Frisco Broker Jenna Ryan Posts Photos While Crashing Capitol Hill During March For Trump

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Jenna Ryan March For Trump Jan. 6

Update: Jenna Ryan was arrested Jan. 15 on federal charges.

On Jan. 6, among the crowd of people breaking into Capitol Hill was Jenna Ryan, a Frisco-based broker of her eponymous firm, who chronicled her “patriotic fight” heavily on social media. reached out to her as she was on a layover, headed home from a protest-turned-violent-insurrection that left Ashli Babbit, a California woman, shot to death and three more dead. Several Capitol Police officers were severely injured, and one officer, Brian Sicknick, died of his injuries.

According to Jenna Ryan, she was headed home and had just taken a Xanax when she answered my phone call. She gave us a few minutes to chat about her adventure, which she documented on both Facebook and Twitter.

Jenna Ryan March For Trump Jan. 6
Jenna Ryan posted on social media about storming the “capital [sic]” on Jan. 6.

She says she’s a “really good agent with lots of integrity.” She’s so good, in fact, she claims to only work 15 hours a week and still makes “a ton of money and sells a ton of homes.”  Her clients, she says, love her.

Ryan added that the man she attended the pro-Trump rally with has a private jet and is also very successful.

Ryan proudly posted on Facebook the previous morning that she was planning to “storm the capital [sic]” that day.  She said that decision was made when the crowd at a pro-Trump rally learned that Vice President Mike Pence was about to ignore pleas from the president and instead certify the presidential election as required by the constitution.

“Then they were like, ‘someone got shot in there,’ and we were like we don’t care because our freedom is more important to us than our lives because the whole premise is give us liberty or give us death,” she said. “We are frontline patriots who are fighting for liberty.”

According to Ryan, the elections were rigged, and President-elect Joe Biden is going to turn the United States into Venezuela. Ryan says does not see anything wrong with what she did. Ryan says her actions are not as serious as sedition. In fact, Ryan said she feels it wasn’t even trespassing, claiming the event was set up and police actually encouraged them to go in. 

As for the more than 50 police officers injured and the damage left behind, Ryan claimed that none of that was done by Trump supporters. Instead, Ryan blamed Antifa, claiming they were well-camouflaged by masks.

Ryan says she’s not worried about her actions hurting her business because her supporters love her and are backing her up.

Ryan has taught social media classes for agents and has also hosted a radio show on KFXR 1190 AM, a local commercial radio station owned by iHeartMedia.  

National Association of Realtors President Charlie Oppler issued a statement regarding the protest that Ryan and other North Texans attended.

“The scenes we are watching unfold as a nation are shocking and leave us in disbelief,” Oppler said. “America’s largest trade association stands with our democracy and our nation’s centuries-old observance of peaceful protests and the peaceful transfer of power. What happened today at the U.S. Capitol was an assault on both.”

“Members of Congress, their staff, Capitol Police Officers and workers at the U.S. Capitol today came under attack,” Oppler added. “These are scenes that should not stand in the United States of America and are no part of our fabric as a free, compassionate, and tolerant people.”

Jenna Ryan March For Trump Jan. 6
Quickly, Ryan’s images from her foray into felony trespassing started making the rounds, eliciting outrage.

RELATED: Read the federal affidavit for Jenna Ryan’s arrest.

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Joshua Baethge

Joshua Baethge is a writer, editor and general wordsmith who has written for a variety of media outlets. At, his primary focus is agent migration where he catches up with real estate professionals on the move. A native of Houston, Josh originally came to the DFW to study at the University of North Texas. He graduated many years ago but never left the area. Today he lives in the ‘burbs with his wife and two young kids.

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  1. Rabbi Hedda LaCasa says

    Jenna Ryan interfered with the rule of law, assisted in the delay of the certification of our Presidential election as required by our beloved Constitution, and thereby perpetrated a direct assault on our cherished democracy.

    • Daniel Byrne says

      “The liability of individual conspirators continues on from the time they joined the plot until it ends or until they withdraw. The want of an individual’s continued active participation is no defense as long as the underlying conspiracy lives and he has not withdrawn.” Since pipe bombs were found, all co-conspirators can face an explosives charge.

    • Nancy says

      It had already been decided by the Dems. A total set up. The Dems haven’t followed the constitution once n get away with it! They r true socialists n want to destroy trump n all of America. People need to wake up! Where were all of these big wigs during the ravaging of all the cities, killing, burning buildings, etc???

      • KcJones says

        Go away. You lost. No one cares. We win/ we win we win. So much winning. All 3 branches of government. The good news for you is that Democrats and Joe Biden truly are decent human beings and public servants who strive to work for the good of the people. So, unless you were dumb enough to fall for Trumps con & are going to prison fir sedition, you should be A OK!

      • Geoff Coleman says

        Sounds to me like you and Jenna have been taking too many Xanax. No set up- candidates are nominated, elections take place and ballots are cast. Trump lost by over 7 million votes. How can you support that disturbed man? What’s wrong with you? Look into one of your mirrors and recite something like “I am a dumb motherfucker and I don’t deserve the privilege that comes with being a law abiding citizen of these United State.”
        Have a nice day… Go Joe!!

      • BGDavis says

        Hello? “the ravaging of all the cities, killing, burning buildings, etc” all took place on Trump’s watch. Some of the killings were by pro-Trumpers. Where was he?
        As for the rest of your rant, please find some honest sources of information and educate yourself.

      • Kayaker has says

        I believe the police were beating, gassing, and shooting people at the locations you’re mentioning. Please stop believing conspiracies without reading about the facts

        • Lauren says

          You mean they were beating, gassing, and shooting people that entered the Capital building with guns, pipe bomb, swords, and handcuffs threatening the the live of the Vice President of US and the Speaker of the House? I believe that’s called terrorism.

      • Kathy Shaw-Vaughan says

        Grow up Nancy. Quit being one of the brainwashed sheep. Think for yourself. You can be Republican or Democrat or Independent but you don’t need to be a sheep who merely repeats the lies she’s heard on Fox News or Breitbart. Read multiple sources, not just the right wing radical sources.

        • Tyranny Rising says

          Oh okay, well let’s not believe the MSM, that is a wonderful idea.

          I know it is hard to use your own mind and not do your own research…but those weren’t actual Trump MAGAs that rioted in the Capitol. Sure some got caught up in the moment and entered when they shouldn’t have, but the fact that your precious MSM isn’t reporting the facts that the main videographer content used rallied an AntiFa gathering just before “the patriots” raided the capitol. This would explain why the raid started before Trump’s speech was even over. This would also explain why there was an ocean of Trump gear at the actual rally, but all these non Trump gear wearing people at the Capitol…You need to open your eyes.

      • Dan Bath says

        Ya, well all those who are responsible for the 5 deaths, and for the destruction and for the threats who ALL were insane Republicans or Qanon nutjobs will face jail time. You can complain from jail all you want, it wont help.

        Sedition is not cool, theats to our Government is not cool. Zero election Fraud, and only idiots would say otherwise.

      • Donald Bur says

        You have no idea what you are talking about. Trump has done more damage to the US than any other person in history. Aside from the loss of international reputation, which I’m sure you know nothing about, there are over 400,000 Americans dead from Covid and the economy is in a shambles.

        The Dems, as you call them, are going to try and fix things, even though the country is in a worse state than when the last Republican president left. Clearly you have no idea what socialism is, or you wouldn’t call them socialist.

      • Aimee Lyon says

        President Trump hire family in the office when that’s illegal. He has touched women without their permission. He has broken so many laws and apparently it’s all the Democrats fault? You need help

      • Jody says

        You are clearly insane. Dems would never interrupt certifying an election count for Biden. Trumptards would. Take responsibility for once.

    • TrumpMAGA says

      Because the Party of BLM-Antifa is loves democracy from beating up Trump supporters leaving his rallies to setting cities on fire across our great nation. So a few old crow politicians get their feathers ruffled at their swamp castle on Capitol Hill, but when were Dallas Dirty People when BLM killed five police officers in Dallas and across the country and smalll business owners losing everything because of those punks. Where were you Dirty People??? I don’t see where this demonized gal damaged any property at the Capitol. Vagina hat folks were protesting and interrupting the Senate hearings for Brett Kanvanaugh all week and ran off Senator Chuck Grassley and staff before occupying his office.. Where were you sanctimonious Dirty People of Dallas???

      • BGDavis says

        Look! A squirrel!
        Let’s do a bigger squirrel: “where were you when Charlie Manson…”
        See how easy it is? Now you try again!

      • bob says

        so trumpers brought cuff zupties and built gallows outside for giggles. no it was to hang pence and Pelosi she was the in the building involved in the insurrection. she needs to be held accountable. it wasn’t a school field trip to the Capitol it was a “revolution ” as they were saying. really a failed coup at best. she is simply a traitor to the United states of America and is lucky it’s not 100 years ago or pine box is were traitors go.

    • Cheryl Myrick says

      Jenna Ryan needs to turn herself in to FBI. Like every other trump supporter, believed she did nothing wrong. if that is true, why is she caught lying about it? Why does she lie and say,” Antifa did the damage”. Hours earlier she said,”we’re going to break windows”. Arrest her. Americans are tired of the common lies and the disrespect of our Nation’s Congressional building in the name of ‘Jesus’. Shame on you, Jenna Ryan.

      • wayne moore says

        This is the most important point. If you want to do civil disobedience, then stand up and be accountable. Hiding your involvement later means you are ashamed of your actions. Then why do it in the first place? Do the time if you want to be a real revolutionary. Don’t cry later and blame the media.

    • Pence says

      Jenna Ryan is a fool and a traitor. No one should ever buy or sell a home again. You don’t defend a traitorous President you defend the country and Constitution that’s what you Trumpist treasonous morons are incapable of understanding. What is wrong with this country is that a racist conspiracy theorist idiot protected by white privilege can have any job at all let alone a millionaire twit who only has to work 15 hours a week, and she’s angry, what a stupid child she is, just like her precious baby-man fake Christian Blump. They deserve each other.

    • Pam says

      Jenna Ryan=Traitor

      When you go to the dictionary and look for the word “traitor” Jenna Ryan’s photo appears!!!

    • Bob W says

      What a pathetic privileged snowflake! “Gosh we were having a revolution and then people got mean to me!” Maybe some prison time will force a realization that violent trespassing in furtherance of a delisional theory of election fraud has consequences. But she genuinely appears too dumb to put actions and consequences together.

  2. DGirl75 says

    Disgusting and not worth the column space on this website. Honestly disappointed in Candy’s Dirt for even printing this. This woman gleefully participated in an act of insurrection, an attack on the US Capitol. She’s clearly worshiping at the altar of Trump and is a a domestic terrorist. She should be arrested, no highlighted. And don’t forget to send her name to the FBI!

  3. Trisha Lucas says

    What an embarrassment to North Texas! This is definitely not the type of individual that reflects our great state. We believe in freedom, and democracy, not anarchy and chaos. I feel so ashamed of this woman’s vile and thug-like behavior. 5 Americans lost their lives, including a Police officer! I am completely appalled.

  4. A Sideman says

    She’s a digusting domestic terrorist and I hope she loses her RE license. I will be personally calling her firm and the licensing board to have her credentials reviewed

    • Terry Waterman says

      Did you NOT see the footage of ANTIFA infiltrated with fewer Trump supporters going thru the barrier and the Officers let them in?? JENNA stated that the offers allowed them to go into theCapital. And, what about the footage of Officers standing along the wall, letting them walk right in, up the stairs to the Rotunda? Why did the Capital Police Chief send home multiple Officers earlier in the day?? I guess the Police Chief didn’t consider the cost of selling himself out and giving in to the Democrats’ plan to allow chaos to ensue(so much so, that he resigned yesterday)…all in an attempt to ruin President Trump‘s legacy of stellar Policies. You(they) may not like his style, but that is no reason to outright hate him. Most of them have been in Congress/Senate for decades and haven’t succeeded in a quarter of what President Trump accomplished in only 4Years, all the while Democrats went on a witch hunt to throw him out of office. Can you imagine what they could have accomplished if they would have worked together with the current administration instead of constructing an impeachment based on Clinton’s paid-for dossier filled with false allegations about President Trump and Schiff fabricating/writing a “parody” filled with lies & statements, which President Trump never said. All made up! And, I bet you devoured every word as if it were true.
      The most destructive were ANTIFA infiltrators that caused the most damage. We know this because of the facial recognition cameras at and in the Capital that have been identified as ANTIFA members who appeared in riots across the nation since May. So, what about ANTIFA AND BLM rioting, looting, committing arson and other crimes of destruction against persons, commercial and government properties in cities across America?? Pelosi was interviewed about what was happening and all she said is, “Well, they’re going to do what they’re going to do” and shrugged her shoulders. Maxine Waters invited hatred and utter violence towards GOP Congressmen and Congresswomen and Trump supporters, talking in a crowd, on national TV. Kamala incited violence in interviews on national TV, along with many other Democrat leaders.
      I call for everyone of them & more to be impeached/charged-&, there are too many to name here!

      President Trump’s Policies have been the BEST for the benefit of ALL AMERICANS! And, the power-hungry Democrats are revealed as a disgrace for their hate-driven plots against President Trump! Let it be said, there are also Never-Trump RINOs, who have failed ALL Americans.
      By the way, you won’t hear this on CNN, MSNBC, etc!

      • Dave says

        Really? Show any pics of 1/6/21 that have Antifa/BLM people from another event. Will wait forever because you’re lying…

      • Elin says

        Thank you Terry for being brave enough to speak the TRUTH and to stick up for this woman who has done nothing wrong.

        • Joan Baez says

          @Elin – A police officer and 4 other people lost their lives on Wednesday and this is your response? What this woman did is treason, as she took part in attacking a federal building which was full of elected officials doing their democratic duty. She openly tried to stop democratic process from moving forward. Elin, what you are supporting sounds an awful lot like fascism dressed up as nationalism. The Nazis did the same thing by saying that Jews were drinking the blood of children (a current popular QAnon theory) in order to get woman to support the cause. This woman is a disgrace and your lack unwavering support for a selfish megalomaniac is just as disturbing.

          Good day madam and god bless America

          • elin says

            I am sure she used my name and its likes as well as “Terry’s” from her social media sights I left my outrage on to try and save face. With that said, I could not agree with you more. Flight 93 were Patriots for Dying for our Capitol. This woman, Jenna and the others that stormed are Terrorist lead by Lies . I am in hopes she is arrested soon.

      • Jane l Phillips says

        You are so wrong maybe you and your MAGA TERRORISTS should consider taking your selves and leader to another country start over you know like how Liberia was started go away you are not wanted here or go back into your closet

      • Jody says

        Your right, we won’t hear this on CNN, MSNBC because your spewing off baseless claims. Antifa was not there, it’s been debunked. Trumptards have been arrested, they didn’t wear masks and facial recognition cameras got every last one identity. Dumb trumptards. Take responsibility for once. You people are bat shit crazy conspiracy theorists.

    • Jess Yonesss says

      She also has a book deal in the works that she mentioned on her YouTube channel “SelfLoveU,” she said it should be printed soon by her publisher and available at Target. Would love to let her publisher and Target know about her actions and disgusting statements about working class people and not caring about people who died at the riots.

  5. Mike Cope says

    The FBI will be calling on Ms Ryan soon. I believe that, due to *rump having stiffened the law, the sentence is up to ten years. She could well have a long time to think about her criminal trespass.

    • RL says

      FBI need to arrest her as she arrive in Dallas,TX. She’s already state. She not worried about her actions!! Again!! Not remorse!! Privileged Actions!! She very proud!

    • Jessica Yonesss says

      Her stated threats/intentions of violence to break windows at the Capitol and at news outlets will be used against her in court. Funny how criminals always record themselves doing and saying things that will put them behind bars.

  6. Jennifer says

    Horrible and she needs to be held accountable! How is this something any normal person could justify?!!! Where is the outrage? Her leader has thrown her under the bus! What a disgrace!

  7. Topcliffe says

    “I’m on the cutting edge” LOLOLOLOL!!! Yeah, sweetie, you’re about to be on the cutting edge of a chain gang.

    And you just *know* Cecily Strong is already rehearsing for this one because the script is already written.

  8. Dan Blair says

    Why is she not in jail yet? She publicly admitted her intentions to “storm the capitol” then there are pictures of her doing it. I know the FBI has their hands full right now but hold this one up as an example, charge her with a felony, take away her right to vote, maybe she’ll calm down then

  9. Ann says

    Ms Ryan posted on her FB page that offers are “pouring in” from the media to talk to her. Now that we have learned, sadly, that a Capitol Hill policeman has died from injuries suffered as a result of the riots, she may want to forget the media and clear her schedule for a chat with the F.B.I.

  10. Chris says

    She is so arrogant; no apologies. People died, people were injured and democracy was weakened by these traitors. And to blame ANTIFA? That is the typical go to. These traitors posted hours of film and thousands of photos. This was called “the storm” on Parler, Reddit and other far right sites. She should suffer the consequences for her actions. I know the FBI has already been notified of her actions.

      • JoD says

        This is our business! When a bunch ignorant people get together to try and disrupt democracy at it’s core and make us look like a bunch of fools to the rest of the world, they should be punished! Any person in there right mind would not trust their investments with such a selfish and convoluted person. God Bless America!

      • Jane Phillips says

        I am an American veteran that is my house they desecrated with there ugly hateful MAGA TERRORISTS selves so this is my business. A man was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher THINK ABOUT THAT SHE HAS BLOOD ON HER HANDS LOCK HER UP

  11. Joachim Tangemann says

    What a vile and deluded person. The obvious stupidity and hubris is staggering. Sucfh individuals are a shame and embarassment to America. Worshipping this vainglorious, narcissistic, imbecilic loser Trump.

  12. Marci says

    Actual trash. She’s so proud of herself. I’m sure she shouted from the rooftops that blue lives matter and looting and rioting was horrific when it was convenient for her. Now, she claims her loyalty to trump is more important than life itself…not just her life, but anyone else that perished that day, including a police officer that died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. Can you imagine how he felt? His family will never see him again. What a ridiculous lunatic of a woman.

  13. SN says

    Thank you for alerting those of us in Texas. This is horrible. Pls report to FBI. It’s shameful and there must be repercussions. I wouldn’t feel comfortable interacting with this individual or giving her my business .

    • Julie Armour says

      I have reported her the Frisco Police as have others. I am on hold with the FBI Tip line right now to make sure that they are aware of where this woman lives and works.

  14. Anonymous says

    May be helpful to report her to the FBI with this link

    That takes you to a link for the following …. The FBI is seeking information that will assist in identifying individuals who are actively instigating violence in Washington, DC. The FBI is accepting tips and digital media depicting rioting and violence in the U.S. Capitol Building and surrounding area in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021.

  15. Jo McKinsey says

    Oh my god; I cannot believe CandysDirt posted this! Only someone as out of touch and narcissistic as our President would make the remarks, and participate in these shameful acts. Jenna Ryan does not deserve any recognition except being marched off to jail.

  16. Angelica Moran says

    I hope they hold her accountable to the fullest extent of the law. She is a complete disgrace to this country. My son serves this country proudly for OUR FREEDOM AND ITS GARBAGE LIKE THIS THAT DOESN’T DESERVE IT . She needs to be arrested and charged.

  17. Sharon says

    What real estate agency is she with? What agency would want her associated with their name? And hope her license is pulled. She can fly to hell in her friends private jet. OR she can use the jet to fly to the funerals of the ones killed. Explain to their families why their deaths occurred.

  18. Tx in CA says

    And she blames non-existent “Antifa?” Classy.

    Texans need to get out and vote. Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert, who enabled the creature, are not a good look for the state.

  19. E. Carr says

    Her mindset…
    “Then they were like, ‘someone got shot in there,’ and we were like we don’t care because our freedom is more important to us than our lives because the whole premise is give us liberty or give us death,” she said. “We are frontline patriots who are fighting for liberty.”

    Speaks well of her “patriotism” and humanity!

    She and all of the insurrectionists should be prosecuted to the fullest!!!

  20. KM says

    Where is the Candysdirt article outing all the agents who participated in the violent BLM riots? I know of at least 3 who were involved in Deep Ellum. Nice to see this organization will pick and choose what to be “outraged” about.

    • Lisa says

      It wasn’t THE CAPITOL building ..that is a federal offense with 10 years for trespassing in federal property, for vandalising. She should be hauled to the max and anyone else who participated in this riot. And for one BLM was protesting police brutality..not because they were pissed because their role model didn’t win the election…big big difference.

    • Chris says

      If you know their names, post them. If not, don’t speak and spread lies. We are done with right wing fake news.

    • Ronnie says

      BLM was not involved in the destruction of the Capitol, death of a Capitol police officer and the attack on American democracy. What an idiotic statement to compare the actions of BLM vs the domestic terrorist who should all be imprisoned.

    • FH says

      Marches and outrage over the murders of unarmed black men and systemic racism is not remotely close to attacking the legislative branch of the U.S. government by storming the Capitol in a coup attempt. One is for social justice. The other is treason and sedition – and, solely because your candidate came out on the losing end of an election. SMH

  21. Steve says

    Her realtor license should be revoked immediately, and she should be charged with the crimes she has admitted to doing in her posts. Then, she should be in prison.

  22. CG in TX says

    Thank you for posting this….The thugs that disgraced our country need to be held accountable. Even though I strongly disagree, she had every right to say the election was stolen, but she had no right to trespass and participate in that mob.

    In case you’re wondering:
    Her twitter is @JennaRyanRealty
    The radio that hosts her show is @talkradio1190

  23. Tx in CA says

    And it’s important to note that the group that stormed the Capitol carried Confederate flags, with some sporting anti-Semitic tees. Check the Washington Post pictures.

  24. Steve says

    She should be reported to the federal authorities and held fully accountable for her despicable actions against our democracy and nation.

  25. Janey Phillips says

    Why are you giving lip service to this criminal by giving her space on this normally informative blog? She should be fired, lose her license, and charged with criminal trespass and accessory to murder. I would never hire, do business, or associate with someone of this ilk.

  26. Jerri says

    Per her Facebook posts, Jenna Ryan traveled to DC on a private jet with Brian Miller, Katie Schwab, and one other male whose name I did not see. In one video, the girl who I think might be Katie, admits to making it inside the building. In another video, Jenna is back at the hotel describing the scene of people climbing the walls and stated that Brian was still there. She added that he might be the guy she saw on the news with the white cowboy hat at the front of the mob.

    • TX Gal says

      The other woman, Katie Schwab, bragged on a since deleted FB account about storming the capital & “raising hell”. She has been fired from Century 21, Mike Bowman Inc. Their statement includes the following “has been made aware of posts by Katie Schwab. Such conduct does not comport to the policies and values of our company. This agent is no longer associated with Century 21 Mike Bowman Inc”.

  27. Caroling sunshine says

    I certainly hope Candy’s Dirt published articles with as much detail about the riots and looting and shootings in 2020.

  28. Gabriel says

    I hope they pull her license to sell real Estate they just need to put her I jail I’am okay with peaceful protest but what they did was just uncalled for hateful and right we look ridiculous to the whole world and that what Trump wanted ..I can’t stand him ….

    • Chris says

      Because she is an agent first and secondly, a domestic terrorist. She will be punished to the fullest extent of the law as president Trump said.

  29. Mami Nunya says

    Check out her previous disciplinary actions with TREC, the realtor licensing board. She apparently was practicing without a license in 2019. Look her up. You can also file a complaint at:

  30. Patty says

    I am not a believer in violence, but where was all this uproar when BLM and antifa were rioting in cities across the country, destroying property and killing people. Just saying!!!!!

    • NeverTrumpGOP says

      @Patty – violence and destruction are always wrong. But this is not a “bad people on both sides” situation.

      Jenna Ryan all of the other Trump supporters actually INVADED & ATTACKED THE US CAPITOL. Something that has not happened in over 200 years. This was a coup attempt and for all they Capitol police did wrong, at least they and many brave Secret Service agents did usher Congress and VP Pence to safety and ensure that our continuity of government would be protected.

      Looting property is wrong; attempting to loot democracy and overthrow the elected government is treasonous.

      If you cannot see the difference, you are part of the problem.

    • Tim says

      Couldn’t agree more. Where were all these self righteous, appalled liberals when out of control mobs of BLM and Antifa killed and injured innocent citizens and business owners as they rioted, destroyed, looted and burned cities across America for over half of a year. All these holier than thou people posting here that claim to hold such high morals were just a few months ago holding TVs, Gucci bags and new sneakers as they ran in and out businesses, looting and destroying property. Can we spend some time talking about the unarmed female US war veteran that was shot in the throat at close range? For unlawful entry/trespassing? #justiceforashli Y’all need to go back to you George Floyd and Jacob Blake riots.

      • Art says

        Did you see why she was shot? She was part of an angry mob breaking through a barricaded door to get at legislators. The agent with the gun on the other side was announced and clearly visible. She made a terrible decision.

        If you think that’s the same as passing a possibly counterfeit $20 bill or selling loose cigarettes then you really need to do a huge amount of personal work.

    • Susan says

      Hellooooo, those people were arrested , this was an attack on our nation’s Capital where the VP, Senators, Etc were bunkered down over a LIE and not even a fraction of those thugs , terrorists were arrested. Are you crazy and just plain dumb for even asking a question like this

    • FH says

      For the record, you don’t believe in violence. You do believe the fictional narrative that BLM and Antifa were rioting and killing people all over the country. And we should not be in an “uproar” over armed citizens attacking the U.S. Capitol in a treasonous coup attempt to overthrow a legitimately elected government.

      You do believe in violence. Just the kind you’re on board with. Just saying.

    • Beth says

      It was there but maybe you didn’t notice. All who went to DC to riot need to go to jail and be brought up on capital charges.

  31. Marcus Matnee says

    The sad fact is, America has revealed it’s greatest weakness to the world (to all those factions and countries and regions that do not wish it well). That, incite it’s less educated and easily impressionable people in the right-crooked manner, the true-evil way, and they will crumble the nation from within. And all the more better coming from an illiterate, uneducated trash leader, who does not know right from wrong. The people who ‘stormed’ their own Capitol (come on, who does that, in a fully developed leader-nation) are surely accountable and must be punished. But, what about the devil himself who incited and led this ‘coup style revolution’, IN America (these people actually believe and say it’s a Revolution!). If we do not take action right now, we lose our place in the world as a true leader. May those in office now, with the right ethics (still), with the mindset to set things right for the greatest wrong that has been done, and with right leadership tones, must take action and pull down for ever, for good, this element that continually brings about shame to this great country and continues to destroy US institutions of law and order. Poor Proud Man.

  32. Patty says

    I do not believe in violence, but where was all this uproar when BLM and Antifa were destroying our cities across the country and innocent people were killed and businesses destroyed. Peaceful protests are fine but violence is wrong . I will however drfend my family if needed.

    • Goose says

      stop it. you fell for the antichrist. you promoted and supported evil. more of them should have been shot on spot upon breach. their lives do not matter. no more. the era is coming to an end. wake up or suffer the consequences of a society that wont tolerate BS anymore. we dont give a darn what u think about BLM and “antifa” (lol)….those who stand with Drumpf …its over. not just over, but the next 4 years will be nailing the coffin and creating prosperity for all and the death and destruction of those who interfere or support racism and inequities and plain idiocy

  33. alanonymous says

    Jenna Ryan might actually be the stupidest person on the face of the earth. Living in Frisco selling real estate, she hires a private jet to take her and friends to DC to stop Congress from counting electoral votes from an election that the DHS, DOJ, 60+ federal judges and the Supreme Court have concluded there is no evidence of voter fraud. Meanwhile, this poster child for white privilege, a person who has been afforded every freedom and opportunity this country has to offer gives us a running documentary of her insurrection as if she were on the slopes in Aspen. No remorse for the people who died, including a Capital police officer who was cold cocked by a fire extinguisher at 42 years of age. Well done Jenna. See you in 10 to 20

  34. Martha says

    Thank you for having the courage to publish this. I urge everyone to watch the full videos of these terrorists invading the hallowed halls of Congress. Jenna Ryan isn’t a patriot! She is desperate for attention. I felt sick seeing that mob assaulting police officers, screaming obscenities. And for the idiots whining but what about? Did protesters you are comparing these faux Patriots todrag excrement through the halls of Congress? Confederate flags? Shirts saying 6 million Jews weren’t enough? Did they have zip ties and tear gas to restrain members of Congress? What if your 41 year old son died serving as a Capitol cop so Jenna could play patriot? Watch the entire video and get back to me. Jenna Ryan? I hope and pray the FBI tracks you down. Your beloved Trump signed a new law, you’re looking at 10 years girl and so are your friends. Enjoy jail!

  35. Faye Shearer says

    5 people are dead. The police officer was brutally murdered with a blow from a fire extinguisher. Sedition,insurrection,perhaps even treason. She is complicit, the penalty,if convicted is 5 to 20 years plus enormous fines. She needs to be charged.

  36. Martha says

    Oh and Patty…BLM protest BECAUSE of this. Jenna Ryan got the kid glove treatment that no person of color would ever receive! Maybe you need to get out more, my friend! These rioters weren’t cuffed, tear gassed or arrested. No, your precious lil friend Jenna flew home like it was one big old party. And bragged about it!

  37. Joy says

    This twit is still posting! Keep it up Jenna just more evidence to put your ugly traitor self behind bars. Let’s not forget her arrogant friends Brian Miller and Katie Schwab. Maybe they can share a cell with her.

  38. Tiffany says

    Ryan, also runs a life-coaching business called SelfLoveU . Life coach!? I hope this “Life Coach” gets life. SelfHATEU

  39. Wily coyote 1943 says

    This woman’s hair bleach must have gone into her brain! She reminds one of the old jokes about the big hair blonde jokes from Texas, except that this is not funny, in any way. She should get in real trouble for this mindless diatribe she put forth, and is an embarrassment to herself, her family, and to Texas!

    • DebA says

      I was thinking the same thing she is the epitome of the character in Joe Dirt . Bleached out hair, bad make-up. Most importantly, morally bankrupt and void of common decensy.

  40. Sam says

    Disgusting that you gave this woman a platform to spew her ignorance and lies. She was proud to be a part of an insurgency. The FBI and the Department of Justice will be dealing with her. Good of her to give them so much information online. All that money she claims to have is going to be going for attorney’s fees.

  41. DebA says

    Love it!!!! So much winning Potus, Congress and now the Senate!!!!!
    Note to Jenna- you are morally bankrupt and void of common decency.

  42. Joe says

    The statute that she will probably be charged with; unlawfully entering a secured area at the capitol includes punishment of up to 10 years and fines if someone was injured or it was secured by the secret service which it was for VP Pence. Both are true so anyone who went past the original policeline that was breeched could be charged with the stiffer punishment. So Jenna and all her friends can enjoy their patriotism at a federal prison.

  43. Alex says

    Its funny how Trump supporters try to compare the riots for BLM, and the riots at the Capitol as if they were the same.

    You guys are really out here saying protesting for human rights and storming the capitol because you didn’t get what you want are the same thing? Like tf? Lets not forget that has those been black people rioting out there we would have had a lot more lives being lost. If that doesn’t prove white privilege I don’t know what does.

    As a white woman I am ashamed and disgusted.

    • Marcus Matnee says

      I used to hear folks call us White Trash. Now I know what they meant all these years (35+ years, on and off). We have really demoted ourselves on a global scale perpetually this time.

  44. Marcus Matnee says

    Let me get this straight: the person with the nuclear codes has been deemed too dangerous to have a twitter account? @JoePerticone


  45. Denise says

    Protesting for social Injustices and storming the Capitol because you didn’t like election results are not the same. The people who were rioting were rioting not protesting they used the protesting as a opportunity to riot they are not synonymous. There were protestors and rioters stop making them one person. This was a terrorist act and they accomplished nothing at all. She should be held accountable.

  46. Bob K says

    I have been following this story since it originally broke and went viral all over the world.

    It is interesting to note that she documented her entire trip and stay in DC.

    While she now says she did nothing wrong, the fact that she was in the crowd initially outside the Capitol building in previously cordoned off and restricted outside areas which the Capitol police had to abandon and retreat into the building for their own safety, makes her potentially subject to arrest and charges under Federal laws, which carry penalties of substantial fines AND incarceration of 1-10 years.

    In addition, in her live-streamed video on YouTube she enters the Capitol building through the broken door with the rest of the mob. She cannot deny she entered the Capitol.

    What is interesting is that at the end of the livestream she “identifies” a well known conspiracy theory media figure in the crowd outside the building in the same previously restricted and cordoned off area.

    In the many websites accepting comments on this subject, it is reported that she has been reported to the FBI and there is some indication that she has retained counsel. Who knows?

  47. Cheryl Myrick says

    LISA LEE. AMERICA is our country. Better mind your business. FBI is watching their business. God Bless America.

  48. Mason, Chris says

    Hop on a private plane, storm the Capitol, watch and learn of officers being brutally beaten and excuse the behavior behind the guise that you are a Patriot? Ryan has no respect for this country, and is an entitled new century terrorist. People died and those idiots accomplished nothing. Trump lost the Presidency, the Senate and the House… so I guess in the long run, he really did make America great again. I LOVE DEMOCRACY!

  49. zanekras says

    Just an FYI Jenna Ryan is no longer going by that name she is going by Jennifer Rodgers and changed her company name to First Place Real Estate. Her RE license number is still the same though!

  50. John says

    I believe she will see her livelihood gone when her license is revoked for a felony. So let’s let a court of law decide her fate. No need to see her fired beforehand.

  51. Mary Compton says

    Candysdirt… should be ashamed to associate yourself with Domestic Terrorists who are hunting down members of Congress in the Capitol Building in order to assassinate them, participating in the trashing and looting of the building, participating in the murder of a police officer and grave injury to other law enforcement whose job it was to protect and defend. I guess it fortunate that I don’t live where I can witness your program live, thank God, because my Gag reflex is strong and that would be my reaction to seeing your program. I hope you, and Jenna’s business are totally slammed by the public, and law enforcement. You are a disgrace but you have absolutely no idea what that even means because of the alternate reality you are so entrenched in. If you hate our nation so much…you need to pack up your stuff and move to an environment that you can appreciate. Syria, North Korea, China, Iran, Russia….etc.

    • mmJoanna England says

      Hi Mary. We’ve only reported facts as they were presented by sources, including quotes from Ms. Ryan. We have not associated, aligned, or endorsed any participants or their acts at the Jan. 6 rally-turned-riot.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  52. Tired of Trump Supporters says

    So Jenna let me get this correct…45 personally told you to go to DC. Invited you inside and prior you stated break the windows…and you want to be pardoned. So a few questions come to mind…did you drink bleach when he stated that would kill COVID….Did you think about your career when you made the statement…break the glass? And based on your interview…you love the Lord. Did the Lord approve of what you did? Their are people that should be pardoned…but my dear you are not one of them. And the next time you are on a plane…it’ll be flying you to federal prison. Don’t drop the soap!

  53. Gill says

    If I here one more moron compare riots in the Summer to the President of the US inciting an attack on the Capitol building I’m going to lose it.

  54. Brian M. says

    Well, I know here in CA, where I have held a RE license since 1986, my license would be revoked if I was convicted of a federal crime or felony. In addition, if a lesser legal violation showed a certain amount of moral turpitude (government overflow should qualify), the license can also be revoked. At this point I sure think it should be suspended until her infractions, insurrections, have been duly investigated and adjudicated. Bad judgment would seem to be her specialty.

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