Charming Cabin Near Deep Ellum & Fair Park

Hey, have you heard? It’s hot outside, which leaves most of us dreaming of cooler climates like the mountains or the beach or anything near water or possibly a glacier.

Unfortunately, that’s not always on the itinerary because of work, commitments, and lack of bags of cash. The good news is, you can still get away and enjoy the cool comforts of someone else’s A/C.

Check out this handful of Airbnbs we handpicked for their unique look, location and again, the opportunity to enjoy cooler temps inside not-your-house.

Charming Cabin Near Deep Ellum and Fair Park

Escape the city in a real live cabin (pictured above). Conveniently located less than a gas tank away in Urbandale in Southeast Dallas.

Why It Made The List: It’s out there, but like near here and Superhost Grady said the cabin is “Crafted from pine felled and hand-planed in Boone, N.C.” New rule: If you use the word “felled,” you’re going to make the list.


The city’s fourth largest city is being pummeled by one of the most destructive storms in American history. 30% of Harris County is flooded. It appears that Houstonians in a single family house need a boat as much as they do an auto to navigate. And worse of all, at least five people have now lost their lives due to this storm.

So Airbnb, trying to be flip (I guess), sent out a promotional email campaign on Monday touting “floating world” destinations.

The marketing email included headlines like, “How to spend a day – or an entire trip – without touching dry land,” and “Stay above the water: live the life aquatic with these floating homes.”

Airbnb does engage in promotional campaigns for unique accommodations, such as treehouses and geodesic domes for rent. And the floating home promo may have been done months ago, before Harvey was known as a destructive hurricane. Still, this could have been caught. When I was in TV news, we pulled airline ads whenever there was a plane crash report. This campaign should probably have been put on hold despite automation.

Still, Airbnb has waived its service fee for homeowners listing their properties on the site who will take in Houston’s homeless for free. Which is a very nice gesture.



Yeah, as slim and skinny as your turkey carcass is right about now. And the decision could affect Airbnb properties all over the state, which could mean those holiday guests stay with YOU!

The 4th Court of Appeals in San Antonio has ruled in favor of a San Antonio homeowners association screaming that a homeowner was violating deed restrictions when he rented out his house for short-term stays. As in what you do wth Airbnb.

Kenneth Tarr rented his San Antonio house about 31 times after being transferred to Houston in 2014. The property was in a deed-restricted neighborhood.

Residential use, it appears, means you cannot turn your home into a hotel whenever you need a little extra cash.

The appeals agreed that turning your home into a piggy bank with short term rentals violates a restriction in the deeds: properties must be for residential use only.

Are short term rentals a commercial use of your home? (more…)