The Hottest Gifts According To Oprah

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We scoured the Internet for a comprehensive list of Oprah’s Favorite Things sold on Amazon and we found it here. Then we whittled that list down and left you with the really, really goooood stuff. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication.

Remember when Oprah had a show and she’d flat out tell you, show you – and if you were a member of the studio audience – give you her favorite things? Well, she doesn’t do that anymore, but she still makes a list. And we read it and it is legit filled with great stuff. So keep reading, start shopping and pray your gifts get there in time.

JK. With Amazon Prime’s two-day delivery, we’re in a real see-you-soon-situation.

Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce

Price: $34.99

What We’re Saying: Let’s talk about this ingredient list. It reads like a what’s what of culinary trends. “Ripe chili peppers, organic agave nectar, white truffle and coriander.” “A limited flavor experience in a bottle.” UM, YUM. And Oprah approves so that’s pretty much the end of this story.

What They’re Saying: “i can’t believe i spent 35 bucks on hot sauce…but its worth every penny. i put it on pastas, meats, veggies, eggs, popcorn, you name it. literally any savory dish you wanna spice up. Truff is my go to sauce brand. the flavor is incredible with just the right amount of heat. will definitely buy again.” –Justin Carper

Get your Truff here.

Murphy & Daughters Bath Salts

Price: $88

What We’re Saying: The featured scent is Cucumber. Is that because IT’S Oprah’s fav? Or just the prettiest teal? Only time will tell. Other scents include Frangipani, Geranium, Grapefruit, Green Tea, Lime, Rose, and Violet. But let’s get real, this is the only sentence you need to read – “Sumptuously packaged Bath Salts.” And if the packaging is sumptuous, can you even imagine what’s inside?!?

What They’re Saying: “I’m a huge fan. I love love love these bath salts. My skin positively glows after I use the salts. Geranium, Green Tea and Lime are my all time faves. The packaging gorgeous too. Makes for a lovely gift. Happy customer.” –Emma M

Get your salts here.


Courant Catch: Multi-Device Wireless Charger

Price: $150

What We’re Saying: You know Oprah is on the go and she’s gotta keep that phone charged. And other devices, too. And she has NO time for wires. That’s why the Courant Catch is her EVERYTHING. AND BREAAAD. You can charge up to two devices – your phone AND your burner – and this charger isn’t plastic nor is it metal. NAY, it’s covered in premium pebble-grain Italian leather. Oh yes.

What We’re Saying: “This charger is as functional as it is stylish. The charge kicks in immediately from every position you place it, and the charge is as fast as any lightning cable I’ve used. It also charges perfectly with my Apple leather case on the iPhone. The ash color is beautiful and the leather is high quality.” –Jeremy

Get your charger here.


Pink Picasso, Adult Paint by Numbers

Price: $42

What We’re Saying: When she’s not making lists, apparently Oprah likes to paint. And you know those paint and sip Picasso places are NOT her scene. Instead, she buys these Adult Paint by Numbers and unwinds in the privacy of her own villa. Now, you can, too. THANKS, AMAZON.

What They’re Saying: “I have been relaxing with paint-by-numbers for years, always frustrated with paint mixing and paint quality. This set raises the bar to a whole new level. The canvas is better, the numbering is better, the paints are better and no mixing.” –Publicico

Get your Pink Picasso here.


RBT Electric Corkscrew Wine Opener

Price: $99.99

What We’re Saying: This easily feels like the most Oprah thing on the list. It’s “modern and luxurious” and “effortlessly removes wine corks from the bottle on contact, then automatically ejects them from the spiral.” Nothing says I’M LIVING MY BEST LIFE like never hand-cranking a corkscrew again. Furthermore, the design looks like a bit of an elongated top hat so amen to that.

What They’re Saying: “Recently my wife developed a pinched nerve and besides shooting pain down her left arm, caused weakness in her arm and has trouble opening wine bottles. So rather than being totally reliant on me to kick off Mommy Time Out, picked up this gem!” P.S. The title of his review was, “My wife doesn’t need me anymore!” –PiyoPiyo

Get your electric corkscrew here.


Link AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

Price: $89.87

What We’re Saying: It’s a GPS tracker for your dog. It requires a data plan, BUT IT TRACKS YOUR DOG. PLEASE tell us NextDoor is reading this post because with this device we could easily knock out over half of their posts. Looking at you, too, Facebook Neighborhood Groups. OKAY, so this collar comes in a HANDSOME brown leather or a fabulous black “sport.” There are seven sizes to choose from and some are sold out via THIS link. BUT with a quick search hopefully you’ll find another listing with the size you’re looking for.

What They’re Saying: I’m a former Whistle user that was looking for a more accurate tracker. As a Husky owner, I need to be able to track him in real-time should he get loose. Whistle had a hard time being that GPS unit that could give me that piece of mind. Pros vs Whistle: 1. MUCH better tracker as it finds my Husky ASAP with great accuracy. 2. Comes with very nice, durable collar. 3. Very easy to detach and reattach link unit to collar.” –William

Get your Link GPS dog collar here


Ecoffee Cup

Price: $13.99

What We’re Saying: Our Oprah list would be incomplete without at least one stocking stuffer, so here it is. The Ecoffee Cup Reusable Cup. This color is called Mrs Mills and the lack of period after Mrs is a little disconcerting but we’re willing to overlook it especially since this cup promises to be, “Light, bright and beautiful with no flavor taint, so your coffee won’t end up tasting like plastic or metal.”

What They’re Saying: “The little red is so pretty especially this time of year. My little granddaughter just clapped and smiled just because it’s so red. She didn’t even know what we were going to put in it. Good with hot coffee keeps it hot or do cold tea as I do all day long. I would buy again and I am going to.” –Rhonda Herd

Get your Ecoffee here


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