Questionable Choices Plus CandysDirt Staff Equals This Wednesday WTF

questionableIt started with one photo of questionable design acumen showing up in my Facebook feed.

Of course, I had to show it to my coworkers, I mean, have you been here before? Getting my coworkers to react to the things I find while looking for the Wednesday WTF is like 22.3 percent of the fun of doing the Wednesday WTF.

So I just dropped this in the main Slack channel like it was NBD.

Me: “OH hey guys, this is fine, right? Totally safe? Good talk.”

Karen: “Omg”

Me: “I wish I could create an entire WTF about just this picture, but it would literally just be this picture and 15 gifs of reactions.”

(Narrator, in Morgan Freeman’s voice: “But she would indeed do exactly that.”)

Jo: “WUT”

Me: “I’m seriously kind of in love with this picture.”

Jo: “I just … Wow. Is it a baptismal?”

Me: “No, that’s a house. I want to use it. Just because it’s so … you know, what.”

Jo: “Defies all logic.”

Me: “I’ve been sitting here laughing at it for 15 minutes.”


Karen: “A new series … builders with bad ideas.”

Jo: “I mean. WOW.”

Me: “Because sliding down the stairs on your ass and dying is way easier when you’re already nekkid and soaking wet.”

Karen: “They needed to fit in a third bathroom.”

Me: “I think this may be my WTF. Just us sitting here going, ‘What in the actual fudge is this.'”

(Narrator: “She did not say fudge.”)

Karen: “Is there a wider shot? Is the sink next to an elevator shaft?”

Me: “But it also may be someone’s way of weeding out unwanted guests. ‘Oh, here’s our guest room. It has a private bath.’”

Karen: “Freaking out your internet date?”

And then the bosslady weighed in, and it was just kind of the approval I needed to do an entire column on one photo.

Candy: “You have to publish. Maybe just say, ‘thoughts?’”

So we had five more hilarious conversations (we are epic on Slack), and then Jo hits the motherlode.

Apparently, the photo that showed up on Facebook was shared by the Instagram account pleasehatethesethings.

And pleasehatethesethings is quite possibly my new favorite way to spend my time in the carpool lane.

Like this:

And this:


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Hit me with that 🎼Juvenile 🎼 caption. GO

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And this:


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“Decorating” is different in Wisconsin.

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In short, please send me all the weird things you see. I like all the weird things. I like sharing all the weird things with my coworkers, even if they don’t like it. It’s funnier when they don’t like it.

Happy Wednesday, everyone.

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