Your Hyper-local Dallas Gift Guide: Neighborhood Stores Offer More

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For this week’s Wanna Shop, we’re taking a departure from Amazon and hittin’ the streets. Keep reading for a real live LOCAL Dallas gift guide.

JRAF Studio Neighborhood Icon Series, $60-$70

Are these ornaments? Coasters? Discuses? No. You know what they are? Hyper-local art. Each icon is nine inches in diameter, prominently features the name of the neighborhood and is “a diagrammatic investigation of our local communities.” They’re also a way cool gift to give to a friend with an affinity for where they live.  Available for purchase here.

Peace Platter, $80

Peace signs can be hippie and dippie and festive. Pick your poison. This eight-inch, high-gloss, handmade platter can be used as a plate, a party platter, a table topper OR pop one of those Command strips on the back and mount it on the wall. The only thing it needs is a sprig of pine garland, a red ribbon, and a wish list. Available at Magic Hour in Oak Cliff.


Tokimeki Silkscreen Print, $40

You know what everyone loves? Art. Even better if it’s affordable, pop, modern, and interesting. Find tons of the stuff at We Are 1976 in Oak Cliff. They highlight local artists, make some of their own and comb the world for the latest and greatest. And it’s way more than an art print shop. You’ll also discover tons of gifts for just about everyone you’ve ever met. Even people you don’t really care for. Shop it up here.



Mint Reactive Glaze Vase, $20

neighborhood, also located in Bishop Arts, has so many amazing home goods it was seriously hard to settle on one. Where 1976 focuses more on screenprints, neighborhood skews more original art, ceramics, pillows, throws and metallic pigs. They’re also one of the only licensed blu dot retailers and even though a couch won’t fit under the tree, it’s still a good to know. Get that vase here


Dolly Mug, $20

Favor The Kind on Henderson is another store that’s literally loaded with amazing things. You’ll get gift ADD the second you step inside. Well, that and you’ll want to keep everything for yourself… BUT if you DO need a gift for, oh, anyone that’s a human on Earth, definitely stop by and if when in doubt, go with Dolly. Name a person that doesn’t love Dolly Parton and I’ll name a person that stinks. Dolly Mug available here.


Go Elf Yourself Cross Stitch Kit, $16-$22

What’s that? You didn’t know Subversive Cross Stitch was local? Well they are and can you think of a better brand to make our city proud?? In the craft craze of today, what better way to say “I’m with it” than gifting a festive and fun and just a little feisty cross stitch kit. There are tons of holiday patterns to choose from and lots of everyday patterns too. Get stitching here


Holislay, $36

apothicc candles are hand mixed, handmade, hand-poured, hand-labeled, and hand packed into corrugated boxes and sent to you. And before you go pulling something, rolling your eyes because candles are on the gift list, CONSIDER THIS. These scents are legit. They’re crisp and clean and NOT Pitter Patter Punkin. Plus each candle is created to be a pop of art on your shelf…or the shelf of the loved one you gift these too. Stock up on delightful scents here


Marble and Mango Wood Cutting Board, $48

For our final gift on the list, we head back to Oak Cliff for Beatnik Fine Goods. Beatnik is hot, hot, hot and there’s no denying they’ve got great stuff like this reasonably priced cutting board. Much like the name implies it’s made with mango wood and marble and it’s just so dang fancy. Plus it’s under $50??? We’ll take 10. Start your own chop shop here

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