Dallas ISDThe good news? The Dallas ISD is on firm financial footing. The not-so-great news, but with a silver lining? The chief financial officer brought in to correct course feels confident enough to retire — again.

Dallas ISD CFO Larry Throm lead the board through the district’s financial report during the Dec. 13 board meeting. After his presentation, Superintendent Michael Hinojosa surprised those gathered with the announcement that Throm would retire.

“Larry has done a phenomenal job in this district and we are set for the next five years thanks to his work,” Hinojosa said.

Throm was hired in 2017, but not for the first time. He was also the district’s CFO during Hinojosa’s first tenure as superintendent. Hinojosa came back after the departure of Mike Miles, and in 2017 convinced Throm to leave retired life and come back to the district.

And how well did he do? Under Throm’s second tenure, the district met board policy of having two months of unassigned fund balance for the first time since June 2013. Throm told the board that night. The five-year financial forecast shows the district is on firm footing for the foreseeable future, too. (more…)


(Photo courtesy Dallas ISD)

A lot may be up in the air right now about how students will be transported after this year, Dallas ISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa does know that the district’s entry into the bus business was a reluctant — but necessary — one.

Hinojosa met with reporters Wednesday morning and stressed that bus service would remain up and running despite voters choosing to dissolve Dallas County Schools, and there would be no disruption in service to students who rely on them.

“I don’t want to be in the bus business,” Hinojosa said. “However, this is an important service.”

“We need this service. Don’t wanna be in it. It’s not fun. It’s hard work. However, it’s very important that this service be available to our community.” (more…)


Michael Hinojosa, courtesy Dallas ISD

To nobody’s surprise, the Dallas school board voted 6-1 to approve the hiring of former Dallas ISD superintendent Michael Hinojosa to his old post permanently. He had been serving as interim superintendent of Dallas public schools since June.

The lone dissenting vote was Joyce Foreman.

Hinojosa will be paid $350,000 a year, and will still collect his $200,000 per year pension. He did choose to eschew some perks, such as cell phone allowance, health insurance and car allowance, board president Eric Cowan told the Dallas Morning News Monday, prior to tonight’s called meeting.