Elegance never goes out of style, but it’s always nice to give a home a modern refresh. This Mediterranean masterpiece in Preston Hollow was just updated by CandysDirt.com Approved Builder Hudson Construction Group and awaits you with fresh finishes, gracious open rooms, and luxurious amenities you never knew you needed. Soon, you won’t be able to live without things like the master suite’s private coffee bar, which can transport you to Tanzania or Brazil every morning with just one sip. Fully remodeled and move-in ready, this listing is already the center of attention on the market. 


North Dallas Torando

6442 Chevy Chase

Where do you go when you’ve been displaced from your home by the North Dallas tornado? Hotels are booked solid up and down North Central Central Expressway, and frankly, they’re nowhere to keep kids and pets for more than a couple of days. What do you do?

You turn to a savvy Dallas Realtor, of course! Our Realtor community is pulling together like crazy to help those affected by the North Dallas tornado get to a new normal, fast.

“My phone started ringing Sunday night,” Compass Real Estate principal Jonathan Rosen said. “People are calling to ask if a seller would be open to leasing a home, especially a staged home so they can move in immediately. We are doing everything we can to get people into houses and help in any way we can. We’ve also had calls on what’s available for purchase.”

When you consider the area of town most affected by the North Dallas tornado, it makes perfect sense to move into a staged luxury home, if you can. The homes getting the most traction are listed at anywhere between $2 and $4 million.


This beautiful luxury Mediterranean home almost hit the auction block. I’m going to tell you why it didn’t, and how it was transformed into a house that will knock your socks off.

But first, let’s talk about why there are so many luxury properties sitting on the market. Guess what? It’s not the price point. We have plenty of money in this city. It’s because no buyer wants to update, especially when their wallet can easily tolerate building a new home to their exact specifications.

I took a quick look at Realtor.com last night and saw so many properties over $3 million that had been sitting there for over a year that I lost count. Almost every single one had the same problems. (more…)

When house hunting in Highland Park, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find luxury, but one thing that can be trickier to come by is character. That’s why we’re presenting you with this gorgeous Highland Park home full of personality and special details to make your hunt a little easier. From the moment you lay eyes on the Mediterranean-style abode, you will feel an instant connection and sense that this is a place where life unfolds. The enchanting Cyprus trees and arched front door will warmly beckon you inside each time you stroll up your walkway, that is if you’re lucky enough to be the new owner.

The romantic exterior is so breathtaking guests may get distracted and forget to ring the doorbell. Usher them in, but be prepared for friends and family to gush over everything they see, from the pristinely trimmed hedges to the bright foyer brimming with charm. Intricate millwork, high ceilings, a stately staircase, and herringbone wood floors welcome guests into your 6,457-square-foot home with style.  


Give Elliott Perry, president of Hudson Construction, a call. Anytime. If he doesn’t get back to you within five minutes, he’s either on a plane or something is seriously wrong. “We’re not only client-focused—we’re client-obsessive. This business isn’t rocket science. It’s customer service and hard work.”

According to the CandysDirt.com Approved Builder, attention to detail is key. So is hiring the very best talent for each project, from architect to designer to project manager.  “New construction is a team approach. You have to take every piece and figure out how to make it all work together.”

Twin brother Alex, a senior vice president with Allie Beth Allman, plays an integral role.  The pair have a special alliance, offering up a unique blend of insight and experience.

“We’re two young hungry guys — one specializing in building and construction; the other, laser-focused on managing people and servicing clients,” says Alex.  “We both live and breathe real estate.”

They credit their strong work ethic to a lifetime talking business at family dinners. (Dad, David Perry, was a top producer in Los Angeles; the pair also have two older brothers.)

“With four boys, you had to fight to get a word in edgewise. While you’re competitive growing up, as you get older, they become assets,” says Elliott.


Preston Hollow luxury transitional

If you like to host big Fourth of July parties — and I mean big — this Preston Hollow luxury transitional is the house of your star-spangled dreams. Imagine watching fireworks from a water slide!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a home that was more suited to entertainment. However, if you’re a homebody, you won’t ever want to leave, because this house has it all.

Allie Beth Allman listing agent Alex Perry must have felt like Bill Hader’s Stephon character on Saturday Night Live describing the latest hot nightclub as he told me about the amenities in this home.

“You don’t often find a three-acre estate in Preston Hollow with a creek in front, that is new construction, has a tennis court, theme park water slide, indoor basketball court, and a two-story garage,” Perry said. And yes, it’s tall enough to put in car lifts if you need them.


It’s not often that a home takes your breath away, but this Preston Hollow residence in the coveted Lobello Estates community effortlessly wins that reaction. As you drive up to the French country-style manor, the stately stone façade and grand porte-cochere exude Old World glamour. Imagine guests stepping out of their cars dressed to the nines and walking through the arched front door, where servers holding silver trays of champagne cocktails await inside. This 1920s-esque, Gatsby dream located at 5431 Ursula Lane could be your reality if you’re the lucky person to call this property home next.


Driving up to this stunning home in the coveted Devonshire neighborhood, you might instantly get an inkling that your house hunt is over. The one-level beauty sweeps you off your feet immediately with a stately yet welcoming stone exterior, and once you go inside, you’ll continue to swoon. With endless elegance and rooms full of natural light, you’ll always feel light as a feather here, which is how it should be when you’re at home.