. I’m one of them!

Dallas hair salons are doing well, very well, thank you. Someone really needs to tell Robert Shiller that the hair biz is almost an indice for the real estate market: when I can’t get an appointment, I know the market is hot and home prices may be on the upswing. Similarly, I know of many hair stylists who had a tough time during the recession, tougher elsewhere than here in Dallas. Why? Our real estate market merely sneezed! And when the price of oil tanks, why you can walk right into any salon in town.

My locks have a total mind of their own. Many of you might know I’m really a curly-haired lass under those straight-yanked locks. Like the bad witch in The Wizard of Oz, toss water on me and I melt — well, I don’t melt, but my smooth straight hair kinks into a twirly, curly mane/mop that definitely has a mind of it’s own.

So why shouldn’t hair have it’s own Real Estate? (more…)

11/27/14 2:56pm

Fall 2014

It’s a stunning day in North Texas and we hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Whether you are cooking, with family or friends, dining out, working (my husband is delivering babies!), or enjoying a quiet day of rest and reflection, we want you to know how much we cherish our readers and followers here on CandysDirt and on our sister site, SecondShelters.com. We are grateful for you!

We’ll be on post light for the next few days, unless we find some house porn or celebrity news that is too delicious to resist. So settle back, stay safe, eat a lot and work it off, and enjoy the tremendous beauty and abundance that we are blessed with in Dallas. We are very fortunate indeed, and for this I give thanks every single day! Here’s what 30,000 people looked like at this morning’s Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot… well, at the finish line! (more…)

11/27/14 9:00am

1031 N. Madison Living

Happy Thanksgiving! Looking for something to be grateful for? Here at CandysDirt.com we’re absolutely grateful for the amazing deals you can still find in Dallas, especially in North Oak Cliff. This area of Dallas is super hot, and it’s difficult to find a deal thats in good shape. But we’ve found a great candidate for someone who wants a home with character and history. It’s a listing with Jenni Stolarski, a Realtor with Briggs Freeman who knows a good investment when she sees one. Stolarski says this home at 1031 N. Montclair has views of downtown Dallas from the front porch! Now that’s a selling point if there ever was one.


11/27/14 8:41am

Newer Build with Old Lakewood Charm. Beautiful Landscaping great

How would you like to have the whole family over to this Hansel & Gretel-esque hut today? Let the kids and teens hop in the saltwater pool (you might not even have to turn the heater on) while you are in the kitchen, maybe the guys could even fry up a turkey outside. OUTSIDE, remember!  On that great big huge patio!

7115 Coronado brings the convenience and ease of new construction with the charm of yesterday in Lakewood. Me, I love the look of old but I am a new house girl from my just-bleached roots to the tip of my toes in need of a pedicure after being nuzzled by stingrays in the Caymans last week. Located just behind the Lakewood Country Club, this Coronado Hills creation is within walking distance of Lakewood Village, biking distance of the lake. (more…)

11/26/14 4:16pm

Photos: Jeremy Lock

(Editor’s Note: We originally published a version of this story last year, but since D’Andra and Jeremy are graciously opening the doors of their beautiful Lindenwood contemporary again for the Friday, Dec. 5 ABPA Homes for the Holidays Home Tour, we decided to take another look at this lovely home!)

D’Andra Simmons hopes you’ll get a glimpse at her and Jeremy Lock’s personalities when you tour their incredibly chic Highland Park contemporary during the Armstrong Bradfield Preschool Association Homes for the Holidays Home Tour.

The eclectic two-story modern has an open floorplan with a global vibe injected with a shot of old-Hollywood glamour. And Simmons, founder of the Hard Night Good Morning line of cosmetics, knows a thing or two about glamour. The 6,600-square-foot home is both a home base and a showcase for these two world travelers. Lock is an award-winning war photographer, and Simmons, who admits she feels more relaxed on safari in Africa than anywhere else, have assembled their collections in a way that reflects their travels and tastes.


11/26/14 3:00pm
Photo courtesy of Homey Oh My!

Photo courtesy of Homey Oh My!

Tomorrow is the big day, and if you’re like me, almost all your thinking has been about the Thanksgiving meal itself: “Who likes what?” “How long does that bake?” And “how many pans can I fit in the oven at once?”   

But a holiday meal should please the eye as well as the belly: It’s not too late to plan a handsome Thanksgiving tablescape. Here’s a roundup of my favorite ideas; I hope it inspires you to make something beautiful for your own celebration tomorrow.

A tablescape doesn’t have to be elaborate to look marvelous. Over at Homey Oh My!, blogger Amy starts with an heirloom table runner, adding her copper-striped mini pumpkins, copper-tape candle holders, and bright floral arrangements from Trader Joe’s. The metal accents add a dash of glam without overpowering the simplicity of the overall look.


11/26/14 12:45pm

1531 San Saba Front

Dan Koller, the absolutely incredible publications manager over at Dave Perry-Miller & Associates, sent this listing my way on Monday. “Something tells me this house will tickle your fancy,” Koller said. Holy cannoli, was he right! Not only that, but I drive by this home all the time, but I had no idea what kind of wonder was set across the cute red bridge from the street.

That’s what’s perfect about this home: It’s so secluded and private that the only thing you can see from the street is the little bridge. But what sits across that lovely little bridge is what makes this house at 1531 San Saba worthy of our “High Caliber Home of the Week” title. Truly, this house is a sight to be seen, and won’t be around for long. Why worry about hitting snags with financing when you could have a lender that takes pains to make sure your pre-approval and mortgage paperwork goes as smoothly as possible. That’s what Lisa Peters does at Caliber Home Loans. Find out more about her high-caliber service by calling her today.