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Exclusive: Reverchon Park Ballfield Deal on Deathbed; Blewett Wants Neighborhood to Shape Future

By Jon Anderson / September 17, 2020 / 6 Comments

It’s been over eight months since Donnie Nelson’s Reverchon Park Sports and Entertainment LLC gained approval from Dallas City Council to proceed with a contract for redeveloping the 100-year-old Reverchon Park ballfield. (Confused? Here’s some background.) What I’ve since learned is that the January council vote didn’t award a contract per se. What it did […]

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Love Field Needs a Second Entrance, And Dallas Needs Better Access to City Information

By Jon Anderson / September 9, 2020 / 1 Comment

On August 20, the Parks and Recreation Board received a briefing from the Aviation Department about potential scenarios for adding a second entrance for Love Field – an idea that’s been kicking around for a few years. (Before we dive in, a reminder to paid and unpaid city staff working from home – Zoom requires […]

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Council Kicks Soccer Scheme From Under IH-345

By Jon Anderson / August 30, 2020 / 0 Comments

Back in June, Dallas City Council was poised to vote on relinquishing their rights to lands under IH-345 and Canton Avenue to allow TXDoT to sign an agreement with State Senator Royce West’s son Roddrick to create five soccer fields under the highway. You may recall that District 8 representative Tennell Atkins held-up a vote […]

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Reverchon Park Open Records Request Stalled To Death

By Jon Anderson / August 20, 2020 / 3 Comments

Over eight months ago, the Dallas City Council approved moving forward with the Park Board’s plan to award their second RFP to the Reverchon Park Sports and Entertainment LLC led by Donnie Nelson. On Jan. 22, I filed an open records request with the city seeking documents surrounding the run-up to the deal’s passage. On […]

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Real Talk: How Do We Clear Obstacles to Black Homeownership in Dallas?

By Candy Evans / July 3, 2020 / 0 Comments

It was a hot June, and I am not talking about the temperature. I am talking about the emotions in our cities. Just as we came out from under the Shelter-In-Place to keep Covid-19 under control, the nation was shocked by the murder of a Black man as he was arrested in Minneapolis, setting off […]

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Atkins Holds Council Hostage For I-345 Soccer Fields

By Jon Anderson / June 1, 2020 / 4 Comments

If you thought the Reverchon Park deal was skeevy, last week’s Dallas City Council discussion on State/TXDOT lands under and adjacent to IH-345/IH-45/Central corridor will be eye-popping. In this case, the end of the story – the 10-5 vote to delay a vote until August – is the least interesting thing about it. City council […]

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