Don Neilson Wants To Be Your Trusted Adviser To Deliver Your Dreams

Referrals are the key to a successful real estate career, and building relationships is the key to sustaining it. No one knows that better than Keller Williams agent Don Neilson. In fact, it’s his goal to become your irreplaceable, trusted real estate adviser. 

His vast experience (he has an MBA in finance and is a retired CPA) serves his clients so well that he’s built an enviable network, deftly guiding his clients into sound real estate investments and earning repeat business time and again. Before moving to Dallas in 2010, Don established his own firm in Memphis — The Neilson Group — and built it to 60 agents in two locations. He and his team sold hundreds of historic homes.  For this reason and so much more, Neilson has earned the title of High Caliber Agent of the Week presented by Lisa Peters of Caliber Home Loans

Find out why Don Neilson has earned the trust of his clients, and the title of High Caliber Agent:

The Dallas real estate market is increasingly competitive for agents and brokerages. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

I differentiate myself by striving to provide exceptional service to my clients. I focus completely on their needs and I am passionate about making their dreams a reality.
 Because I  take my responsibility to my clients very seriously,  I never miss an opportunity to learn new things. The real estate business is continually changing and to be the best, I must grow and learn at a fast pace.  Almost every week I am in some sort of technology training or seminar.  It takes a great deal of skill to be exceptional.

One of my skills is the fact that I have a wealth of financial knowledge.  I am a retired CPA.  I use my financial expertise to help clients make sound real estate investment decisions.  Whether they are buying, selling or investing in real estate, my background proves beneficial in helping my clients make the right choices.

Art, design, the outdoors, charity  — tell us: What are you passionate about besides real estate?  

I am passionate about animals.  I love dogs and have a soft spot in my heart for rescue dogs.  I have a rescue dog, and she is very spoiled and loved.   I also enjoy renovating homes.  My spouse and I have renovated over 30 homes in the last 25 years.  We currently have two renovations in process and as odd as that may seem, we enjoy them.  We are very budget conscious and strive to renovate sensibly and spend our money wisely.  When I’m not working on a project, I love the ocean, being outdoors, working in my yard and being physically fit.

The real estate business is all about relationships. How do you keep clients coming back? 

I have wonderful clients that support me.  By giving them my attention and making their needs my top priority, I earn their trust and their support.  I strive to be their trusted adviser when it comes to real estate. I cherish each of my clients and I am honored when they refer their friends to me.

Why is finding the right lender and loan for your clients crucial to your business?

The right lender is a key part of the real estate process. I partner with people that provide the same level of service that I provide.  The right lender is key to my client’s long term success, so my lender has to be exceptional.  

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