Virtual Reality and Real Estate: It Rocks, It Sells, It Saves

We told you how the whip-smart folks over at Dave Perry-Miller & Associates — Ryan Streif, Holly Aldredge, Betsy Sears, Betsy Sorenson, Jamie Kohlman and the whole gang, came up with the idea of investing in a Virtual Reality program to help market Bentley Place, that very cool upscale townhome community on Inwood Road just south of Lovers Lane where we partied a few months ago with an actual Bentley from Park Place. The team knew that only a few units would be complete, and it would be difficult to show potential buyers what the finished product would look like — the common areas, the gardens, the back driveway.

“What’s there now is dirt, but when you look into the goggles you see what it is going to be,” says Jamie Kohlman. “That’s why we decided to invest in a virtual reality presentation.”

Well last week, as happens so often, I got an email from a local TV news station with a question about real estate.

“Have you ever done a story about virtual reality and real estate?”

Of course we have. Is the sky blue?

So I put everyone together, and a Channel 5 cameraman came out Monday to video Jamie Sorenson, Betsy Kohlman and Cole Martel of ProDigital VR at Bentley Place. And I think the show ran sometime yesterday. See what happens when you work with us to get your properties on (And when you have smarties who find cool technology to enhance listings?)

Of interest from that interview: Cole tells me you can do VR for a property for as little as $2500. Or as much as $30,000. It all depends on the scope of the project. Builders love VR to show clients potential finish outs. And it can save them big money, too, because buyers can “try on” different options virtually, then decide on what they like best.

“It saves tearing down walls!” said Cole.

Speaking of surprises, we are revealing this little surprise right here on Betsy Woolcot Sorenson is expecting Sorenson baby number three, due in July! Between her and Jamie Kohlman, due in March, something very fertile is happening over at the Dave Perry-Miller team. Fertility is definitely on the rise!

I hope it’s not catching! (Or do I? )