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As you know, we LOVE Anteks Home Furnishings. It’s our favorite place to furnish your second home, even your first!

For more than 20 years, Anteks has been providing Dallas buyers with rustic but chic western furniture and home accessories. For most of those 20 years, owner Jason Lenox  served up his wares from a spot on Lovers Lane next to Dr. Delphinium Designs. It was convenient, but then the landlords got stars in their eyes with the real estate. Jason packed up and moved to a great spot in the Dallas Design District. (more…)

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Lydia 2013

A perennial top-performing agent, Lydia Player offers her wisdom on real estate marketing

As an occasional feature, we’ve asked several high-performing agents about their marketing strategies. We wanted to know what does and doesn’t work for real estate agents in a variety of situations. This time we’re focusing on getting ready for the off-season. We asked star Ebby Halliday Luxury Portfolio agent Lydia Player: “What are the best actions and biggest mistakes agents make when marketing themselves.

Look for her answer after the jump:


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Beautiful landscaping, towering trees and a flagstone path from

This hidden gem of a neighborhood in North Oak Cliff is becoming more and more popular it seems, with deals under $300K becoming as rare as the buffalo tenderloin at Fearings. That doesn’t mean there aren’t several great properties in Kiestwood, a fantastic nabe with tons of character and the kind of close-knit community you crave.

This particular home at 2848 Woodmere is on a huge corner lot and has pretty much everything you could possibly desire. Lush landscaping, tons of entertaining space, a koi pond, a pool, a lanai and a deck, plus a studio/workroom as well as a 2-car garage … The home seems to be just an endless amount of space!


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Home For Sale yard Sign

You know those Millennials and how they want their mortgages with cheap rates and minimal down payments. They want speedy pre-approval and closings with no hiccups. And they want it all right now.

If that seems demanding, well, that’s the Millennial generation for you. The interesting news is, according to a recent survey by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Generation Z is more willing to make sacrifices to achieve home ownership. That’s right: The same generation that knowingly misspells words all over Twitter and Facebook is willing to sacrifice more than the “y” and “o” in “your.” They say they’re willing to sacrifice social media access (HORRORS!) in order to own a home.


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5328 Quail Run Front

Every once in a while, a cool house will come along that will have me practically screaming, “JUST GO AHEAD AND TAKE MY MONEY!” They are usually crazy unique, fun homes with dramatic spaces and vintage charm. I am a sucker for those midcentury modern homes with original details, ones that are like time capsules, catapulting you back to when smoking was a harmless habit, day-drinking the norm, and seatbelts were optional.


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2352 Wildoak Curb

You already know that we love the Claremont subdivision. This area is populated by mostly 1960s-era ranches, and with its hilly topography, mature trees, and fantastic values, it’s a wonderful neighborhood. In fact, most people don’t even know it’s there!

That’s why you can find an excellent deal in Claremont, like this home from Vivo Realty Group’s Emily Herrig. She has this fabulous listing at 2352 Wildoak, which is a cool renovated ranch with a second-floor addition.


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University Park Police released this sketch, which is a likeness of the rapist accused of attacking an SMU student.

University Park Police released this sketch, which is a likeness of the rapist accused of attacking an SMU student.

Is the “bubble” all that safe anymore?

University Park Police have released a sketch of a man that is wanted in connection to the rape of an SMU student, according to this report from Channel 5 (KXAS). The attack, which happened at around 11 p.m. Sept. 7 in UP’s Walt Humann Park, was hidden by a small planter in the 6700 block of Willard Dr.

The (extremely brave) victim described her assailant as a 6-foot-tall black man with the build of a “football player,” who was wearing a Los Angeles baseball jersey. The attacker also had a crown tattoo on his neck with some script or lettering below it. I am amazed at her presence of mind to absorb all of these details.

UPPD spokesperson Lita Snellgrove said that with all of the details the victim was able to give, “We’re hoping that we’re gonna get calls on who this suspect is.”

Still, it makes you wonder that the illusion of safety is a dangerous part of life in the Park Cities. While attacks like this seem rare in University Park and Highland Park, when it does happen it definitely bursts the “bubble.” Still, it looks like city crews are trying to increase visibility in the park, trimming bushes and trees to remove blind spots.

Until we live in a society where some men no longer feel entitled to women’s bodies, perhaps we should take some measures to ensure our personal safety. I know I’m considering one of these. What about you?