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Photo: Distinctly Modern Interiors

We checked Amazon for some of the finest interior design books we could set a settee on and now we’re sharing them with you. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation (Bezos hug) from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at time of publication.

When you think about Dallas interiors, you probably think cow skulls, antlers and a room full of leather, but you know what? We’re more than that. We’re also modern, contemporary, traditional and transitional. Not every home is a smaller scale Bass Pro Shop and not every home is a buy it, ship it, set it Rooms To Go style either.

In Dallas, we like fashion and big hair and accessories. Our houses are an extension of that. If you find yourself on a mission to makeover your space, but aren’t sure where to start, start right here with a list of some of our favorite home decorating books available on Amazon. We did our best to get a little of this and a little of that so pop your bunny slippers on the ottoman and dig in because it’s a fun read.

French Refreshed, Betty Lou Phillips

Price: $49.99

The Book: Simple and sophisticated, French Refreshed, is exactly that, a fresh look at Parisian décor in a modern era. Throughout the pages, author Betty Lou Phillips shows us how to pair down to the absolute elegant essentials.

What Buyers Are Saying: Who cares? Listen to this sample from Phillips herself. “And so, with gentrification nudging not only Parisians but also those living in large cities elsewhere, we open the window to a world awash in options…” AWASH IN OPTIONS. Want more reasons to love her? She lives in Dallas and SHE’S BEEN ON OPRAH.

To order the book, click here.

Distinctly Modern Interiors, Emily Summers

Price: $33.31

The Book: Featuring over 30 of Summers’ favorite projects, Distinctly Modern Interiors is a real pretty page turner. Number Crunch: That’s 30 of her most favorite projects spanning a 40-year career. Um. Best of the best, People. Now, our absolute, beyond favorite thing is the way Summers takes modern and makes it feel warm and inviting. Hello.

What Buyers Are Saying: “A wonderful design book to add to my collection. Beautifully designed rooms with engaging text. Photographed very well.” –Elise in Palm Springs

To order the book, click here.

Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You’ll Never Want to Leave, Joanna Gaines

Price: $23.99

The Book: If you’re not familiar with Gaines’ style, come on out from under that rock. She’s farm fresh and shiplap forward, but that’s not even what this book is about. In it, Gaines helps you identify what type of space you like and then gives you tips on how to achieve it. Genius.

What Buyers Are Saying: “Bought this for my wife for our anniversary. The book is very high quality and it’s so smart how they did this. The book explains styles and what makes something modern vs. farm house – in a very clear format. She loves it and I do too.” –Mark R. Fillmore

To order the book, click here.

The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes, Justina Blakeney

Price: $18.99

The Book: Blakeney is a Los Angeles blogger with one of the most respected design blogs in the business. She loves colors, patterns, plants and funky things. She’s into thrifting, upcycling and, duh, living that Boho life. Cool and Collected Homes is the perfect guide to pulling together an imperfect room. (Like in a good way.)

What Buyers Are Saying: “This book is not just for creative singles, couples and families with kids. It’s also inspirational for us seniors. We are downsizing from a wonderful funky old tumble down house to a smaller kinda sterile condo. Next week. The new bohemians came right on time to inspire me (and even spouse) to take ‘us’ with us, to make the place our own with color and plants, textiles and textures…”

Brigga Näherin

To order the book, click here.

Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, From Tabletops to Bookshelves, Emily Henderson

Price: $22.89

The Book: Styled isn’t a book about scraping everything and buying new stuff. Instead it’s a book on working with what you’ve got. Throughout the pages Henderson will help you define your personal style and then tell you how to put it into picture perfect play.

What Buyers Are Saying: “This book was a lot of fun. I would read a little and get inspired then go style something and read some more. Helped me figure out what makes things look just right. I’m using things I’ve had for years but in new ways so they can again be appreciated.” –Kcaldwell

To order the book, click here.

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