TREC Issues Statement on Seditious Acts at Capitol: No Action Will Be Taken

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Several people have reported North Texas broker Jenna Ryan to the Texas Real Estate Commission for her participation in the violent insurrection at the Capital on Jan. 6. However, TREC issued a statement today saying that the conduct of these individuals is essentially outside their purview.

While the rally-turned-insurrection during the March for Trump event resulted in several arrests and even more public firings, the Texas Real Estate Commission issued a statement this afternoon saying that while they’ve received numerous reports about licensees participating in felonious and seditious acts, the commission’s hands are tied.

As the statement outlines, “the Commission may suspend or revoke a license holder that is convicted of a felony or a criminal offense involving fraud,” however, “generally, this authority is limited to conduct the license holder undertakes while engaged in real estate brokerage.

Jenna Ryan, a Frisco broker that gave an interview as she was on layover headed back from the ill-fated events at the Capitol, was just one Texas real estate professional that is under fire after filming themselves while trespassing on the grounds of the houses of Congress. Ryan was one of five North Texas real estate professionals that chartered a private jet to the rally.

Five people died from injuries sustained during the insurrection, including Ashli Babbit, a retired Air Force veteran from California who shot to death by Secret Service officers. Three more civilians died during the violence. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who was beaten by rioters with a fire extinguisher, died from his injuries later.

Here’s the full statement from TREC:

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) has received many comments and requests related to license holders’ involvement in the events that occurred at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. The Commission is limited in the action it may take against real estate license holders by the Real Estate License Act, the governing law that describes the Commission’s jurisdiction. For instance, the Commission may suspend or revoke a license holder that is convicted of a felony or a criminal offense involving fraud.  

While the Commission has the authority to suspend or revoke a license in other circumstances, generally, this authority is limited to conduct the license holder undertakes while engaged in real estate brokerage. 

The Commission offers valuable resources to the public, including license holder search and disciplinary action search tools to verify information about a license holder they are working with.  Additionally, the Commission has provided extensive FAQs related to qualifications, disclosing a crime to TREC, and other enforcement matters.  

The Commission exists to protect consumers of real estate services in Texas. Through complaints, the Commission is able to enforce the Real Estate License Act.  If you believe there has been a  violation of the Real Estate License Act, please file a complaint with the Commission.  

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  1. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says

    Realtors representing Frisco buyers would be ethically obligated to provide information about the listings of Jenna Ryan to their clients. However, Americans who love and support our Constitution and Democracy could ethically decline to consider those listings.

  2. Leonard Sessions says

    Since you have identified har and three others who participated in the march on the Capital, you should inform the FBI who they are.

  3. Seditious Suzy says

    The original article by “wordsmith” Joshua Baethge sure whipped up some dirt for you Candy. Jenna Ryan is no doubt a hot mess, but having grown up in Frisco in the 50’s & 60’s, we Frisco girls have never been intimidated by the kinds of comments I saw in the original article. Potential clients of Ms. Ryan are no doubt safe, now that she’s been tried and convicted here on Candy’s Dirt, even though she hasn’t been stripped of her license…yet. If and when the FBI determines that Ms. Ryan deserves it, I’ll provide the tar and feathers we’ll take care of it here in Collin County. Until then, I will continue to enjoy Jon Anderson’s well researched and documented articles. *And no, I don’t know Ms. Ryan, never heard of her until the original article-I’m willing to speculate that she will likely gain as many new clients as she loses as a result of it.

  4. Joe says

    They comin’ fer ya Jenna!! “Best day of her life”, aye??

    The US attorney said today:
    “If you were there at the US Capitol, agents will be knocking on your door. Now is your chance to come forward,” Antuono said.

    He described the 160 to 170 criminal cases currently open against rioters as “the tip of the iceberg”.

    Woohoo!! Catch the dirty insurrectionist!!

  5. James Green says

    Jenna Ryan is about to face the consequences of her illegal acts and actions something her white privilege card will not be able to overcome. The next ride she gets with not be in private plane but a very public bus ride to jail where she belongs. All reasoning, lies, winning and crying will not help Ms. Ryan now as she stands to lose her Texas Real Estate License, business, and livelihood by none then her own purposeful actions. She deserves it all and not pardon will be forth coming as well as should not for her own actions.

  6. eric smith says

    She is a terrorist and traitor, no different than ISIS. She should be sent to Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

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