You Autumn Check Out These Five Ways To Make It Smell Like Fall

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fallWe scoured Amazon for things that will make your home or office (or both) look and smell like fall, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Note: may collect a small commission or other compensation from the links on this page. Items are priced correctly and in stock at the time of publication.

Yes, we know. It doesn’t feel like fall in Texas. In fact, it will remain bikini weather through Halloween most likely, and we all know it. Raise your hands if you eat Thanksgiving on a patio, or otherwise al fresco.

Yeah, we feel your pain.

So maybe it’s not the best weather for drinking hot mulled cider and snuggling by a fire, but we can at least feel like it’s fall if our houses look and smell like it, right? 

Luke Adams Glass Pumpkin Harvest

Price: $42

The product: The Luke Adams glass line is a great way to bring in some fall vibes in an artful way. The line has several colors and sizes, so if orange pumpkins aren’t your jam, perhaps cobalt or mermaid will be.

What buyers are saying: “This turned out to be a great hostess gift idea.” —Beth

To see all of the Luke Adams glass work, here. For this specific pumpkin, click here.

Autumn Theme Pillow Covers

Price: $15.99

The product: Miss leaves that change color and don’t just finally give up, turn brown, and drop? These pillow covers are a great way to remember some places have seasons, and since they pop right over your existing throw pillows, it’s easy to store away when it is time to decorate for Christmas.

What buyers are saying: “These are perfect for fall decor without having to purchase additional pillows. Strong and durable for patio use however i used them on my couch using the pillows that came with the couch. Zipper closure makes it look seamless. Not comfy soft snuggle fabric but this is why they work so well indoors or outdoors. Great value and will take up little space when ready to store. Looking forward to a Christmas design.” —P.Rymer

To see more reviews and to purchase, click here.

The Best Fall Candle With the Best Name

Price: $25

The product: We’ve been fans of the Malicious Women Candle Company, but “I Fall So Hard, Pumpkins Want to Spice Me,” is hands down the candle for people who want something more subtle than Yankee Candle, with a great back story.  The company says this one is “Pumpkin Spice Latte Infused with Leggings, Scarves & Boots.”

What buyers are saying: “One of a kind truly. I had to splurge again and try another flavor. This is my 3rd M.W.C (Malicious Women Candle) and I light it sparingly because they are so expensive. But so worth it. This one reminds me of a maple bar/carrot cake w creme cheese frosting, splashed with some buttery goodness. Can’t put my finger on it exactly. It’s a warmer, fuller scent and super cozy. I have it on my desk at work and the pumpkin one in my bedroom. love it!” —Verified Amazon User

To see more reviews and to purchase, click here.

Mini Waffle Maker Machine for Pumpkin Shaped Individual Waffles

Price: $9.99

The product: Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, this mini-waffle maker is great for a quick breakfast. Pro-tip, use pumpkin quick bread batter as the basis for your mini pumpkin waffles, and revel in the fallness of your autumn breakfast.

What buyers are saying: “At first, I laughed thought it was too small to really do anything. I was so wrong, it’s an amazing little waffle maker!! Can cook almost anything on it! I have cooked eggs, waffles, and french toast.” — S. Peterson

To see more reviews and to purchase, click here.

The New Cider Maker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Craft Producers

Price: $30.09 hardcover, $26.99 Kindle

The product: Claude Jolicoeur is known as an award-winning cider maker, and his book, “The New Cider Maker’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Craft Producers,” has been thought of as the bible for cider makers new and old alike since its first publication in 2013. The book combines traditional with scientifically based practices, and even takes a deep dive into what kind of apples to pick depending on what kind of cider you want to make.

And yes, we’re talking hard cider, too, which is a happy way to imbibe in a fall favorite in sweltering Texas.

What buyers are saying: “I have purchased several books on making hard cider, and this is the best one I have seen. There is lots of in depth information for those interested in all the technical details. At the same time, there are clear simple to follow directions for the first time hard cider maker. I think that this is a good book for all levels of brewers.” — M.R.W.

To see more reviews and to purchase the hardcover edition, click here. To get the Kindle version, click here.


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